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  1. The fastest achievers list is quite useful for weeding out cheaters who get 22 second plats in games that take 20+ hours to complete.
  2. Finished Wandersong (side note: didn't care for the game much, glad I got it for free on Xbox Game Pass) on PC last night so I treated myself to Cadence of Hyrule. Played it for a few hours and loving it so far - even though I die a lot. The music is fantastic and if you're not good at rhythm games, there's an option to turn off the moving to the beat aspect of the game.
  3. Did anyone get Cadence of Hyrule yet? How is it? I've seen people praise it on Metacritic and I'm close to hitting that purchase button.
  4. Looks like investors weren't happy either... http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/06/nintendos_market_value_drops_by_usd1_billion_after_animal_crossing_switch_delay (Not sure where they got the idea of Animal Crossing delay being the main cause as they didn't quote anything from the source article which is for subscribers only.)
  5. Animal Crossing: New Horizons looked great! I'm actually happy they are delaying it to next year, even though I would have liked to get an Animal Crossing limited edition console this year. Other interesting titles shown too. Astral Chain looked cool, Link's Awakening remake was cute, Pokémon and Fire Emblem are must buys and Cadence of Hyrule is coming out in two days!
  6. I'd guess it's possible to use mods. You actually download and install the games normally and they can be played offline (with exception of online multiplayer games). Apparently there's a check every 30 days that you still have rights to the game you've installed. You can install the Xbox Beta app and easily access all the Game Pass games via that or apparently you can get them from Microsoft Store (but they aren't quite as easy to browse that way). We installed the Xbox app and a couple of games so far. Played Wandersong last night with a PS4 controller. Had the game crash and loop at first when plugging in the controller and had to reinstall the game (thanks to autosave) but after that it worked without a hitch. Windows natively detected PS4 controller as an audio output device too, so needed to disable sounds from the controller to have normal audio output from speakers.
  7. Overcooked is the best local co-op game I've played in years. Available on multiple platforms too.
  8. Now this is what I call value. Microsoft offers Xbox Game Pass for PC for just 1 € / month for the first month and 3.99 € for the following months. You have unlimited access to a growing library of games. Maybe that will help you get into PC gaming more. https://www.pcgamer.com/xbox-game-pass-on-pc-will-cost-dollar5pound4-a-month/
  9. Minit (PS4) LEGEND UNLOCK ALL OTHER TROPHIES Minit throws you into a strange adventure where you have 60 seconds to explore before you die and are reborn in your home. In this time you need to carry out tasks such as find an item that will help you advance in the game. An NPC tells you to hurry and go to the factory, but what is this factory and where is it? You need to find out how to get there and how to get rid of your 60 second curse. The gameplay was solid and fun even though I was worried about groundhog day type repetition. The game advances fast because the tasks are very quick to achieve so you never have to repeat long sessions of gameplay. There are fun discoveries to be made and the game rewards you with different ending screens for each game mode. The visual style is quite charming with minimalistic black and white pixel graphics and I liked the retroish music too. Minit is a very short game but it felt complete. My first playthrough without a guide took only 130 minutes. The "Second Run" game mode challenges you by reducing your available time to 40 seconds per run. The collectibles you need for platinum are easy to find with the great trophy guide here on PSNProfiles and completing the game in under 25 runs was easily achieved using "Mary's Mode" which removes the time limits completely. Minit was a very pleasant experience and I got my money's worth regardless the game's short length.
  10. DLC trophies are separated from base game trophies on the site already so it shouldn't be an issue to calculate rarity of base game trophy completion.
  11. But isn't getting 100% of trophies in a game without platinum the same thing as getting a platinum trophy (which is awarded for getting all the other trophies for the game)? 100% completion rarity in a game without a plat can be directly compared to platinum rarity and it shouldn't break the system in any way. DLC can become an issue though, so 100% completion rarity should probably be counted for base game only. I'm all for making games without a platinum equal to games that have a platinum if a ribbon system gets implemented. A game without a platinum doesn't mean it's necessarily easier or requiring less time or effort than one with a platinum.
  12. What about 100% completions of games without a platinum? It would be nice to have those included into the ribbon system somehow as well.
  13. Completed Overcooked with my husband, both logged into our PSN accounts on PS4. Turned out only player 1 (whose account was used to start the game) was awarded the final two trophies "Hero of Thyme" and "All the Trimmings". All other trophies were awarded to both of us correctly. Found discussion about this issue, but it was already too late. Any idea if there's a way to get those trophies to the other account too without having to play through all the levels a second time? We'd rather spend the time playing the DLC levels than repeating the same levels again even though it's a hilariously fun game.
  14. Pokémon Sword & Shield looked good in today's Pokémon Direct! Looked like we might be getting roaming wild Pokémon too instead of random encounters which is super nice and one of my most wanted features.
  15. Level 15 Grand Kingdom Stylish Equip glasses on one of your units. Not gonna lie, I made this one my level up trophy on purpose. 👗
  16. Don't forget all those ridiculous online trophies that require PS Plus subscription in single player games. Gotta love how Sony locks platinums behind a paywall.
  17. Everybody's Golf (PS Vita) All our thanks to Everybody's Golfers! Didn't think I could ever get this platinum as the game was so hard at some point. Seeing the plat rarity somewhere around 1.30% didn't surprise me. There was a sudden difficulty spike in the silver rank tournaments. I kept driving the ball into ravines, water hazards and bunkers and from bunkers the ball rolled into ravines, water hazards or into other bunkers. The greens destroyed my game when I reached them. Sometimes when I was playing well it took just one minor error to drop from the first place to the last in the tournament. But that didn't discourage me. I kept trying and learning to play better and eventually I managed to win the tournaments and all the special challenges. I managed to get the albatross too which was the last trophy required for platinum. I enjoyed the game immensely and it felt great to finally overcome all the challenges after several months of practicing. Because of the effort it took and seeing how I had improved, I think this is easily the platinum I'm most proud of.
  18. I can recommend Baba Is You. Though completing a level can take a while at times. The good thing about Switch is you can just pause and put the console in sleep mode and continue later. Puyo Puyo Tetris and Moonlighter could work too as they don't seem very processor intensive games.
  19. Gormott (daytime) from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is my recent favorite.
  20. I'm excited to maybe finally see something about the upcoming Animal Crossing game for Switch. Played Animal Crossing: New Leaf 1100+ hours on 3DS and I'm really hoping Nintendo can deliver an even better game. Fire Emblem: Three Houses is another game I'm looking forward to seeing more before its release even though it's on my purchase list anyway.
  21. Everybody's Tennis My latest 100% is Everybody's Tennis (aka Hot Shots Tennis). Fun game, easy to learn but difficult to master. Controls felt accurate and there was a good amount of challenge. The visuals look surprisingly good even today considering it's an old PS2 game with improved textures applied for PS4. Music was catchy and everything about the game emitted a cheery feeling so it was fun to play even when I lost some matches. The most difficult trophy for me was "Straight A Student" (Earn an "A" grade in every training drill) but it wasn't nearly as hard as I had feared based on what people have commented about it. Didn't take too many tries to earn. This trophy went to the 5th spot on my rarest trophies list. If you like arcade style sports games with no customization fluff, Everybody's Tennis might be a good choice. Not quite up to par with Everybody's Golf's level of enjoyment but I liked this game quite a bit.
  22. I checked the trophy guide for Everybody's Golf and it mentions online is required for the fishing related trophy. Why exactly is online required for fishing? Is fishing possible only while in online mode or only some certain fishes need to be caught online? I can't seem to find anything about this anywhere. I've also found contradicting info about online requiring a PS Plus subscription. Someone claimed it doesn't require a subscription and the game info in PS Store says it does. Is PS Plus required for platinum?
  23. What would make me stop trophy hunting completely? Probably coming to my senses.
  24. Doraemon Story of Seasons coming west Autumn 2019.
  25. Try not to rely too much on visuals as in trying to watch when exactly the notes hit the "markers". Instead listen to the music and press the buttons based on the rhythm. I personally often mess up when I'm trying to pay too much attention to the notes. Having "good ratings don't break combos", fever time and hype gauge increase related support modifiers on should be helpful too.