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  1. I bought Cadence of Hyrule at full price (well, got some discount with My Nintendo points) when it launched and it was well worth its price for me. Completed the game 100% once and enjoyed the game a lot. I'm planning to pick it up again and play as Link this time as I hear they've added achievements in a recent update. If you're looking for other suggestions for games that can be played in short bursts, maybe have a look at Baba Is You? The difficulty of the puzzles ramps up quite a bit at some point but boy is it satisfying to solve the levels. Played Baba for 55+ hours now and still haven't cleared all the levels.
  2. There's a demo available for Cadence of Hyrule in eShop now if you've been interested in trying out the game. I personally liked the game a lot and think it's one of the best games I've played this year.
  3. I thought it was weird too that you can't make the main character a real "My Unit". I'm worrying it will be harder to identify with the character and feel attached to her. Couldn't even give her a name I normally use because she didn't look like my usual avatar characters. What makes the lack of voiced dialogue even weirder is that there's apparently been some controversy around the voice actor of English male Byleth. I play with Japanese audio myself and haven't heard female Byleth say anything so far. I played until I got to the monastery and now I'm trying to wrap up Persona Q2 (I'm in the last dungeon) to better concentrate on Fire Emblem.
  4. I'm getting the limited edition on Friday! I'm going in pretty much blind. I've seen some trailers but haven't looked much into the characters or gameplay mechanics, etc. beforehand. I'm planning on picking the... whatever that red house was called because I liked the leader's design and style the most. I'm surely going to make my own character a berserker or something similar like in the earlier Fire Emblem games. Brute forcing with raw power is my thing, I'll leave picking flowers and casting fairy-fart spells to others (to my husband).
  5. Playing games on a platform with no trophies/achievements might help you change your mindset about gaming and help see it's not just about achieving but more about enjoying the games themselves. I've been playing more on Nintendo's consoles and PC lately and haven't felt like playing anything on Playstation platforms at all. I have experiences of trophy hunting where striving to "perfection" only ruins the experience and an otherwise great game turns into an aggravating and unpleasant chore. I've sometimes wished I had stopped playing after just completing the story to have better memories of the game. Yakuza 0 was a great eye opener for me when I was planning to go for 100% completion in the minigames only to find out it was nearly a never-ending grind. I had seen everything the game has to offer, why would I need to win a ridiculous RNG minigame 30 more times just to get a trophy? I didn't want to waste my life continuing as there are plenty of other quality games and things to spend my limited time on. Money is infinite but your time is limited and the most valuable resource. If you feel going for trophies affects you negatively and you're not having fun, try to step away and move on.
  6. Current pre-orders on games: Fire Emblem: Three Houses Limited Edition Pre-orders on hardware: Nintendo Switch Lite Zacian & Zamazenta Edition Soon also pre-ordering The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Limited Edition once my favorite retailer adds it to their selection.
  7. Xbox Game Pass for PC is a great service. Great value for money, lots of interesting games available and more have been added frequently (here's a list). This month they're adding a few more: Night Call, The Banner Saga 3, Killer Instinct DE and For The King. My husband is subscribed to the service, we both have access to the available games on our own PCs and we earn Xbox Live achievements on our own accounts. Yesterday we played online co-op together in Wargroove. In a way this is better than Steam where family sharing prevents you from playing the same game at the same time. The Xbox beta app is fast and really convenient to use. I'm looking forward to it improving and getting more features like an achievements list. Now you need to use Xbox Console Companion app for it. I also looked into the modding possibility and the folders where the Game Pass games are installed are protected, so unfortunately modding isn't possible at the time.
  8. I think the most money I've gotten has been something like 37 000? Been using the multiplier balls at times too. Not sure how the points convert into money or if something else asides from points give money. Considering many items cost 10 000 or 30 000 in the shop, it's going to take a while to buy everything. By the way, @mecharobot have you found a way to randomize both outfit and accessories for the characters? I think there was a setting for outfits only.
  9. Got Senran Kagura Peach Ball and while I like the game, I'd say it's definitely not worth the asking price of 39 €. The premise is funny and the pinball gameplay is fun but it doesn't quite make up for the lack of content. I completed the story mode of all characters and have been playing a bit in Free Play. There's only two pinball tables with changeable background and different seasons or time of the day which alter the look slightly. The other table has various minigames (in addition to the sexy challenges) opening up as you clear challenges listed on the side of the screen. I would have hoped there would be more lanes in the tables to add more variation to gameplay. There are only 5 characters which seems lazy on the developer's part as there's a huge roster of characters in the game series. I say lazy and not greedy as they aren't selling additional characters as DLC (yet). Art is very nice as expected from the Senran Kagura series and the music is energetic. I noticed in Free Play you sometimes get secret super sexy challenges that unlock special items not found in the shop which is nice. Technically the game performs flawlessly. There's no framerate issues in either TV or handheld mode. HD rumble can be switched off completely or partially choosing to turn it off from certain features. There are some strange design issues like the logos at the start of the game being unskippable, sexy challenge animations being unskippable and chosen pinball table background suddenly resetting to default after a super sexy challenge. I also didn't understand what the setting of randomizing outfit in Free Play was supposed to do as the characters' outfits were always the ones chosen in Dressing Room. Diorama interface is clunky (I think that was the case in Estival Versus too, though). Yesterday I was trying to make a nice scene with a couple of girls and I couldn't even see the outfit as I was changing it - the UI was covering the character I was trying to customize. After posing the characters nicely and changing the diorama background the girls were swallowed by the ground and I was supposed to go through the tedious process of positioning the characters again. You'd think they would have made sure it's easy to swap the backgrounds with matching elevation in each one but that wasn't the case. Things like this make it feel like a sloppy release. The items in the shop are pretty expensive compared to the amount of money you are awarded when playing so if you want to purchase all items prepare for a grind.
  10. Currently playing Senran Kagura Peach Ball (Switch), Persona Q2 (3DS) and My Time at Portia (PC). Peach Ball is surprisingly lot of fun but lacking in content as there's just two pinball tables and six characters. Dressing Room and Diorama mode are included in addition to Story Mode and Free Play.
  11. For me the biggest disappointment about the announcement is they dropped support for TV play - I want to have the option to play the way I want. I don't get it why they're getting rid of the defining feature of the console. Why?? The worst thing about this is that the Animal Crossing limited edition console I've been waiting for since Switch was released is most likely going to be a Switch Lite (like the Pokémon Sword & Shield edition). Nintendo has promised a way to switch from playing a regular Switch to Switch Lite and the other way around but I'm not holding my breath and I'm almost certain it will be a feature linked to cloud saves and thus locked behind online subscription. The price point of Switch Lite is really attractive but may not be appealing enough for me considering no TV play possibility. 3DS is probably still a better handheld console.
  12. 1. Here are the online subscription prices: https://www.nintendo.com/switch/online-service/pricing/ Note that with the family plan you get subscription for 8 accounts / 8 consoles so if you have friends or family who want to sub too, you can share the cost. 2. Accessing eShop is always free. I hear many online multiplayer games (such as Fortnite) don't require Nintendo Switch Online subscription either. I'm not very familiar with the features as I haven't found any need to subscribe after the online service stopped being free. 3. Switch has 32 GB of internal memory. Regular microSDHC and microSDXC memory cards are compatible. Good guy Nintendo offers bonuses for any Switch owner. Having a My Nintendo account will earn you points for any eShop purchase, points can be used as a discount for any later eShop purchases. You can also register your physical games to get points. Also if you have a 3DS or Wii U and have My Nintendo points from eShop purchases, you can use them as discounts in Switch eShop. My Nintendo account is free and doesn't require any subscription.
  13. Kirby Star Allies was a fun game with cool surprises. Did you finish The Ultimate Choice too? There's a secret extra boss.
  14. Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational (aka Everybody's Golf in Europe). Fun and challenging gameplay. A relaxing feel-good game with a sprinkle of humor.
  15. Planning to finally start playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild this summer (got it at launch and watched husbando play it). Ordered a Link amiibo from eBay in preparation for that because I really want Epona. Will take a while before it gets here so I'm hoping to finish some games in the meanwhile.