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  1. Top 3 games: 1. Mugen Souls - 199h (Total surprise) 2. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - 169h 3. Fairy Fencer F - 72h Days played: 100 days played / 1692 hours clocked / 15h Streak 2143 Trophies: - 48 - 270 - 632 - 1193
  2. 45 here. Didn't expect to be busy the whole afternoon, so it was pretty decent.
  3. Two more past month, finally! Little Big Planet 2: Levels are easier in the sequel, i had trouble acing only two of them. On the other hand the Community aspect takes longer and is slow to progress. 24 hours in Create Mode was certainly a unique experience, because i did it normally while watching other things. Mass Effect: Lots of patience for this one, and i knew that i had to do another run just because of Liara. The higher difficulties are not remotely scary with the gear / levels carrying over. It can be tiresome doing the same missions over and over for the affinity trophies, but if you focus early as possible for a character, by the time you complete both Noveria and Feros you should be done and may speedrun from Virmire onwards. As for the lack of updates, my system stopped reading discs mid-January, is not a cheap fix, and despite effectively trying to solve in the following months, couldn't do it, and it's not a priority anymore with other things going on in my life. So, from the challenge, i have Catherine and Batman: Arkham Asylum in digital format, and i hope to get both done until August.
  4. Platinum name perfect for replacing the Ken's Rage one in my cabinet. The art would be amazing for a profile picture
  5. Update #3 Sorry for the delay. This one was a few days faster than expected. I knew that bringing in some fresh DS skills could help me, and on the first day i was way beyond the point i stopped (from chapter 3 to 12). Armor is truly a invaluable asset on Nightmare, and the difficulty-peak that is chapter 13 is the testimony of that. Many multiple wave battles in a short period of time, a challenge for skills and mainly money management. Unlike the harsh beginnings, at this point the first hammer is already available, which changes a lot the combat aspect. On a smart move, chapter 14 have almost no battles, focusing on platforming and regaining coins. At the end of that the second hammer is received, and is pretty much home free from now on, even with the whole beach and volcano areas remaining. Once you get confortable with the hammer speed and conserve some armor points for the next battle to avoid spend much coins, things will be golden. And i actually enjoyed the bosses on this mode, because they die too fast on lower difficulties, especially with the hammer. On the Remaster matter, i enjoyed the visual aspect, and is pretty much it. Every technical problem of the original version were brought along, with new ones added. The camera sometimes gets out of control during boss battles, but that's minor compared to glitches who makes progression impossible, i knew some of them from the past and managed to avoid it. And that's it, next up i'll resume the works on Tales of Symphonia
  6. Update #2 "Bearer of the Curse I will be always at your side Until hope has fully withered" It is done. Last week things went bright when i got the gesture i missed the first time in Undead Crypt and reached Aldia's Keep to receive Lucatiel's equipment, ending this impasse that was eating me. Next in order was the covenant work. The phantom farming for the Bell Covenant was faster that i expected, which got me the final Sorcery needed. The Sun Bros Covenant was a longer labor, but i was lucky in the end, so it wasn't that stressful. Took me eight hours to get 13 Medals, and past Sunday, on a span of one hour i got the remaining 17, go figure. The final one was the Pilgrims of the Dark, and man, Darklurker was still a pain, one mistake and you get combo'ed on the mitosis stage, above 30 effigies were spent, so much that the enemies on the Dark Chasm of Old stopped respawning, a thing that i thought wouldn't be possible on that dungeon. Ended up killing him combining Pyromancies to overload the damage at the point he skipped the mitosis entirely. With this i received the two final Hexes and clearance to beat the game again. The NG+2 was pretty fun, because i ran through everything like i never did before in the series, to finally reach Drangleic Castle and buy the final Pyromacy and Miracles from Wellager, been a long time since i was that happy to see an NPC. As i write this, i saw the news of the DS Trilogy announcement. Oh man... . Now i have all three done on ps3, and it was such a unique experience. Sadly i can't jump to the newer games yet. The Challenge continues, i believe i'll be playing Legend of Kay next, it's the right moment to do so. Press on, everyone!
  7. Update #1 - Dark Souls II Well, last week i defeated Vendrick and went on NG+. One of the focus was on the Lucatiel trophy, got through Flexile Sentry and Lost Sinner without her dying, but i dunno, i might have slipped on The Rotten (i died and she was about to, but the loading screen came first, with no death auto save after). I discovered later that his bonfire was Lv.3, i don't remember why the hell i used an Ascetic in my first run, so i went for the safer approach and killed Flexile Sentry again, getting the requirement. I couldn't check immediately if things were screwed up, because i have to reach Aldia's Keep to inherit her equipment, so, fingers crossed. At the moment i'm three areas away, in Drangleic Castle. Also, with the NG+ new boss souls, i got one of each type of magic, so the remaining numbers are: Sorcery (1 left) / Miracle (3) / Pyromancy (2) / Hex (2). Trophies: 1 New Total: 30 Remaining: 8 I got some little progress on LittleBigPlanet 2 as well. I had only half a hour registered in the 24 hours creation trophy. But the final days of this year's G1 Climax helped and kept me distracted enough to be able to add 8 hours to the count without pretty much noticing. I will try to keep the updates on a weekly basis. Cheers
  8. Oh, hey. 1 year, huh? I'm in ~Enters backlog crypt~ 1. Final Fantasy XIII (8.47) Last Played: June 2014 25/36 (55%) Borrowed from a friend, who, i believe, was in a clear attempt of getting rid of it. After mastering the roles, i was tired and extremely inclined to return the game rather than anything else. It’s been ages, time to come back. 2. Dead Rising 2: Off The Record (3.12) Last Played: June 2015 18/51 (26%) Never got fully along with the gameplay, which almost gave me a heart attack back in the day, so it’s the perfect title for this event, because i wouldn’t be playing otherwise. 3. Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice (3.08) Last Played: December 2015 2/51 (2%) Big fan of the series, did everything possible in D2, and D3 was one of the titles i had in mind when i bought the console. High prices made me wait quite a deal to play, so when i got it i immediately went for it without thinking much ahead. I was super busy that time of year and eventually dropped. Anxious to return. 4. Dark Souls II (15.64) Last Played: February 2016 29/38 (71%) Doesn’t get much love, but is my final hurdle to finish the Souls business on PS3. It cost me a teeth (long story), so it can’t get more personal. If i jumped right into NG+ i believe i had the platinum soon after, but i decided to cleanup when things were easier, then Vendrick and the lack of Humanity to face Darklurker got in the way. 5. Batman: Arkham Asylum (9.71) Last Played: August 2016 35/48 (68%) Including this, so i can get back on track on the Hard run, and be fully prepared for the challenges. Enjoyed the series so much and want the platinum to at least one of them. 6. Prince of Persia: Warrior Within (12.74) Last Played: October 2016 15/20 (70%) Two years is enough to lift the veil of rage, i think. Sand Wraith glitch in my Hard run and save corruption on Easy, enough reasons to overlook this forever. But... Let’s give another go, you know. 7. Catherine (2.19) Last Played: October 2016 3/50 (4%) Same as Disgaea, didn’t had the proper time to focus. I liked what i saw. 8. Legend of Kay Anniversary (9.73) Last Played: December 2016 21/26 (75%) Played the original to exhaustion. So it puzzled the hell out of me when i was getting mauled to death repeatedly on Nightmare difficulty. Time to recover the skill of the Ps2 days and Surpass My Limits. 9. Mass Effect (6.82) Last Played: May 2017 23/47 (55%) Another good one for the event. Amazing title, but the pace and long loadings are a mood killer in the long run. Final push incoming. 10. Star Ocean: The Last Hope -International- (0.90) Last Played: March 2018 31/47 (54%) My initial plan was to play this without long breaks. Then the brutal nature of some BTs started to show. You blink, and done, five months since last trophy, it happens with the best of us. Still enjoyable, and i have no problem with grinding issues. Only a question of time. 11. Tales of Symphonia (2.65) Last Played: June 2018 27/40 (54%) One of my all time favorites. I’m currently at NG+ (still a long way to go), in a Title matter, the only difficult one standing is the infamous Gung Ho, aside from that is just affection value manipulation for everything until the very end. 12. LittleBigPlanet 2 (3.52) Last Played: July 2018 35/47 (57%) Very time consuming, but i’m pushing through because LBP3 is sitting on my backlog with no trophies earned. Just like the first, the community aspect presents a challenge quite like acing levels. It’ll be nice fitting this between the others in this list. That's pretty much it. Titles are not in play order. Dark Souls II will be my starting point.
  9. Played this version almost two years ago. I really enjoyed the Normal run, some areas have nice visuals. Combat is tough in the beginning until you learn to string some combos, especially the decapitation ones. To me, the narrow places of some fights presented more difficulty than the enemies itself, but this become less frequent during the game. My Hard run was interruped by a famous game-breaking glitch, then i decided to cleanup combat trophies on Easy and another glitch happened. Tough break. Maybe i'll be back to it soon
  10. Finally moving on to the sequel. Let me put the level right of the bat this time. LevelP4P Will play everything in the last pages
  11. What a timing, imported the ps3 version few days ago. So sad having to play twice
  12. Hearted everyone needing in the last pages. Please help back. Needing author, level hearts and some plays, if you have the time. Thanks! EDIT: Done it, thank you very much for the help, everyone
  13. Surprisingly i have some
  14. LEGO, 9 plats. Recently took the lead. Ratchet and Clank next, with 8 (Anxious to add the latest title to that)