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  1. I can recommend Baba Is You. Though completing a level can take a while at times. The good thing about Switch is you can just pause and put the console in sleep mode and continue later. Puyo Puyo Tetris and Moonlighter could work too as they don't seem very processor intensive games.
  2. Gormott (daytime) from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is my recent favorite.
  3. I'm excited to maybe finally see something about the upcoming Animal Crossing game for Switch. Played Animal Crossing: New Leaf 1100+ hours on 3DS and I'm really hoping Nintendo can deliver an even better game. Fire Emblem: Three Houses is another game I'm looking forward to seeing more before its release even though it's on my purchase list anyway.
  4. Everybody's Tennis My latest 100% is Everybody's Tennis (aka Hot Shots Tennis). Fun game, easy to learn but difficult to master. Controls felt accurate and there was a good amount of challenge. The visuals look surprisingly good even today considering it's an old PS2 game with improved textures applied for PS4. Music was catchy and everything about the game emitted a cheery feeling so it was fun to play even when I lost some matches. The most difficult trophy for me was "Straight A Student" (Earn an "A" grade in every training drill) but it wasn't nearly as hard as I had feared based on what people have commented about it. Didn't take too many tries to earn. This trophy went to the 5th spot on my rarest trophies list. If you like arcade style sports games with no customization fluff, Everybody's Tennis might be a good choice. Not quite up to par with Everybody's Golf's level of enjoyment but I liked this game quite a bit.
  5. I checked the trophy guide for Everybody's Golf and it mentions online is required for the fishing related trophy. Why exactly is online required for fishing? Is fishing possible only while in online mode or only some certain fishes need to be caught online? I can't seem to find anything about this anywhere. I've also found contradicting info about online requiring a PS Plus subscription. Someone claimed it doesn't require a subscription and the game info in PS Store says it does. Is PS Plus required for platinum?
  6. What would make me stop trophy hunting completely? Probably coming to my senses.
  7. Doraemon Story of Seasons coming west Autumn 2019.
  8. Try not to rely too much on visuals as in trying to watch when exactly the notes hit the "markers". Instead listen to the music and press the buttons based on the rhythm. I personally often mess up when I'm trying to pay too much attention to the notes. Having "good ratings don't break combos", fever time and hype gauge increase related support modifiers on should be helpful too.
  9. The new characters look nice and all and new content seems interesting but I'm struggling to even get myself to a second playthrough in P5 to get all the trophies. Found the gameplay pretty boring and tedious. Story, eye candy and great soundtrack only go so far. Don't really know if I'll get P5R.
  10. Played Baba Is You over 50 hours now. I've cleared all the areas that initially show on the world map but completed only 4 of them so far. 140+ levels completed and enjoying the game a lot even though some of the puzzles confuse me so much I need to move on to other levels before my brain is tied into a knot. Things are getting mysterious as I found a couple of secret areas on the world map! If you're into logic based puzzle games, you really can't go wrong with Baba.
  11. So far the sales on Switch have been better than in 3DS eShop (though 3DS eShop has frequent 50% - 65% sales on Capcom titles). Need to spend some My Nintendo gold points by the end of May so maybe they will go towards a discount on Cuphead. I need more hours on a day to be able to play all these awesome games. 😅
  12. I'm definitely interested in Cuphead but I'm drowning in backlog. Trying to juggle multiple games at the moment too. So I think I'll wait a bit and maybe get it on a sale.
  13. Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational (aka Everybody's Golf) is my favorite game on Vita. Very challenging but rarely frustrating game with addictive gameplay. Puts a smile on your face.
  14. The PS4 version of Absolution doesn't have online trophies due to the servers having closed.
  15. Got Moonlighter for Switch today. It was a nice surprise to find a good old printed manual packed with the game!