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  1. I can’t connect to the servers. I’m actually going to be a bit upset if this keeps me from the plat.
  2. Holy crap that worked. I just re collected all of them and it triggered everything normally. Weird!
  3. Ugh, I tried going back. It doesn’t necessarily reset the quest ,but it does make the 5th ID you find in the warehouse basement room show up on the floor again. I guess I’ll restart later today.
  4. Yeah, I had picked up two and then talked to her. She gave me the key and I picked the rest up. When I picked up the fifth one the objective went blank. Now nothing related to this is giving a button prompt. The PS4 version never gave me this issue. Very confusing.
  5. I can’t even start the terminal puzzle after collecting all of the id’s. The terminals can’t be interacted with in the warehouse. Not really sure what else to do other than start the dlc over.
  6. Diablo 3....roomate got me killed twice in act 3 and then 4. Gave up after that.😒
  7. Persona god that is a grindy plat.
  8. So far I’ve only been to one afterlife. But, yes I’ve solved the one in Aaru. Just follow the shadow from the fast travel viewpoint. Not sure if it has to be during the eclipse or not but theres a cobra there.