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  1. Add a custom filter to AdBlock to hide the elements that display the trophy dates. That should work if it's trophy hunting sites that you view your trophies at.
  2. I tend to enjoy easy games more than hard ones. I don't like spending endless amounts of time getting frustrated trying to survive or get past difficult parts, especially if the difficulty stems from unreliable controls or other technical issues which render the player's skills useless. Hard games can be great too when you can see your skills improving as it's a very rewarding feeling to conquer something you were struggling with. I recently completed Kirby Star Allies on Switch, which is a rather easy game. I enjoyed the game a lot more compared to some other games I've played recently. Of course it was also a really well-made, clever, colorful and funny game that made me smile.
  3. Have you considered getting a Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo Switch? Both have great exclusive JRPGs if those are what you are after. Oh, and I forgot to mention in my earlier post that I'm waiting for HITMAN Season 2 news and to see what Hitman: Sniper Assassin is. Hoping they shed some light on those in this year's E3.
  4. Well, I wouldn't call them important content. I bought the character DLCs for P4DAN and they didn't offer much and contributed nothing to any event in the game or anything. Just one additional song, a new character model and animations for a dancer. The DLC characters couldn't even be used in any other song than their own and the songs didn't include bond fevers. But planning to include some characters as DLC before the game is even out is a bit questionable. Especially if the characters are core characters in the games these spin-offs are based on.
  5. They're going a biiiit overboard with the DLC, I agree. Good thing is you're not required to buy any of it and some of it may be free to download again. Would be a dick move if they added trophies to the DLC characters/songs. I'm getting both games when they find their way to Europe. So far it seems P3D is more to my liking based on the music I've heard.
  6. Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch and 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim are what I'm looking forward to seeing the most in this year's E3. Of course I'm anticipating other pleasant reveals as well.
  7. I guess they've calculated it's not profitable to keep making physical games when most retailers these days aren't even interested in having them in their selections. I have a few physical Vita games but to tell the truth, I don't think I'm going to get many more games for Vita unless there's going to be some really interesting exclusives which is rare these days.
  8. Oh noes. I still have a sealed physical copy of WoFF I got day one because there was a Square Enix promotion offering maid and butler costumes for FFXIV. Though now that I've heard the game isn't that good and my expectations are low, maybe I will be positively surprised when I start playing it. *hopeful thinking*
  9. Looks like I was awarded infinite trophies in Everybody’s Golf. ʅฺ(・ω・。)ʃฺ ??
  10. Welcome to the Switch owners' club! There are some free demos to download from eShop while you're waiting for Mario Odyssey to arrive if you're eager to take your new console for a spin.
  11. Currently the only thing I'd use Switch Online services for is Splatoon 2. So I'm unsure if I'll ever need a subscription. Time will tell. I was also a bit disappointed by the fact that the subscription is per user account and other accounts on the same console can't use the service for the same price. Luckily the family subscription isn't very expensive.
  12. My favorite Pokémon: Eelektross After that Milotic and 5th gen Whimsicott (before they ruined it with dual type Grass/Fairy)
  13. The only game I regret buying was Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits on PS2. We had enjoyed Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock a lot and made an impulse purchase on Greatest Hits. Turns out everything in the game screamed cash grab. The animations and UI were laggy and janky, graphics were very low quality compared to the earlier game, the music and notes seemed off sync at times and the controls didn't seem to respond normally at times (not sure if it was the game's or the controller's fault). It just wasn't fun to play when you couldn't hit the notes. Once the game even froze on us and forced us to power off the console. That is one of the rare occasions I've made an impulse purchase on a game without researching first and I learned from my mistake.
  14. The automapping system takes care of drawing the map layout for you as you explore the dungeons. All you need to do is place markers to indicate doors, secret passages, stairs and other points of interest. It's not necessary to do that at all but it makes it much easier to navigate. I was a bit worried about the mapping initially but it proved to be quite fun actually and not tedious at all.
  15. Persona Q is one of my favorite 3DS games and I definitely recommend playing it. I liked its battle system more than the main series Persona games'. There's more room for customization thanks to the sub-Persona system. The story is good, dungeons are nicely designed and there's a lot of humor in the character interaction.