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  1. *Spoilers* For me, the entire story was incredible. First of all, the graphics, sound and game play is perfect. Completely faultless. Probably an unpopular opinion but I'm glad that Joel died early on and I personally loved the way you had to invest so much time into playing Abby to understand both sides of the story. This stopped the game being too predictable and prevented a sequel of an Ellie and Joel adventure again which just sounds boring and predictable to me. I feel like that is what a lot of people wanted who are not happy with the story but this type of game shouldn't be about happy endings. Despite growing such a strong connection towards Ellie and Joel in the first game, the story gradually made me feel sympathy for Abby and understand why she did the things she did despite how much everyone hates her at the beginning of the game. I actually felt a stronger connection with her over Ellie towards the end. I loved the involvement of Dina and Ellie's relationship too, it was a great involvement of an LGBT relationship on such a huge platform which is rare to see. A really good balance of combat and story, a lot of intense and heartbreaking cut scenes throughout the game too. The ending made me feel somewhat sad because of the nature of the game, but I'm glad that Ellie and Abby both survived and parted ways despite everything that happened. I didn't want either of them to die as I felt sympathy for both. They've experienced similar fatalities with their loved ones in the game just in different ways so I think the way they stop fighting at the end and both leave is well put together. I would rate the game a 9.5/10 Fully exceeded my expectations and will be playing through it again on a harder difficulty for sure!
  2. The AMG dlc race is tricky the others aren't too bad at all imo. Just takes practice.
  3. Black Ops 3 😜
  4. Beyond two souls. Great game but getting all endings was a grind. Just Sing. Singing Let it go for the 20th time probably annoyed my neighbors tbh
  5. Modern Warfare Remastered: Sky Dive to Safety on Veteran Difficulty