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  1. Thanks for your input and good luck with the plat! I guess I'll pick up DQ XI S again at some point. Great to hear you finally got to play DQ8 (I haven't started it myself yet). I've noticed there are tons of console games available in libraries here too but never loaned anything. I don't even have a library card these days. Maybe I'd consider getting one in case they have some interesting rarities like Nintendo DS games that I can't find elsewhere.
  2. I started Dragon Quest XI S Definitive Edition on PC a few months ago but the plot kind of didn't seem to advance at some point (16 hours in, got to Octagonia). The events in the home village at the start of the game were interesting, then I feel the story just flattened and I moved to other games. Maybe I was too impatient. Does it get better at some point? Currently I'm playing Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation on 3DS, Monster Hunter Stories 2 and BUSTAFELLOWS (+ the daily Jump Rope Challenge and Fitness Boxing 1 & 2) on Switch and PGA Tour 2K21 on PC. Also installed The Ascent on PC so it's ready to take for a spin whenever I feel like it. Really liking the Ruiner vibe of the world. I was pretty excited to jump into BUSTAFELLOWS, preloaded it for today's release and started playing after midnight before going to sleep. The art style is exquisite (including animated backgrounds and characters) and the murder mystery story has been praised.
  3. I am weak. I preloaded Bustafellows. To my defense there was a 10% pre-order discount.
  4. July has been so jam-packed with awesome games I can't keep up. I still haven't finished Monster Hunter Stories 2, today The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles (two games!) is out and in a few days we're getting Bustafellows which I'm very excited about! I'm still in the middle of Café Enchanté on Switch too and now they're shoving more visual novels into my face. Halp.
  5. The characters in Project Mirai DX are hilarious if you haven't been playing in a while. They are so offended and just turn their back to you when you try to interact with them, as if you've done them wrong by neglecting them. 3DS is still an amazing console that gets daily use in our household. I went on a shopping spree in 3DS eShop some time ago and bought several titles I had passed earlier, including some older Etrian Odyssey games and Attack of the Friday Monsters (that's a really charming game, btw). Just started Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation myself a few days ago while waiting for my husband donate blood. Revelation is the third and last game in the Fates "trilogy" that I hadn't played yet. I was planning to just do the main story and be done with it buuut... here I am again, grinding to get great skills to pass on to child units. Just got my first child unit recruited today. There's something really satisfying in wrecking the enemies with overpowered child units that have broken skills. Not sure if I have the patience to get all the child units this time as there's over 20 and I didn't remember how slow it is to get decent skills for low level characters even with the DLC exp level.
  6. Didn't read everything but easily one of the funniest (and most baffling) comments in this thread was how there's no exclusives on PC. Careful with that salt people. Too much is bad for your health.
  7. One of the projects is a farming sim Persona 5: Milking All Day.
  8. Don't worry, it's not piracy. You legally own the game and you have the right to find the means to play the game you've paid for. I'd probably tell Atlus that I can see the "old title" in 3DS eShop and they are asking money for it, so how is it possible they are not supporting the title. Are they not the publisher?
  9. Then just ahem, "use other means to obtain it". They should probably remove Persona Q from the eShop as well since they no longer support the "old title". Atlus just lost a lot of points in my eyes if that's how they treat their paying customers. Will keep that in mind when considering getting their products in the future. NISA Europe was happy to send us a new copy of a soundtrack for a Grand Kingdom limited edition that had a smaller soundtrack included by error (mailed from UK to Finland). The campaign for the exchange was already over a long time ago as we had purchased the game from a local retailer years after release. I don't remember them even asking for a receipt or anything. That was a really nice gesture from NISA and I'd expect a company of the size of Sega/Atlus would easily have the resources for proper customer support.
  10. Worth trying IMO. Maybe explain them you don't have the receipt anymore as you bought the product at launch. And send them a photo of the collector's edition + the cartridge showing the serial number with a paper note with your email address written on it or something? And maybe include a photo of your 3DS showing the error message when you attempt to start the game. I'd guess that should be proof enough for your purchase and the issue with the game. The responsibility for a product with a manufacturing defect falls on the manufacturer and in this case it's a well-known issue with their product too. I'd think compensating a customer is very cheap for the company considering the customer may be a returning customer. Getting stingy with this kind of small stuff can easily affect their reputation and business in the future. Physical copies are nice as they have resale value and are often cheaper than digital copies. Just got Monster Hunter Stories 2 for 5 € less than what it costs in eShop and got a MH notebook + a microfibre cloth to go with the game. Sometimes they include small art booklets and such too. Oh, and I'm still playing the otome visual novel Café Enchanté. Playing Il's route and shit just got real. Not to spoil too much but there are cut limbs and a very fascinating twist on what I initially thought was a charming slice-of-life depiction of peaceful life at a café. Nice!
  11. What the heck?! That sucks! I heard some people had similar problems with Pokémon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire cartridges but thought they were the only ones affected. I think Persona Q has gotten a permanent price drop in eShop and has been in sales often but you shouldn't really have to pay extra for companies' technical issues / supbar products. The third dungeon is pretty creepy but fun. EDIT: Just looked up info on the cartridge issue and someone had emailed Atlus about it and they had promised to send a download code as replacement for the faulty cartridge. Maybe you could try contacting them too?
  12. Inspired by this topic, I tried installing Diablo II from disc. The game was originally meant for Windows 2000/98/95/NT/Macintosh, heh. Game installed fine and asked me to swap in the play disc but the game didn't start at all on Windows 10 even in compatibility mode. The old CD key could be used to activate a license for more modern Diablo II installer downloaded from Blizzard's Battle.net however which worked without a hitch on Windows 10. So my story of failed install attempt had a happy end after all. I assume there are less compatibility issues with more recent games meant for Windows 7.
  13. Currently have a pre-order in for Metroid Dread limited edition for Switch + the Samus and E.M.M.I amiibos. Husband pre-ordered the 512 GB Steam Deck and he probably hopes I won't be hogging the device all the time.
  14. Steam momentarily crashed yesterday when the Steam Deck pre-orders opened so I assume it has garnered a decent interest. Husbando put in a pre-order for the 512 GB model. Expected order availability is Q1 2022. For anyone curious about compatibility of certain games, this site may come in handy: https://www.protondb.com/ To my dismay it seems Atelier Ryza doesn't seem to run perfectly on Linux. I'm still on the fence if I should get it on PC or Switch because I'd like the better performance of PC but prefer the comfort of handheld play for RPGs. Steam Deck would have been the perfect solution for me. Valve commented on Proton's game compatibility that they're working on improving it (at least regarding some popular multiplayer games that have anti-cheat system issues preventing play).
  15. Actually game prices on PC are low because of competition. On PC you have multiple digital storefronts competing for consumer's attention and money which benefits the consumer. When you look at the console ecosystems like Sony's PS Store and Nintendo eShop, there is just one vendor that you have a choice to purchase from, leaving physical games as the sole competitor on those platforms.