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  1. Arrested for being my first notification I read today logging in to the site.
  2. Since I started playing Ranked again in overwatch I recently got into gold with some new heroes in my hero pool. One of them being Junkrat.
  3. Sonic Mania, Transistor, Persona 5 for the RPG fans, and some good ol fashioned Infamous Second Sun
  4. This is amazing LMAO
  5. Literally Spider Man Homecoming, I didn't really care about summer blockbusters after i saw the trailer for the second Kingsman movie. Extremely excited for that film to end my year. Side note: I really did enjoy Baby Driver I for one thought I would hate it but it's actually really fun
  6. Just wanted to thank Riot on how fun Rakan is and how amazing these support items are this season. Now that ap supports got nerfed I've seen more kill lane potential imo I think the best supports to carry with are BlitzCrank, Thresh, Rakan, Leona, Blitzcrank (he is really ythat good) Brand and Alistar
  7. Arrested for not enjoying the god gift of wine.
  8. Also. Sonic Maina seems loke the talk of the town as of right now. Ill give it a shot once I get back to work in September. I'm still trying to aquire the Platinum for Persona 5, not to mention I still need 80-100 hours just to beat NG+ 

  9. Arrested for continually reminding me that I used to enjoy one dimensional video games like Yu Gi Oh Forbbiden Memories God I used to have some shit taste as a kid which makes my taste now seem like European fine wine... From 2005
  10. What's the point of quitting in game during a ranked environment? You're just ruining the experience of the game for your teammates and the opposing team. Been playing Overwatch in ranked forgive me.

    1. SlimSanta94


      The Overwatch community has gotten so much worse lately... 

    2. Maximum_Ride_XII


      Compared to the first three season yes I agree becuase of the games popularity rise more people are starting to play with rarley an consequence

    3. SlimSanta94


      Agreed, that and being stuck in the same rank for 5 seasons take it's toll on you, a lot of people are starting to not care about climbing ranks now.. 

  11. Arrested for reminding me I used to listen to BFMVT as a kid with that user name
  12. My Jam
  13. Arrested for trying to arrest Rick Sanchez the smartest man in the universe
  14. So recently i've been playing a lot of Draft games when I'm not working out, at work, and I've hated every aspect of the game during season five. However seasons six and seven have been a breath of fresh air in most lanes especially in Middle, Top, ADC, and support roles. However haven't really found my main Top laning champion I'm enjoying a lot of Renekton, Galio, Cho Gath, learning some Teemo here and there, and playing the Reworked Urgot. (Almost forgot to mention some Garen I think he is really good but Darius out scales and is a way harder carry easily) I'm mostly an AP guy who likes to farm up and wait to get big until late game just wanted some suggestions on champs to play ranked with in the top lane. I don't want to play to that many champions because what is the point of playing multiple champions and the few on the list I play are just mediocre imo outside of Cho Gath Galio and Renekton when Darius is banned. ARAM in general is a good way to learn how to focus in team fights, positioning, and how to engage with said champion you get. It's also a good to see what champions do. Rift is a bit different because you need to ward, try to stay alive in lane, roaming, and staying ahead, and avoid jungler ganks. For the most part keep playing SR solo and get the feel of the rift.
  15. One of the most interesting artist to come out of the UK with a unique sound in Pop music so far. Dying for him to drop a new album since his 2015 release of No Now.