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  1. PC for full experience or Nintendo 3DS for the proper original. The only thing PS4 has going for this game is trophies if you care more about them than Steam achievements. Sony will probably arrange milking of the consumer with unnecessary online trophies. "For the payers".
  2. Great find! Although the list on the site seems very incomplete it's a good point to start looking. I recommend Overcooked for local co-op - easily the best co-op experience in years. Haven't played the sequel yet but it supports both couch co-op and online co-op. Final Fantasy XIV is a great game to play together with a friend too, though I'd personally play it on PC for better controls, easier typing and no extra online subscription costs.
  3. My method for finding/getting new games to play is somewhat complicated: I frequent some gaming news sites and when I read about games that I find interesting and appealing, I'll keep their names in mind. If the game is already out, I check reviews from Metacritic or Opencritic to find out whether the title is worth my time and if the content is to my liking. I may also read players' discussions and blog posts about the game and gameplay trailers and other research (like checking wikis for game mechanics) help to determine if the game is for me. If reviews sound good enough, I proceed into a state of considering a purchase. Next step is checking the game for online trophies. If PS Plus is required, it's a no go. I evaluate my current backlog and games I'm currently playing. Will I complete them soon and do I really need a new game right now? What other must have games are coming out soon? I may check HowLongToBeat to see what kind of time investment to expect. Am I ready for a 100+ hour game or do I want a shorter experience to complete before the next big game release? If the game seems "too expensive", I'll wait for its price to drop. I may bookmark its PS Store page to check the price every week, add it to my watch list on Nintendo eShop or frequently check a retailer's site for a physical copy. When the price drops I again evaluate my current backlog and if I'd be playing the new game right away or very soon. If I won't be playing it soon, I might skip the purchase and wait for a new sale that likely has the price dropping even lower. Sometimes I actually buy games too. I just wish I had time to play them all... You're in a lucky position if you sometimes have to stop to wonder where you're going to find your next game!
  4. Umm… where are the k and f buttons on Vita?
  5. Sounds like a fun game I could like. Thanks for your impressions on it! I've enjoyed stress-free, laid-back games as well as some weirder games that dare to deviate from the norm (Kirby Star Allies, Hohokum, Journey, Flower...). I might get Wandersong soon once I finish playing Pokémon HeartGold on 3DS.
  6. Anyone played Wandersong yet and how did you find it? It has gotten pretty good reviews so far. Not sure if I'm willing to pay full price due to some reported technical issues in the game but I'm definitely interested.
  7. Kat and Dusty are cute in Everybody's Golf.
  8. It's a shame but the signs were there to see: Sony's decision to drop Vita games from PS Plus offerings, physical game card production ending, many former Vita exclusives being published on other platforms and sales in EU PS Store not promoting Vita games at all (recent Ubisoft sale listing for example featured only PS3 and PS4 games even though Vita version of the same game was on sale too). Seems like Sony isn't even interested in getting any profit off Vita games anymore? There was also a worrying comment from a developer who canceled their Vita version of a game, mentioning something about "certain PS Store functions ceasing" on Vita. Time to start playing my Vita backlog before they drop all Vita support from PS Store.
  9. You're not missing out on anything special by not getting a PS4 Pro. I got one hoping for better performance and faster load times. Turns out the Pro version has occasional performance issues in some games even with Boost mode enabled and load times are much slower than on a 5-year-old PC with a regular hard drive (tested with both running digital versions of the same game). I don't know how much better Pro is compared to a regular PS4 as I've never owned one.
  10. Katamari Forever (PS3) Platinum Katamari Collected all trophies. Recently got the itch to start a new playthrough of Katamari Forever on my main account. The game is 9 years old and I've beaten it on my old account back in the days. Now I thought I could try to get the platinum for it. The objective of the game is to roll up all kinds of items into your sticky katamari ball, starting from tiny objects like pins and candies, increasing the katamari's size to be able to roll up bigger and bigger goodies. Eventually you can roll up humans, animals, cars, houses and even planets. The game has over 4000 different items that you must collect for a trophy. There are various challenges where you must make your katamari big enough in a limited time or make it exactly the required size. In one level you must keep your katamari burning to light up a big campfire and in another gather enough fireflies so a "Nerd boy" has enough light to read a book outside at night. There are four different game modes with slightly different mechanics. Thanks to the art style the game still looks fresh and it's just as much fun as I had remembered. Some levels are tricky and you need to learn a good route to complete them in time or you need to be extra careful so you won't roll up wrong kind of items. The best thing in addition to the addictive gameplay (I even had dreams at night where I was rolling a katamari) is the humor - there are lots of silly things hidden in the levels. There are cats wearing diving helmets under water, ghosts peeking from toilets and dogs playing poker. The music is really catchy too and quite unique. The game is sure to put a smile on anyone's face with its funny level designs and dialogue. There was some frustration involved when I couldn't get the "Prince Hop" to work consistently with the gyro controls... until I realized I can just press R2 to perform the jump. The game has occasional performance issues where the frame rate drops dramatically. Most of the time it was harmless, just a little irritating, sometimes it made it difficult to control exactly where you were going. The most difficult trophy to get was Completist (Completed 100% of the Collection) as some of the items are quite well hidden. Luckily I found discussion on some of the stuff I was missing, otherwise the platinum would have been an impossible mission for me. Overall Katamari Forever is a really nice and relaxing game and I think it has one of the most unique gameplay ideas of all time. I recommend trying it out if you feel like playing something different.
  11. That's all new to me. I thought Sony allowed one primary console per account at a time and there's a 6 month cooldown for changing the primary console. So, if I had two PS4s, console A and B at my house and I had set them both as my primary console, I could play online with my husband playing on his account on console B and me on console A on my own account by owning just one game and one PS Plus subscription? Or is there some kind of limitation or a catch that only one account gets trophies for the games?
  12. Oh, I see. So it's kind of like Download Play on 3DS but with the full game content available on multiple consoles + accounts? You can't go to your friend's place to play the games you own on your personal account on their consoles, though?
  13. I've understood you don't need to deactivate any console to play your digitally purchased game on another console. According to Nintendo you can have your account active on several consoles. There's only a check that you can't have a game running on two systems at the same time and the game pauses on the other system if it's started on another system. https://en-americas-support.nintendo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/22448 I'm not sure what you mean by "gamesharing" but as far as I know, no system allows having the exact same game running on multiple systems at the same time. Unless you buy it for PC DRM free.
  14. I don't enjoy playing online with strangers so paying for it doesn't make much sense. I'd hop online only to get some trophies that require it. I'd be happy to play together with family and friends but Sony blocking crossplay with other platforms makes it impossible in many cases. I value my trophy completion rate so I solve this issue by not purchasing games with online trophies that require subscription. I can play online for free on PC and many other consoles. Servers and maintenance aren't as expensive as what Sony charges per user in their subscriptions. They don't host many game servers, and PSN which is used for authentication is free to use for anyone. They make more than enough money for servers with their profits from console and game sales alone. Not being able to make local backups hasn't stopped people from cheating in Splatoon. It's not any kind of an anti-cheat measure. Nintendo's choice only prevents legit consumers from making personal backups and they are trying to force their paid service on consumers who want to have a peace of mind. Too bad not all games are even compatible with cloud saves, including Splatoon 2, so it's not a very good service. Actually you can play your digital games on another system with Nintendo Switch Online when you just log in with your Nintendo account. Found out last night the Dark Souls Remastered network test on Switch requires subscription. Husbando didn't test and just said he's played the game before and no need to bother now. I can go back to Splatoon on Wii U and play it for free like before. I wonder how much the subscription service has boosted the player count of the original game.
  15. Good to hear PS Plus has been worth it for you. In the past couple of years there's been maybe two or three games in the PS Plus offering that I've found somewhat interesting. I don't find paying 60 € per year for maybe 1 or 2 games that I might find relatively interesting worth it. Especially when those games can usually be bought for under 10 € in a sale. The subscription service just adds no value for me. I also find it strange people think it's ok for Sony to lock platinum trophies behind a subscription paywall when the same people are crying about paid additional content DLC and how it all should be included in the game when they buy it.