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  1. Holy shit, I'm loving this game. How is this game not a bigger deal? It's fantastic.
  2. Noticed this game in my library along with many other PS Plus games I haven't touched...Should I download it and any tips and advice for a new player?
  3. UPDATE: I deleted my game save file and did it again and it activated this time. The Tony goat trophy didn't activate either and it worked this time too. Phew. I deleted this buggy shit the hell off my PS4. Thanks for the dodgy platinum, now good riddance.
  4. I collected the 3 blocks but the trophy didn't pop up. Wtf?..
  5. Mine is the PS4 version so luckily I didn't have to deal with that MP stuff. Making multiplayer trophies a thing is fucking retarded. Put them in a seperate category and don't make them needed for platinum ffs
  6. That's what I did!
  7. The very last thing I had to do was the flying machine 100% sync. This platinum was extremely painful. I cried a little actually lol
  8. I platinumed this the other day and appreciate the fact that there was no stupid multiplayer or time/score attack trophies for the main trophies. They should've been in a separate section like DLC trophies in the previous games. Pissed that I'll probably never platinum the first 2 games. Definitely not the 1st one anyway because of multiplayer - reach level 60? thanks. Might try do the rise ones at some point. On another note, overall I loved the game. My biggest annoyance was having like 50 different weapons when there's no enemy stupid! They should patch that in at some point.
  9. So none of my trophies for this game are listed in my profile nor is the game itself as if I've never played it.....Is this some sort of glitch or something?
  10. Update 1.03 is here.......Thank fuck!.....Make Jak & Daxter Great Again #MJADGA
  11. Just downloaded the game today. It's version 1.02 and I've experienced some freezes/crashes.....Anyone know what's going on? Oh ffs I randomly decided to buy the game today, the same day there was a patch update?....Yeah, it's freezing for me at certain points....I'm pissed
  12. Just downloaded and started the game and I've encountered multiple freezes. First one was during the opening cutscenes at a point where daxter has a surprised expression and is showing his teeth.....Second one is during sentinel beach when I talk to that old hag after I knock her egg down.... WTF?!
  13. Luckily, I have the remastered edition so it's not too bad.
  14. King