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  1. Welp better for me, gonna have some extra time to save up enough cash to make a pre-order 😎 👍. Definitely a game I don't want to miss on its release.
  2. I don't think I'm gonna switch to Microsoft anytime soon, maybe Nintendo if they'll release "Pro version" of their console, but most likely I'm just gonna try to save up and get a decent PC, since it's an ultimate middle finger to censorship and SJW twats. But yeah I think the whole censorship it's the main reason why I'm not interested in Soyny's upcoming console or any that they will release in the future, because hey, fuck those hypocritical censoring cock suckers. Especially after the shit they allowed NaughtyDog with their colossal clusterfuck that they've released this year.
  3. Thanks for sharing 😄!! It's really beautiful and soothing theme, definitely gonna stick with it for a while 😉.
  4. Yup, this one. I did everything they asked for and still nothing. Unless they'll be giving those gems after 23rd?
  5. Does anyone knows when they'll be giving away those games for participating in this whole highlight thing on Twitter?
  6. Looking for someone to help me out with Numero Uno, Midnight Club, Backseat Driver and maybe Enjoy Your Stay. PSN ID same as here. Timezone: CET Edit: Just need help with Backseat Driver.
  7. And that's why I gave up on trying to get this platinum, not worth it. And hell I have a better things to do with my time than running around like a fucking Muppet after an animal that might not even spawn.
  8. I think it was mostly because I thought that since most of their games are released for PC then there's a strong chance that Demon Souls might be released for it as well. But you're right, because I also forgot that originally the first game was Sony's exclusive and when I was thought about it again it makes sense why they would keep it an exclusive for their upcoming console.
  9. Butt hurt much by my reply? Welp I suggest getting some cream for that. But that aside it's only a shame because I'm not planning on buying PS5 and not because it's going to be released for this console in particular. Thought that it might be also in plans for PC release as well to be honest.
  10. Man it's a shame that it's releasing only for PS5, welp guess gonna have to skip it.
  11. So basically the game's in development hell, welp won't lie I thought they cancelled that thing.
  12. Most likely fake but welp, guess it would be nice to revisit Dark Souls 🤔.
  13. What?!? Almost 2k for this 😧?! I mean it looks pretty neat and all, perfect for cosplay but damn for sure it's not for your average bread eater 😥.
  14. After watching few reviews last night I was leaning towards AI: The Somnium Files and I kind of had my eyes set on it, but after checking out the page you shared, I think I might actually wait an extra week and order Granblue Fantasy Versus from this page 😉. This have to be the best price I found so far for this game, so hey big, big thanks for sharing it 😎👍!!