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  1. Just physical copy of Ruiner for Switch at the moment (picked up my copy of Super Mario 3D All-Stars yesterday). Played Ruiner on Xbox Game Pass for PC, Steam, Switch and PS4 already but it's a great game and I wanted it into my physical collection. It comes with an art book too.
  2. Great looking games! I liked Monster Hunter Stories on 3DS and I'm really looking forward to the next one in the series. I'm hoping there's the "Monster Hunter language" option available again for the sequel as I didn't care for the English dub they had in the trailer. Monster Hunter Rise looks good too but I'm not sure I'd enjoy a mainline MH game. Tried a couple of demos and the demo to MH: World and I never got into the series. I just ended up feeling bad for the monsters - especially in World where I had to chase after an injured monster trying to escape. Rune Factory 5 looked nice too. If it's as good as RF4 on 3DS, it should be a great game. The collector's edition box design for Ori looks gorgeous. Haven't tried the games yet but I hear they are good.
  3. I don't remember how I beat Kaito myself, maybe because I didn't have much trouble with him. Have you tried to analyse what kind of situation causes you to lose? Is it his net play? Have you tried altering your own play style and using different types of serves (remember to read the loading screen tips to understand the mechanics)? Usually preventing the situations that the opponent seems overpowered in is the key to success in this game.
  4. What you described sounds more like a weird glitch. I've found Clap Hanz's games very consistent in their mechanics and so far haven't experienced anything that would feel like the game was cheating. The games are challenging but they are very fair.
  5. It's nice to hear about people who have been positively surprised by Switch and its game selection. I got a Switch at launch (it's actually the first console I've gotten at launch and now we have 3 in our household) and was expecting to continue playing mostly on 3DS but I've found many enjoyable games on Switch too. I have 45 hours in Paper Mario and have no idea how much time I've spent playing on Switch in total as the user profile shows only the most recent software. Out of the ones I can see, the games with longest playtime are Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (260 h), Octopath Traveler (150 h) and Animal Crossing: New Horizons (115 h). Fitness Boxing is at 70 h but it's actually about double the time in reality as we play on both mine and husbando's account daily. I wish Nintendo finally added a proper Activity Log like on 3DS and Wii U.
  6. Glad to hear you've enjoyed BOTW! I should probably start the game at some point myself. But so many games! I have difficulty pressing the - button on a regular Switch too because the analog stick gets in the way. There's a bit more room for the buttons on the Switch Pro Controller. I don't know the origins of the naming of ZR and ZL but figured it could be a natural continuation from the Z button that first appeared on N64 controller I think. And the Z could be a natural continuation from the A, B, X and Y buttons when they needed to come up with something for a new button. Maybe Nintendo wanted to continue using the letter Z on their controllers to separate them from other consoles' controllers.
  7. This is actually a good point. Nintendo themselves have acknowledged that the player demography for Animal Crossing: New Horizons has quite few children possibly because kids often get games for Christmas or for their birthday and maybe their birthday hasn't come around yet after the game released. I don't interact with children often so I don't know how interested they'd be in "prehistoric" games like the ones bundled into Super Mario 3D All-Stars, but I'm sure fans of Mario at least would like to play the older titles.
  8. About the "money being tight for some due to global pandemic's impact on economy": If you can't scrounge up enough money during 7 months to buy the game collection, maybe you need to rethink your priorities in your money spending ways... Games are not a necessity.
  9. My local retailer has Super Mario 3D All-Stars up for pre-order already (I think they ship to Finland only). And we have a pre-order in now.
  10. I never finished Mario 64 because I got pissed off at the camera issues. Trying to land a tricky jump and while in the air the camera suddenly rotates on its own... you can probably guess that didn't end well. Never played Sunshine or Galaxy. Super Mario 3D World is a quality game with well designed levels and gorgeous presentation. I finished the game just last year and enjoyed it even though I'm not much of a platformer fan. The newer Mario games have so many mechanics in addition to trying to manage with the 3D platforming that I didn't find the controls very intuitive. Trying to remember what button to press when you're a Cat Mario often led to me pouncing right into a bottomless pit. 😅 I'm one of those old fossils who enjoyed the first 3 Mario games on NES and I still prefer 2D platforming to 3D. I've heard so many positive things about Sunshine and Galaxy that I'm interested in trying them out, but I fear I might just get frustrated with the platforming. The Cat Mario amiibo looks enticing.
  11. Definitely doesn't sound normal. The circle pad shouldn't make any kind of noise at all. I have a launch model 3DS but used it only for about 2 years, then upgraded to a 3DS XL and been using that since so I don't know how long mine would have hold up. My 3DS XL has been in nearly daily use for 7 years now and the circle pad doesn't make any noise and everything works like when it was new (well, maybe the battery doesn't hold charge quite as long as when new). If your console works regardless of the noise, you can probably continue to use it normally. Any device's life comes to an end at some point and I wouldn't worry about it that much. Remember there are over 75 million 3DS units sold around the world - you can probably find one to replace a broken one and used consoles can be as good as new.
  12. Finished my adventure in the world of origamized crime (Paper Mario: The Origami King) yesterday. I quite liked it, lots of fun characters and dialogue, cleverly written scenes, great looking environments and nicely designed levels/areas. The story was pretty good and I was surprised at how some events hit me in the feels - I was definitely not expecting to see that kind of content in a Paper Mario game. The battle system could have been more fun (I was very bad at it) and rewarding, boss battles sprinkled an additional layer of planning/strategy on top. Finding hidden Toads was probably my favorite thing in the game as usually it led to some kind of silly dialogue and/or event. Such as a Toad in his underpants being released from a giant clam and covering himself up, resembling the Birth of Venus painting.
  13. Ah, damn. Thanks for the info! Might get it on PC or Switch then.
  14. Are there online trophies? If there are, is PS Plus required to obtain them?
  15. I've been better at finishing games after I started using Backloggery. Beating games might take me a long time as sometimes I get distracted with other shiny games... At least I was able to resist the eShop summer sales. Almost bought AI Somnium Files as it was -50% but decided I need to finish some of my backlog first and I wouldn't have played it right away anyways. Might as well wait for another sale. At the moment I have 11 unfinished Switch games and 6 of them I haven't even started yet. 😅 If Octopath seems like your kind of game, there's a demo on eShop you can try out.