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  1. As sad as the title appears, I've always been a solo gamer but wouldn't mind having people to party up with. My PSN is kevomode and I'm a pretty decent player so feel free to add me. Thanks!
  2. ...followed by another victory. Weird how that happens lol
  3. I hate the team levels
  4. I know I'm stating that grass is green and I only have around 40 platinums but holy crap, this was tedious af. I think it was the inability to skip narration parts that really got to me lol. Just had to vent this. Otherwise, it was a nice little gem of a game.
  5. I played for an hour and gave up. So frustrating.
  6. .

    Happened to me too. Lags while autosaving. Btw, have you encountered the problem where your game settings are reset every time you leave game?
  7. Yeah just realized this after posting as I was browsing through the forum and saw someone address this. Nevertheless, that's total BS and should've been patched. I experienced a lot of bugs and glitches in this collection. Most notably my settings being reset in Infinite every time I exited the game was super annoying.
  8. Started playing the bioshock games for 1st time recently via the bioshock collection I got from from ps plus. Finished Infinite, did the burial at sea DLC and then went on to Minerva's den DLC from Bioshock 2. Played about 2 hours into it and then the game crashed. Loaded the game back up and realized there's no autosave and have to start from very start again. BS! I was in the mode of thinking there's autosave after just coming off of playing Infinite where there is autosave. Why the f*ck do Bioshock 1 and 2 not have autosave yet Infinite does? A collection that came out in 2016 doesn't have autosave for 2 if the 3 games?! Nearly every game has f*cking autosave. At least make it consistent and make it so there's no autosave in any of the 3 games. That way, I wouldn't have been in that mindset from just playing Infinite. Just so frustrating.
  9. This was one of the hardest platinums I've gotten. Not that the trophies are particularly hard but because of the tedious grinding required and minefield of potential bugs that can screw you over. I thought the dreaded 190/191 thing had happened to me at one stage but I looted a non-scavenging location as part of a wasteland mission that counted towards it somehow. That itself may have been a flukey bug that counteracted the initial bug. Anyway, I was very lucky.
  10. Holy shit, I'm loving this game. How is this game not a bigger deal? It's fantastic.
  11. Noticed this game in my library along with many other PS Plus games I haven't touched...Should I download it and any tips and advice for a new player?
  12. UPDATE: I deleted my game save file and did it again and it activated this time. The Tony goat trophy didn't activate either and it worked this time too. Phew. I deleted this buggy shit the hell off my PS4. Thanks for the dodgy platinum, now good riddance.
  13. I collected the 3 blocks but the trophy didn't pop up. Wtf?..
  14. Mine is the PS4 version so luckily I didn't have to deal with that MP stuff. Making multiplayer trophies a thing is fucking retarded. Put them in a seperate category and don't make them needed for platinum ffs