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  1. In the biggest City the Load Time is 2 Minutes. With an SSD 48 Seconds. A small Room 50 Seconds with HDD, SSD 25 Seconds.
  2. I am in the Sewer right now and Alex is weak as Hell. He makes 1-3 Damage with STR at 13. Vella has STR 14 and makes 9-10. This cant be right. EDIT: Ah now i get it. You can scratch the Yellow Sections more than one time.
  3. Got the Platin. The last Dungeon was a pain in the ass.
  4. Good News. The PS4 Version is now available.
  5. Can someone please tell me how to get the True End? Have destroyed Quasy and the 5 Consoles Edit: Ok got it now.
  6. MS 6 5 Credits Run is easy with Ralf and the 4 Stage only Mode. The other Games......