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  1. Sweet! Thanks for sharing the info 😁! Definitely gonna pick it up!
  2. I might pick up Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise and The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince 😎, plus maybe later on Wolfenstein: The New Order & The Old Blood.
  3. Well I hope that if there will be such an option for a PS5 then PS4 will also get it, there's no way in hell I'll be getting a new console to get rid off few trophy lists and maybe for a game or two πŸ’©.
  4. Sweeet 😁!! Can't wait for it!!!
  5. That have to be one of the most boring gameplays I've ever seen.
  6. Skip the version for CensorStation 4 my man, don't even bother, hell I don't even know why the publisher did, bet they knew what a septic tank they were throwing their game into.
  7. I thought I would never say it again but man I'm really hyped for this game, it's definitely a day one purchase for me and hell I might even get a collectors edition this time.
  8. Not a huge fan of Sonic but man I'm sure happy to see Borderlands ☺️.
  9. Super happy to finally hear news about it πŸ˜ƒ!! Man I hope we're gonna get to play the full thing this fall, been looking forward this game ever since they've announced it 😎.
  10. I mean shouldn't be that obvious? Just because a reviewer doesn't like something in particular that doesn't mean you won't like it either, despite that we all agree on some things and like similar things we're all different and our tastes are different. What's most important it's okay to have your own opinion. I personally watch a bunch of reviews before buying anything, but it's not something that I use to decide either or not I'll get a game, but just to find out more about it, learn about the game mechanics, a little bit about setting along with story and characters and of course to see some gameplay. Then based on my prior experience with the games from this studio and knowledge about its publisher (mostly the tendencies of inserting microtransactions or not, releasing additional DLC along with special editions of the game down the line) I make the final decision if I'll get it on its release, wait and get a used copy or just don't bother with it at all.
  11. When you look at it this way, it's no surprise it's such a no brainer for them to just discard a small group of players that are interested in this kind of niche games that doesn't even sale well for the sake of mainstream audience that eats and shits their generic titles on a daily basis, I perfectly understand it, it makes sense but that probably won't change how I feel about it or people that share my feelings on the matter, but then again going by the numbers they don't have to care about that. For me personally it means that I most likely will switch to PC/Nintendo Switch and with how things look like I have no interest in their upcoming console.
  12. Definitely the games from Yakuza series, because as much as I love them, it's always difficult for me to sit to them knowing that the ride is gonna be hella long and that probably I won't touch anything else just to be sure I won't lose focus πŸ˜†.
  13. And fuck you too dumb twat πŸ’©. But hey in all seriousness no one taught you to keep your whore mouth shut when adults talk πŸ˜‰?? Yeah I was thinking about it later after I made that post, but I was too lazy to edit it, thanks for making a point though ☺️! Well I don't know what they win with that but hey if you say so, I would think that with more variety of different genres that aims at wider age group would mean more interest of potential buyers and with that a profit, but what do I know, I'm just some noob πŸ˜†!
  14. Yup I feel exactly the same, I'm hardly "hyped" for any of the games that are about to come out for their CensorStation and the more I think about their horseshit with censoring Japanese games the more I think about moving to the Nintendo Switch. I really miss the times when getting a new game was exciting and I knew what I'm paying for is a full experience.
  15. And I'm happy they did, because fuck $ony and their fascist censorship. Finally a developer that's said no to their retarded SJW/PC politics, I hope the rest of Japanese developers gonna do the same and move as far as they can from $ony and Censor$tation.