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  1. Grats on your marriage and those are some slick dance moves! Really nice to hear your wife accepts your gaming. I have a couple of colleagues at work whose wives don't like them gaming or won't even let them play... @Mesopithecus Heh, your situation is very much like mine. I've been married for nearly 8 years and gaming is a mutual hobby of ours. When we don't play PC or consoles together, we give each other advice in single player games. And my husband doesn't think it's weird that I ask for a game as my wedding anniversary / birthday / Christmas gift. The answer is always "yes, you can have it" when I ask if we can go buy me a new game at any time.
  2. Started Hitman: Absolution on PS3 yesterday. Played first three missions and I'm liking the game so far. 3,95 € well spent I hope. Also playing some other games like Splatoon 2, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Monster Hunter Stories demo and Pullblox.
  3. Well, hackers are usually one step ahead. Sometimes two. Things like this sometimes happen even if everything was "secure" and well-maintained. I just wish companies were more open and transparent about incidents like this and actually notified their customers about account compromises immediately. I remember getting a new credit card after hearing about a PSN account compromise MONTHS after it had happened. Also stopped using a credit card for my Sony purchases after that. Might be a good idea to reset your passwords soon in any case. Let's hope our accounts are fine.
  4. I tend not to pay for things I'm not interested in or just in hopes of maybe possibly someday getting something I want. I don't remember there being many interesting games as "free" PS Plus titles. If I happen to find one or two interesting games among the "free" rental games I could just buy them for a few euros from a sale and gain access to them at any time, not only while I'm subscribing to a service. Also since they offer old games it's very likely I've already bought a game that interests me. So I hardly find the subscription worth it personally.
  5. Just a heads up for everyone in case it turns out accounts have been compromised. Softpedia reports: "The official Twitter and Facebook PlayStation accounts were compromised late Sunday by hacking group OurMine, with the attackers claiming they had managed to get access to a PSN database." http://news.softpedia.com/news/playstation-accounts-hacked-psn-database-allegedly-stolen-517444.shtml
  6. I grinded some extra from a Ferry monster in Waterfall when I ran out of money for dognations. He says "Ferry for 3G" and when you take a trip, he gives you 3G. Can be repeated infinitely. Very convenient way to farm some cash.
  7. It's the consumers who are willing to put up with shit like that. If you want to spend money to things like that, it's your call. Vote with your wallet. I have to wonder why Sony's consoles/OSs seem to be so prone to save corruption issues and such when Nintendo's consoles don't seem to have those kind of problems. It's pretty convenient how all those "unexpected" save corruptions / memory card failures happen when Sony has a paid backup service and proprietary memory cards.
  8. It's almost like Sony intentionally makes poor quality devices in hopes of people paying them for "insurance"... I'd say PS Plus is not worth it for cloud saves. Though I don't think it's worth it for any reason with its current offering.
  9. The text is really tiny sometimes and the left stick seems a bit inaccurate for some of the battles and puzzles - had to use the d pad in some parts. Other than that it's quite good fit for Vita I think. Didn't try on PS4 yet but played it on PC. The PS4/Vita exclusive dynamic borders are nice.
  10. We need an event like this for 3DS!
  11. Bought Hitman: Absolution yesterday. Had been considering getting it for a while and it was conveniently only 3,95 € on sale. Now I'm hoping it will actually work without issues.
  12. I've played Undertale on Vita for an hour or so now and I was creeped out by what the flower told me last night.
  13. What a wasted opportunity not to bring it on Switch. I always hated the cumbersome painting controls on PS2 controller. I'm glad to hear it's getting a remaster on PS4 though. I might actually buy it and maybe even finish the game this time!
  14. Thanks for your input! Also congrats on your shiny new plat! I'm looking forward to getting Absolution soon, probably as a digital version. Hopefully I'll be able to avoid the technical issues as well. Already got a HDMI switch so it's easier to manage all those consoles (PS4, PS3, Switch, Wii U) plugged to the same TV.
  15. Pre-ordered Undertale for Vita today. Have played some of it on PC together with my husband and it was a really entertaining game. Looking forward to playing it on Vita!