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  1. I only get games that really interest me and I tend to read reviews before deciding whether I purchase a game or not. If the game has gotten good enough review scores and if they seem to include things I usually enjoy in games, I may buy it. If the reviews point out things I usually don't like in games, I probably won't buy it. When the gameplay, content and presentation is enjoyable I'm less likely to lose interest in the game. I also enjoy seeing a high completion rate in my profile and it's fun to see my personal PlayStation gaming statistics here. The trophies popping is also a sign of progression and achieving something which motivates me to finish games. I play games on multiple platforms so if I get tired of one game, I have several other games to play. Nintendo's consoles give a stress free environment where I can forget trophies and just enjoy quality titles. You're not doing anything wrong by not finishing all your games. Why spend your free time playing a game if you're not interested in it or don't find it fun?
  2. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is quite the classic and a very good game. Also suggesting Hitman: Absolution just because I personally liked it. If you're lucky, you might still find a collector's edition of it too. I hear the physical version has suffered from some freezing and save corruption issues though. Assassin's Creed II is a great game too.
  3. Here a few screenies of my charas too. The first one is a costume (+ weapon skin), the second one is a heavy armor (+ a cape). Husbando's and my character in swimsuits.
  4. It's free in EU PS Store as well. And on Steam and Xbox One. https://www.ioi.dk/happy-hitman-holiday/
  5. I do. The 2nd screen on the gamepad was brilliantly used in some games. I kept longing for that 2nd screen when playing Splatoon 2 on Switch. I have no objection for porting more games from Wii U to Switch. Wonderful 101 would be a nice title to port.
  6. Best purchases in 2017 - Nintendo Switch. Haven't played many games on it yet, but the hardware and OS are quality stuff. Switch already has a great game library that grows constantly. - Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia Limited Edition for Nintendo 3DS. Really good game that was packed with super good extras: hardcover artbook, amazing 30 track soundtrack, metallic pins in a collector box and 2 amiibos. - Journey™ for PS4. Amazing experience. We even ordered Journey Traveler scarves for me and husbando after I had completed the game. Worst purchases in 2017 - I don't think any of my purchases were bad, so it's really hard to think of what would have been the worst. Maybe all the games I bought I haven't had time to start or play yet?
  7. I play games for the games. Trophies are just a nice and motivating side dish in addition to the main course. So yes, I play games even when they don't have a platinum (or trophies at all).
  8. The results were mostly what I thought would be, but Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle scoring a win in Best Strategy Game category was very unexpected and a nice surprise. http://thegameawards.com/awards/
  9. Somehow I never bought Bayonetta 1 or 2 even though there was that nice double pack for Wii U and I was somewhat interested in the game. Might get them (and the third one) on Switch at some point. I try to play a lot but regardless my backlog is growing on all platforms.
  10. Switch has been a hit in Japan, selling 2.5 million units in 9 months. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2017/12/nintendo_switch_ends_2017_on_a_high_with_2_5_million_units_sold_in_japan_alone "Speaking of PS4, Sony's console has hit the 5.5 million unit marker in Japan. The system has been available since February 2014, while the Switch doesn't even have a full year under its belt yet." Next year has a new Pokémon title coming which means the hardware sales may increase by huge amounts. Any idea about the sales metrics in North America and Europe?
  11. Those are really cool gift ideas! I recognized the Persona 5 lamp. I used to give some self-made gifts when I was a kid/teen. I made some pictures with computer, printed them out and framed them in wooden frames. I also had a knack for some more -ahem- creative gifts like gift cards where I gave my parents the rights to pet our cats for a year for health benefits.
  12. Happy Independence Day to fellow Finns! Independent Finland is 100 years old today. 🇫🇮

    1. dermarx


      Happy Birthday Finnland, I'd guess.

    2. KingGuy420


      I don't know a ton about Finland but I know they're another hockey country so I'm a fan ;) lol

  13. Animal Crossing: New Leaf on Nintendo 3DS has amazing attention to detail which makes the game feel like a living world. To mention a few things: - Footprints in sand vary between animals and the player character depending on if he/she is barefoot or wearing shoes - The footprint sounds vary depending on the material you're walking on and if the ground is wet or snowy - When there's a thunderstorm, the lightning strikes affect the lighting even when inside a house - The instruments used in the music change depending on weather - You can hear a waterfall inside a house if it's near one - The animals who move to your town from other players' towns (via StreetPass for example) remember their old town, talk about it and its mayor and hum its town tune - The animals remember you after you meet them in your friends' towns - There's a funny hidden luck mechanic: when you have bad physical luck you may fall when running, angry bees catch you easier or a chair might creak when you sit on it - When an animal has argued with another one you might see them moping or angry and their feelings affect the dialogue with you Another game with impressive level of detail was Odin Sphere Leifthrasir where each food in a restaurant looked different right down to the utensils and the platter. The merchants offering wares actually took the items out of a sack or chest and presented each one to you.
  14. Earlier I said my favorite retailer (and almost all other places) had sold out Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Collector's Edition so I wouldn't be getting one. I heard a rumor Santa has one for me after all.
  15. Stuck in 5-2 in Everybody's Golf (Legacy of Golf Links). Whenever I'm doing fine, a couple of small mistakes can drop me to nearly last place from 1st or 2nd place. :(
    The greens are impossible with the steep slopes and my shots often end up out of bounds, in bunkers or water hazards. Tried a few different characters, balls and clubs (don't own lv3 gear yet). Any tips on how to finish the challenge in 1st place?

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    2. nenugalimas


      My memory of the game is hazy but IIRC I used to put backward spin on the ball to make it stop faster after it lands, found it to give me better control. Theres also a chance of hitting the flag pole with a spin, though I dont remember how that particular mechanic works here.

    3. Eyjabria


      Thanks for the tips and support! I'll try using more back spin on some holes to avoid ending up in bunkers. I guess I just have to keep practicing.

    4. nenugalimas


      Yeah, practice and in some cases a good bit of luck is what it takes. Keep at it and you'll get it eventually, good luck!