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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byWnuR1klpE ich hoffe, ihr seid nach denen benannt! Viel Glück bei der Suche!
  2. I have similar "problems" with 2 it looks fantastic and has some nice designs, but for me it is far behind re7. 7 was scary as hell sometimes, getting chased by daddy baker is so horrifying, there is nothing in re2 that made me feel the same tension. only laura in the first evil within was more terrifying it's not the survival aspect, it's the game itself I need to force myself to keep playing, maybe it will grow on me it is really not bad, quite the opposite, but I expected so much more after 7.
  3. Lords of the Fallen It's by far the worst Soulsclone, the Framerate was horrible and the whole gameplay was so goddamn weak (just like the world, the story,, enemies, bosses, the main and all other characters)... it is the only plat I did for a game that I truly hate (but I started the game and got some trophies, so yeah...) even though I have games on my list like little adventures on the prairie (which was really bad but it's over fast), lords of the fallen is the worst game I've ever played
  4. question is can I start a new game 4 times to do all endings (or cloud save stuff) or do I really have to play the same slot 4 times to see all endings (which would be amazing) doesn't matter, can't wait for this masterpiece
  5. I have often similar problems while installing games on my ps3. my internet connection is quite ok and on the ps4 everything loads really fast, but for some reason ps3 games always take their sweet little time I also downloaded gow:a a while ago and yeah it took really long. several hours long...
  6. perfect list, just play the game to it's limit and no "kill a boss under a cherry tree while doing a rank 3 backflip parry with the beginner sword" bullsh!t
  7. how the heck is no one mentioning aloy? she was clearly advertised as a new mascot for sony and I believe she got what it takes actually if we speak of someone who is still in active duty, there is only aloy nathan drake's story is done sackboy? well, last entry was the end for the series i guess hunter from bloodborne? nah, too sinister crash and spyro are multiplatform
  8. it's always good to show some dedication for (insert hobby) which makes you a nerd for (insert hobby) nerd is nothing negative, it just shows dedication. maybe the word doesn't even have a real meaning. if you are a whine connoisseur, are you a nerd for whine? yeah, maybe I don't associate the "typical (rl) loser" type with nerd, but everyone who stands behind the trophy hunting is a nerd in my opinion
  9. it was the bait... I was sure I bought some (I really did but apparently I didn't save the game...) thank you so much!
  10. thank you for your answer, but... afaik the fisher gives you the rod which was necessary to progress the game (to catch the shaman fish) but after this I didn't do any fishing at all (I played through all endings and recently started my highest save file) the circle button is not appearing for me. I will look into it later tomorrow, maybe I missed something
  11. I'm feeling totally stupid right now, but I started Nier today after a long break and I'm trying to finish some trophies... I have the side quest fisherman's gambit and I need to catch 10 sardines but I have no fishing rod. I know I had it at some point but I can't find it in my inventory (no option either near the water) is the rod a weapon? because I have all 30 weapons but there is still a "???" under swords
  12. looks really cool, played the first one on mobile (still need to buy the ps4 version) and it was surprisingly good
  13. whatever they are, if they eat their own kind, they are cannibals. you don't have to be a human to be a cannibal on topic: good 2 know
  14. The first playthrough was amazing (mind blowing world, hunting was highly addictive, well done characters, ok story), but I would never ever do it again. Online killed it for me, just horrible (waiting for patches...). but is the sp boring? sometimes while grinding the animals maybe... sooo 2/10. before that 0/10 I'm not going to rate the online part because beta yes, rdr2 is overhyped and overrated, but it is still impressive in so many ways
  15. good luck on your trophy hunting journey + thumbs up for rock lee!