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  1. Sony has killed my interest in their platform and it looks like PS5 will never have exclusives I'd have interest in. Everybody's Golf and Gravity Rush are examples of games I wanted to play but both series are just a faint memory of what PlayStation used to be. I've also noticed a trend of a lot of games (especially indies) skipping PS completely while they're available on all the other platforms. The last few years with PS4 have made me realize I don't enjoy playing on PlayStation anymore when I compare it to the other platforms (multiple Nintendo consoles and PC) I play on. The new Xbox consoles have superb features like Quick Resume and no need to be tethered to a console with a 0.5 meter cord when a controller runs out of battery. I don't own a PS5 or Xbox currently but Xbox Series X would be the obvious choice over PS5 for me. I'm already in the Xbox ecosystem via PC Game Pass which has been amazing value.
  2. Wait until you get to the point where it's good to have both multiple Switch controllers and multiple consoles... 😅 I'd be pretty annoyed if I had to quit a game I'm playing when it's time to have my daily Jump Rope Challenge and Fitness Boxing sessions. Another console makes life so much easier when playing multiple games.
  3. What comes to the Switch successor, I think and hope they will keep the hybrid form factor. I believe the versatility of the console is a huge factor in its success. I'm really into playing handheld but also play some games docked, so I'd welcome the option to choose my own play style in the future too. If I had to choose between a pure home console and a handheld console, I'd pick the handheld. That said, we just confirmed our Steam Deck order and I'm looking forward to seeing what it's like to play once it arrives. Rune Factory 4 is a nice game. I played the original version on 3DS and enjoyed it quite a bit. The farming wasn't complicated and I recall it was pretty much an optional thing to do. I always favored going into dungeons and trying to tame monsters. The skill mechanic where your skill or ability improved when using it (like in Elder Scrolls and Fantasy Life) was pleasant.
  4. I'm in chapter 15 in Triangle Strategy and wondered what real life country/nation Glenbrook represents. Some spoilerish content below. It's been a good game so far but it has failed to grab me like Octopath Traveler did. I may be a bit tired of so many games having war as their setting (especially with today's situation here in Europe) and the game seems very serious most of the time. The voting system is quite an interesting idea, don't recall seeing anything like that in other games. I wonder how much the playthrough would change had I made different choices.
  5. Atelier Escha & Logy Plus: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky (Vita) Trophy Completionist All trophies acquired. Well, it's been a while since I've gone for a platinum in any game. I was quite enamored with Atelier Escha & Logy so getting all trophies pretty much just happened while playing. I wish stick drift wouldn't have happened while playing too.
  6. Fantasy Life on Nintendo 3DS has a Cook job and a fun crafting minigame to go with it. There's also a detail that depending on what kind of food you're preparing, the contents of the cutting board and frying pan look a bit different.
  7. Nice! Welcome to the Switch owners' club! Which model did you get?
  8. Splatoon 3 release is scheduled for September 9th apparently. I have a feeling I know what I'm getting as a wedding anniversary gift...
  9. I actually just recently beat the last games in my PS3 backlog (Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and Resistance 2). I still have the console hooked up and haven't thought of packing it up and storing it somewhere. It's nice to know I can just turn it on any time I feel like playing something on it.
  10. I think traditionally Splatoon has gotten a summer release. As early as in June perhaps? It would make sense to release it when people are on vacation to ensure good sales and easy matchmaking in the online modes. Then again we have seen very little of the game so I have no idea how far it is in development.
  11. What the... Xenoblade 3 release has been changed to July 29th instead of September. Looks like I'm getting at least two games in July then, the other one being Live A Live. I wonder what we'll be getting in the autumn then. Bayonetta 3? Or something completely new that we don't know about yet?
  12. The new Kirby's release came at an inconvenient time for me as well. I'm currently playing a couple of games on Switch already and I wouldn't have played Kirby right away so I'm postponing my purchase. Knowing it's published by Nintendo, a physical copy should be easy to find pretty much anywhere where games are sold. I have the 3DS Kirby games physical so I'm good. Remember that money is just numbers on your bank account. What's the most valuable resource is your time. I've noticed it's usually a smart move to buy games (especially more niche ones or ones from smaller publishers) physical for Nintendo's consoles at launch as their prices rarely drop and they might be difficult to get a hold of later. I just recently noticed Legend of Legacy has been pulled from 3DS EU eShop. I was somewhat interested in it when it launched but the reviews made me hesitate. Now I can't find it physical and can't buy it digitally either. I'm having non-buyers remorse. lol For me it's not a matter of money but buying huge amounts of games makes me feel guilty and anxious when I know I have tons of games waiting to be played in my backlog. Having a lot of interesting games releasing in a short time span is stressful when I have both a fear of missing out and that feeling of guilt spending money on games I won't have time to play. I'd also like to have my games neatly lined up in alphabetical order in my bookshelf but I'm running out of space - the more games I get the more chaotic it will look. People are probably shaking their heads at my first world problems.
  13. Picked up 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim and Atelier Sophie 2 during lunch today. Luckily there's Easter holidays coming and I'll have a couple of extra days off from work too to try and whittle down my backlog. Did any of you get Aegis Rim or have you played it on PS4 already?
  14. I'm in chapter 7 in Triangle Strategy and I like it. The story so far isn't mind blowing but I suspect it may be because I'm still early in the game. It's still interesting and I find the writing good - and there is a lot of writing! The visuals, gameplay, characters and the Japanese voice acting are the highlights for me so far. Music has been quite good but can't hold a candle to Octopath Traveler's soundtrack unfortunately. But Octopath has exceptionally good soundtrack that is hard to match. Occasionally I get annoyed by the camera. Sometimes it's hard to see the elevation differences and structures of the ground in the isometric angle and when I try to adjust the camera angle, it often turns too much or it turns on wrong axis. The UI isn't the most intuitive either. I may have missed some character recruits because I didn't understand how to enter character events from the world map on the first time they appeared. The text in the interface is really tiny (I'm playing on a regular Switch in handheld mode) and I didn't notice a way to make it larger. Even though it may sound like I have a lot of complaints, the game has been good and enjoyable so don't let my impressions scare you off from getting the game!
  15. What's everyone playing this weekend? I'm juggling multiple games again and been clearing some older games from my backlog the past weeks (such as Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and Resistance 2 on PS3). This weekend I'm planning to continue playing Triangle Strategy and I recently started Picross e8 on 3DS and Atelier Escha & Logy Plus on Vita. I might slip in a session of Pokémon Art Academy on 3DS. Unfortunately I noticed that the 3DS Image Share functionality to Twitter has stopped working and gives an error about SSL handshake failing or something similar. Now it's going to be more difficult to transfer screenshots and Art Academy images from the console. Atelier Escha & Logy is such a funny and lighthearted game that just pulls me in (regardless of me being clueless about the alchemy system) that I decided to get a physical copy of Atelier Sophie 2 for Switch too. I'm picking it up with 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim next week. I recently got a promotion at work and I've been thinking of rewarding myself with a new otome game and my choice is probably going to be either Variable Barricade or Cupid Parasite. Have any of you played either of these yet and which would you recommend over the other? I still haven't played the Kirby: Forgotten Land demo but based on everyone's impressions it's probably a really fun and cute game. I'm planning to get it at some point. Rune Factory 5 is interesting as well since I enjoyed RF4 on 3DS a lot but I've heard mixed opinions on it and would rather wait for a sale if I pick it up. I also heard mixed things about the Chrono Cross remaster. Never played the game and I think it's never come out in Europe before. Despite being interested I'm afraid of getting it because the Chrono Cross soundtrack is my all-time favorite and I wouldn't want to spoil it for myself by associating it with a poor or mediocre game. The Switch release calendar looks pretty packed and I probably need to be more selective on what I buy and when so I won't overwhelm myself with my backlog.