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  1. I am having a huge problem with trophies unlocking, I am 100% sure I have done everything I need to do to unlock them but they won't, the trophies are. Base Game: 1) Back in the Slammer - Takedown each Prisoner camp ( I have restarted and completed each camp twice but still won't unlock) 2) Spy Hunter - Get Spectacular or better in a Task Master Drone Challenge (once again I have completed each of the activities more than once to try and make it unlock) 3)Be Greater aka the Platinum so because of the above 2 this won't unlock obviously. CTNS: The Heist 1) Screwy - Get Spectacular in all Screwball Challenges (once again redone each activity more than once) CTNS: Turf Wars 1) The Gang War - Complete all crimes in a district (now this is a strange one when I finished the first one of these at the start of the DLC it unlocked the equivalent trophy for The Heist) CTNS: Silver Lining 1) The Wages of War - Complete the Aiding a Human" mission (which I have completed) So with each of these, every menu in the game says I have done what needs to be done to unlock them but they just don't want to and I really don't wanna replay the game at the moment.