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  1. The Defending damage trophy description is misleading. What you actually need is battle damage that occurs to your opponent when they attack your monster. That’s how that was counted ever since at least World Championship 2007 on the DS. My trophy screenshot for that trophy even shows my attack position monster being attacked. That said. I suggest Cyber Dragons for that. The AI doesn’t seem to know Sieger (the Link monster) has an effect and will always attack into it. If your attack position monster they’re attacking has 2100 ATK (the requirement for Sieger’s effect), you can pump them by 2100 during the attack. It’s only a matter of time before that piles up enough to get the trophy.
  2. Having bought the game and Platinuming it yesterday (Vita version), I will say I bought it partially due to the memetic status it had and partially to sate my curiosity. And I must admit, I enjoyed the experience. Not sure I want to do it again on PS4, but maybe I’ll get the urge to revisit this game in the future. So no, I am not ashamed of this Platinum. But I don’t intend to double dip just yet.
  3. 3277. With 36.68% completion, I don’t see this getting much lower. Heck, every time I’ve posted in this thread, the number has gone up.
  4. Got redirected using Safari on mobile. One of those “You’re a Winner” things.
  5. Just got the trophy to pop for me. I reentered the level, and from the first time touching the Superflight gate until the 18th monster was beaten, I touched the ground several times, and did 5 or 6 loops, going through the gate before my timer ran out each time. It still popped.
  6. Just finished cranking out the Spyro the Dragon (1) Platinum.
  7. *First trophy is June 2015* See you in 7 years.
  8. I have always, exclusively, used PSN Cards for my purchases.
  9. This seems like the same general idea. But as I posted there, It was the trophy for getting all the DigiCards in Digimon All-Star Rumble. I had to take a few months off the game just so I would be willing to finish it. It was also that last trophy I needed in that game.
  10. The guide for this website says it unlocks after all six charcters’ stories are complete, and as a completion bonus unlocks Super Sonic’s stories. It’s a tad ambiguous, admittedly, but it seems to me it indicates you don’t need to beat Super Sonic. And it is possible to beat Sonic last of the 6, though a tad unorthodox. Someone also mentioned Amy and Gamma being unlocked close to each other. The trophies unlock when you unlock their stories, not when beating them. And Amy and Gamma should unlock at or near the same time. Edit: If you unlock them while playing as Tails. Which, judging by the Big trophy timestamp, he did.
  11. Trophy #2000: Fortune Street (Vita) - Street Winner - Win 1 game of Fortune Street - 86.75%
  12. Fortune Street (Vita) - Street Beginner - 93.95% Oddly enough, it’s trophy #1999 for me.
  13. Fortune Street (Vita) My first any currently only planned import. I don’t speak Japanese, but armed with skills from the Wii and iPhone versions and a translator app, I am enjoying this greatly.
  14. Rarest 100%: Digimon All-Star Rumble (2.67%) Rarest 100%, excluding ’s: Clicker Heroes (3.92%)
  15. Didn’t the PC release of S3&K have a different soundtrack for some levels?