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  1. Did you try resetting your router and/or flushing your DNS cache ("ipconfig /flushdns" on Windows)? I haven't personally had issues like you mention with Sony's services but have had similar problems with some websites sometime. Resetting the router has helped in my case.
  2. Oh, I thought it's a cat as there's also a witch reference in the broom costume. I'd welcome new levels too or maybe new minigames.
  3. The special collectibles (pink puzzle pieces and switches) in Kirby Star Allies are quite easy to find. We had them all collected in maybe under 10 hours of game time. For full 100% completion you also need to win the minigames and complete The Ultimate Choice (boss rush) and Star Allies Go! ("RPG" speedrun mode). There are also lots of regular puzzle pieces to collect and those will take some time to grind. We're currently at 82% completion. We died a few times during story mode, but by the time we had finished it Kirby had 180+ extra lives. The game wasn't too easy IMO and I think it was much more fun to not get frustrated for dying over and over again to spots that would require godly platforming skills. I didn't curse or complain even once during the game. Kirby is a real feel good game that put a smile on our face. There are lots of really funny and clever things to find. @Riq IV remember to go back to story mode after beating it to find a new extra level. It has some amazing stuff! I think March 28th they'll update the game to include even more friends for Kirby. Looking forward to playing as the hamster!
  4. We finished Kirby Star Allies story mode and the final boss is quite epic. Loving the game even more now. Now we just need to collect more regular puzzle pieces and we're playing The Ultimate Choice (the survival boss rush mode). Having a lot of fun with it.
  5. Too bad you got bored of BotW. Maybe at some point you'll feel like picking up the game again. If you're into a good story, fun action RPG gameplay, some humor, superb music and anime style visuals, I recommend Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I played it over 220 hours myself (continued with endgame stuff after playing through the story). I hadn't been so excited about a game in years once I got a hang of the battle system. Xenoblade recently got an update that adds a New game+ too.
  6. Ahh, I see! Didn't have time to notice this when things were so hectic. Thanks for the explanation! The game has some hilarious stuff like the ending of the first world like you described.
  7. Bought Kirby Star Allies yesterday and we started playing it co-op with my husband. So far we had fun with the game even though it got a bit chaotic at times with 4 playable characters on the screen. The copy abilities and friend combos made me smile and the AI for CPU team mates worked really well. The minigames (hitting a meteor back to space with a baseball bat and the wood chopping contest) were a hit. Loved the HD rumble when Kirby had inhaled something and he was running with a full tummy. I didn't understand what Artist Kirby's Still Life skill does. Anyone have any idea?
  8. Haven't played any Omega Labyrinth games but the points in that report sound like they make some sense to ban the game (if some characters are presented as underage). What I find funny is that there are no issues selling games where you shoot people in the head, decapitate them, etc. but whenever some bare skin is shown rating boards start moaning. But I guess shooting people is totally normal behaviour that young people should be encouraged to do.
  9. I'm interested in Taiko Drum Master! I'd prefer an EU version though in case there will be DLC. And I can't read Japanese so I would be more comfortable with a UI I can understand. Loved the addition of Splatoon music.
  10. Awesome Nintendo Direct again. Nintendo had heard my pleas and added motion controls to Mario Tennis! They also finally realized Ōkami's celestial brush works most naturally with motion controls / touch screen. Splatoon 2 expansion looks like a nice challenge - looking forward to more epic boss fights. The Smash Bros announcement and addition of Inklings was a pleasant surprise too. Husbando wants the Solaire amiibo. So much good stuff coming.
  11. The last 4 Pokémon games have been 3D. Making the step from 2D sprites into 3D models made the games look generic and unappealing IMO.
  12. Code of Princess is really coming to Switch. Was thinking about this like 2 weeks ago and wondering why they haven't announced anything yet. https://gematsu.com/2018/03/code-princess-ex-announced-switch Liked the original on 3DS regardless of some framerate issues and I'm willing to get this on Switch too. I just hope they will include Japanese audio because the English dub was awful.
  13. I bought Everybody's Golf for full price earlier because I was very interested in the game and I knew about the server shutdown beforehand. Too bad you didn't notice the product page mentioning the online services are not available anymore. But don't let the unobtainable platinum stop you from enjoying the game. I'm not sure if I can ever obtain the platinum due to its difficulty but I can live with that because the game is tons of fun to play.
  14. Just noticed this issue too in my trophy card's Persona 5 game image.
  15. WTF, that's terrible. The Switch play time log was already bare bones compared to the vastly superior Activity Log on 3DS and now this...