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  1. Got my Joy-Cons repaired and back to me in a week. It was super fast and now they work fine again. At least for now. Possible great news for Europeans suffering from drifting Joy-Cons: the European Consumer Organisation is asking Nintendo to repair affected Joy-Cons for free. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/01/eu_calls_for_investigation_into_switch_joy-con_drift_following_more_than_25000_complaints
  2. I played the original Pokkén Tournament on Wii U and it was a fun game. The limited character roster was a slight disappointment but I understand it would be impossible to cater to everyone's preferences, put in hundreds of Pokémon and give them all movesets and appropriate animations. Played mostly Pikachu Libre - her Flying Thunderclap Press animation was great. I wouldn't mind getting a sequel on Switch with an expanded roster! Hoping to get Whimsicott as playable character instead of support this time. Eelektross would be a dream come true, though coming up with moves could be a challenge considering the Pokémon doesn't have limbs.
  3. I'd welcome a Pokémon Diamond / Pearl remake. I have Diamond and Platinum but haven't played either of them yet. Husbando played Platinum and Diamond was a pre-owned copy. I didn't have the heart to start a new save when the previous owner had left his save on the Diamond cartridge. I only used the cartridge to transfer some previous gen legendaries to 5th gen games. The Monster Hunter Rise demo was notoriously bad at teaching the basic controls. I'd suggest opening the Hunter's Notes from the game menus to check basic move lists and/or looking up a guide online. I'd be interested in knowing more about the gameplay too since I haven't played any of the main series titles. I'd prefer free exploration in addition to timed hunting quests.
  4. I fell victim to the dreaded Joy-Con drift too. >_> Just under 10 months of use, probably under 1000 hours of play time and the left Joy-Con of my Animal Crossing limited edition Switch started drifting to left. The right stick seemed like it's going to start drifting soon too based on how it looked like in the stick calibration (the indicator didn't stay completely still and was "stuttering" when I wasn't touching the stick). Took them to the retailer and they'll send them to the importer for fixing. Good thing they were still under warranty. I've used my ACNH Switch purely in handheld mode. Our launch Switch from 2017 is still fine but maybe the Joy-Con sticks haven't gotten that much use. On our docked launch console we use the Pro Controller a lot and use the Joy-Cons for games like Fitness Boxing and Ring Fit where you won't need the sticks that much.
  5. Welcome to the Switch owners' club! Good to hear you've liked the console. Switch has a huge library of games, there's something for everyone and there's a good selection of quality exclusives.
  6. I've always found the Monster Hunter games' aesthetics and the light-hearted attitude fascinating. Hearing about people playing the games for thousands of hours and seeing praise has led me to the conclusion that they are probably pretty good and satisfying games. So I've occasionally tried getting into the series by playing demos on 3DS, Switch and PS4 and I've also played the spinoff Monster Hunter Stories on 3DS which I loved. But the main series games never clicked with me either. I hear the demos don't do the games justice, are mostly aimed at series veterans and only show a tiny sliver of their content. Been on the verge of buying MH Generations either on 3DS or Switch as I'm wondering if hunting the monsters would feel somehow less cruel if I played as a Felyne instead of a human hunter. Now the Monster Hunter Rise demo somehow pushed me over the treshold and I'm considering getting the game and seeing what it's really about. Super Mario 3D World was a very good game and I'm not even into platformers. I'd recommend it to anyone who might be interested. The photo mode and extra content in the Switch port look tempting but I'll probably hold off on buying it. I still have Super Mario Galaxy to play too.
  7. Not sure if there is any progress that could carry over. You pick a weapon class (a preset character, preset armor set and preset buddies) and go on a quest. The demo is set in one area and it has 2 tutorials + 2 hunting quests, includes local and online multiplayer possibility. Looked it up and Capcom says "you will not be able to transfer your save data to the main game" but it seems they will offer a bonus in the full game for players with demo save data. (https://www.monsterhunter.com/rise/us/topics/demo/) If you have time and interest, it's a good opportunity to check out the demo prior to release to get a feel of what the hunting gameplay is like.
  8. Tried the Monster Hunter Rise demo and I liked it more than some earlier MH demos which were kind of off-putting. The controls will take some time to get used to as they seemed a bit complicated and I kept pressing wrong buttons. Tested a few different weapons (liked Hunting Horn the best so far) and managed to clear the intermediate (Mizutsune) quest too after a few tries. Here's a video of Mizutsune dying to my awful music. I think she dropped one of her ears earlier in attempt to not hear me playing any more. The Palico and Palamute are adorable and I like how the bond between the hunter and buddies is depicted in some of the animations. As a Monster Hunter main series noob, I have a question: I found a Gold Gargwa Egg in the demo (see image below). The description mentioned something about it being an account item. What are eggs used for and what are the points I got upon delivering it to supply box for? I noticed some insects in the environments awarded points as well. Are the points some kind of currency to trade for items in Monster Hunter games? I feel this demo finally made me want to purchase a Monster Hunter game. *eyeing the Forest Cat pre-order bonus*
  9. Welcome to the Switch owners' club! It's a fantastic console. For RPGs I'd recommend Xenoblade Chronicles 2 if you enjoy exploration and more action-oriented battle system and Octopath Traveler if you're into turn-based battles. I saw someone recommend Fire Emblem: Three Houses too, but personally I was disappointed in the game's new systems, level design and the graphics were really "muddy". They took away a lot of freedom of customizing your playable character. The game tried to push me into a certain mold when I wanted to make an axe user and they still lock some classes to one gender. They also put in annoying "fetch quests" and Persona-like free time system that took away from the core strategy gameplay IMO. Other than that the story and gameplay are good, the soundtrack is pure Fire Emblem goodness and the character art style is nice. If you happen to have a 3DS, I'd rather recommend Fire Emblem: Awakening or Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. There's a demo out now for Monster Hunter Rise in eShop, by the way!
  10. The techniques like checkerboarding are upscaling... What's the point of buying gaming hardware to look at 4K on UI elements only? If PS4 Pro did output 4K resolution (3840 × 2160), no one would want to play games at 5 fps. The hardware isn't powerful enough, thus the upscaling to 4K.
  11. No, it is upscaled to 4K, not real native 4K.
  12. I'd probably save the money for a PS5. Keep in mind that PS4 Pro doesn't even output 4K resolution. I have a PS4 Pro and it doesn't perform that well in most games and as someone said it gets pretty loud at times. If you have space, just keep your old console as a backup so you won't have to worry about the compatibility. The PS5 backwards compatibility seems very iffy (based on Sony's own marketing and some things I've read around the internet).
  13. Baba Is You is a brilliant game and its difficulty ramps up at later levels. Played it for 65 hours (+ 76 hours on PC) and still haven't solved all the puzzles. I also forgot to point out earlier that any game can easily be played in short bursts on Switch - just press the power button once, the console goes to sleep mode and the game goes into a suspended state. Then when you're ready to continue, just press a button again and you're right where you left off in the game. Works just like when you close the lid on a 3DS.
  14. Mr. DRILLER DrillLand is a great game for short play sessions. It's an arcadey action puzzle game and offers a proper challenge. https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch-download-software/Mr-DRILLER-DrillLand-1749058.html Happy New Year, everyone! Had my husband visit my island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and we participated in the New Year's countdown event. Very fun and impressively made content. I guess I was so stunned that I didn't even remember to get a video of it. Got some serious Hitman vibes from the event... I mentioned earlier that I found my old Nintendo Game & Watch from 1986 at my parents' house. Bought some batteries for it and it still works perfectly after all these years!
  15. Ah, damn. What a weird mistake to make though. Hmm...