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  1. i can confirm this works. i just did it and got my well over do platinum. thank you soooooooo much dude!
  2. lmfao
  3. yeah ill wait for the switch version. fuck those medals.
  4. i played it on 360. loved it. oh and yeah i just bought it lol
  5. was wondering if this is getting a physical release?
  6. do you have to physically dig all 52000? or can i use explosives?
  7. online trophies........................................................canceled pre-order. getting it on switch instead. even if its nerfed.
  8. i don't care about trophies anymore, i play games till i don't have fun with it anymore. then i move on. i do care about buying yet again another scam of a game that is gonna have way overpriced dlc. basically bought the 1st game 3 times. not falling for it this time.
  9. holy crap it has a platinum? still rather get it on my switch. buy it on ps4 when its on sale.
  10. that means they will have a shit load of dlc. have fun with your incomplete game. i am waiting a year before i jump in.
  11. welcome to our world (mega man fans) at least you get 2 NEW games. we just keep getting ports.
  12. no plat? again? i hate capcom.
  13. this was awesome on ps3. def worth it if your a one piece fan. but be warned they use alot of re-story telling for the game. and its combat is super easy. like if you die you really suck lol. this was the last game i played on ps3. only reason i didnt get the plat was because i got a ps4.
  14. its a little weird at 1st but once you get the hang of it its super fun.
  15. this feels like a 3d mega man x style game. i got the pre order demo and i love it.