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  1. I would recommend you find a team to boost this with. Playing this game solo for trophies is insane.
  2. Looking to buy this game but just found out about community goals being an issue. Can someone confirm that there are no community goals anymore for the ps4 version? thank you
  3. 10 days of 100,000 zeni bonuses. Good time to work on the 20 mil trophy
  4. From the biggest mistake of my life
  5. 50k login bonus between June 8 and June 15 Another 50k login bonus between june 29 and july 6
  6. the 50k bonus was for one week...I will post here when the next one is announced
  7. so is the event over? damn...
  8. What is the name of the event on your screen? The event I see does not mention low gravity nor can I choose to start game with it enabled? Do you know how far into the game you need to be to start an event? cheers
  9. How do you activate the low gravity? I don’t see this as an event this week…
  10. Interested to know the result as it glitched in me as well
  11. Yeah I don’t think there is an efficient method for it as different ones work fro diffferent people. The fact that one person was able to do it twice in short succession does not necessarily mean it wasn’t random either. thank God it’s done
  12. ok so I just randomly got it using this same method I've tried dozens of times lol thanks to all who provided advice!
  13. Yup I’m game to play echelon if the server comes back up. Definitely will be a priority
  14. Ok thanks for the info. I’ve tried that a number of times but will keep it up. Hopefully lucky just once.