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  1. As far as I know, XC2's story and world are unrelated to Xenoblade Chronicles so you won't have to know anything about the first game to enjoy it. It's actually quite rare to find a sequel that would require you to play the earlier installments of the series as it would probably drive away potential buyers. I haven't started the first game yet myself, have it for 3DS in my bookshelf.
  2. I recommend Xenoblade Chronicles 2. The battle system is so much fun and exploring places is compelling. The story is quite good too. Spent over 220 hours on the game myself and I haven't even bought the season pass with extra content.
  3. Day one purchase for me. Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth is one of my favorite 3DS games. Loved the sub-persona system's customization possibilities. Now's a good time to get a 3DS or a 2DS. They don't cost much and there's a huge library of quality games available.
  4. I mostly buy my games from other retailers as GameStop here typically charges about 10 € extra for games compared to other stores. If GameStop's pricing was in line with other retailers I would probably buy more stuff from them. I liked GameStop's line of console accessories though. I've had a soft 3DS case for 5+ years and it's been a very good product and they sold it at an affordable price. If GameStop goes out of business there are still other stores that would likely scoop the physical game market so hopefully physical games won't be going extinct in a while.
  5. I know it was probably a mistake to buy a PS4 seeing how few interesting exclusives it has. Been playing Yakuza 0 now too. But it's not a PS4 exclusive.
  6. If those versus, party and emote trophies are obtainable only online, I'd rather get the game for Switch (where they added an extra character too). Otherwise the trophies look fine and I'm sure it's going to be a great local co-op game like the first one.
  7. The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia is the coolest book I've ever seen! Looks so much like the original NES cartridge for TLoZ. B)

    1. AlchemistWer


      I would like to have my Wii U with me and play Twilight princess for 4 or 5 time again.  😅

  8. I noticed some issues with the grip in the PS4 version of SotC. A lot of times Wander couldn't get a grip when he should have. Didn't notice issues with him suddenly losing his grip when holding onto something though. The worse issue was how at times his movements made no sense at all when he was climbing or holding onto the colossi. Suddenly he was hanging upside down or he had moved 2 meters to the left for no reason. This made moving to specific spots really aggravating as his position somehow seemed to also affect the controls. When I wanted him to move forward he suddenly started moving backwards, etc. I don't know if they have patched these issues as I haven't felt the desire to touch the game again after getting the platinum.
  9. Was going to mention the 3DS successor thing but you beat me to it. I'm looking forward to seeing what they have planned for the future. I own several 3DS models and also got a Switch at launch. I still play my 3DS more than Switch and buy more games for 3DS. I personally don't feel Switch fits as a proper replacement for 3DS as it's missing features I've liked in 3DS and it's not nearly as portable and comfortable to play as a handheld.
  10. Feel free to use your own time to look up studies you're interested in. I suggest looking into things such as positive reinforcement, lobbying and how the media we consume affects and shapes people's attitudes and opinions. It's pretty ignorant to think the media doesn't affect people's views on things or how it doesn't have the power to change the norms in society.
  11. Heh, I didn't mind the funny looking trophy notification. It was a refreshing surprise. What I don't like is the cooldown after taking a screenshot, making you unable to take another screenshot right away. Missed some screenshot opportunities due to that. Apparently the screenshot captured the transition of the animation where the trophy notification is about to disappear or appear, resulting into a weird "infinity effect".
  12. You're seriously saying touching a minor's genital area is not harmful? Depicting it in a game where it's your objective to do these kind of actions TO A MINOR is pretty much sending a message that this is acceptable behaviour in our society. Therefore it is promoting harm to minors.
  13. Thanks for your insight. Rape and torture sounds like content that rating boards could usually have an issue with. I think the main problem with Omega Labyrinth Z was that it was seen as promoting harm to minors which is ruled more strictly in our society.
  14. That reminds me of photos of athletes masterfully practicing their field of sports and the snapshots capturing all the weirdest and most hilariously extreme expressions on their faces. lol I continued Adventure Mode in Mario Tennis yesterday and I think the next tennis battle will be the final one. Or perhaps there will be a surprise challenger. Quite a fun game and I think I'm slowly getting a hang of how to consistently respond to Zone Shots. I wish they hadn't mapped Trick Shot to X in addition to the right stick though because I sometimes accidentally trigger it when trying to lob shot and fail to hit the ball because of it. There's nothing in the settings to disable it either - you can only disable the right stick trigger.
  15. The game goes a bit further than having "an anime girl's skin being shown off". It seems you didn't bother reading the reasons why the rating board refused to rate the game. What games in particular have worse content in Sony's European / North American store? Can you also describe why their content is worse than in Omega Labyrinth Z in your opinion?