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  1. So basically the game's in development hell, welp won't lie I thought they cancelled that thing.
  2. Most likely fake but welp, guess it would be nice to revisit Dark Souls 🤔.
  3. What?!? Almost 2k for this 😧?! I mean it looks pretty neat and all, perfect for cosplay but damn for sure it's not for your average bread eater 😥.
  4. After watching few reviews last night I was leaning towards AI: The Somnium Files and I kind of had my eyes set on it, but after checking out the page you shared, I think I might actually wait an extra week and order Granblue Fantasy Versus from this page 😉. This have to be the best price I found so far for this game, so hey big, big thanks for sharing it 😎👍!!
  5. Can't really decide between AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES and Conception PLUS: Maidens of the Twelve Stars 🤔. Been looking for both already for some time and their prices for psychical releases are still ridiculously overpriced. Guess I'm gonna have to still check out few reviews before I make the final decision 😅.
  6. Sweet! Been looking forward to this sale 😎!! Might pick up finally AI: The Somnium Files or the Conception Plus: Maidens of the Twelve Stars. Plus I gotta say I'm kind of surprised seeing Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time on the list, I've heard that the game have been taken down from the PSS some time ago, I guess they bring it back 🤔?
  7. Lol so that's the best they can do, huh? Wow, noice Soyny, you're so generous 👌. Why not throwing in like RPG, I dunno, like Witcher, maybe? Or any for that matter. Now that would keep people busy for a long time.
  8. Wow I see that this whole virus that's all rage now not only bring mass hysteria but also a wave of hot rumours, welp guess everyone have their own ways of fighting with boredom when they have too much time on their hands 😂👌.
  9. As much as I want to believe it, it sounds way too good to be truth 🤔. But I guess we just have to wait and see, because if it is truth then those are some good news and really good news 👍.
  10. Man those are some good and bad news for me, because as happy as I am to know that those games will make a come back, and on next gen no less, I kinda don't care about buying next console from Soyny so I guess it's a pass for me.
  11. Welp I guess it's finally time to return to good old Shadow of the Colossus 😎.
  12. I wonder if those censoring assholes gonna find something "innappriopiate" or "suggestive" in upcoming Sakura Wars. Plus I think we can add to the list Granblue Fantasy Versus as well since they had to alter costumes for two characters because they were "too revealing".