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  1. Thank you If it’s a visual novel, i won’t buy it ahah
  2. Hi! i just have done two times the conditions to get the trophy fully charged, but it didn’t pop. Any idea please? MY BAD: i forgot the one in armor town..
  3. Hi! I can’t find the upgrade for shantae and the pirate curse, France or US, i can’t find it. i just can get the ps4 version.. Who knows how i can get it please?
  4. Is there a way to play MK vs DCU online please?
  5. Is this game on the jap store? I can’t find it. is this game still a fighting or something else?
  6. Thanks a lot! 😻
  7. Is the VR necessary to play this game please?
  8. Oh great, this can be very helpfull. Thank you!
  9. Find all cadeaux.. damn i hate this trophy 😆
  10. Okay i will try to do it thank you
  11. Beat arcade with all character on max difficulty is driving me crazy.. any tips please? seth is freaky hard. blocking hits doesn’t always work, he instant recovery and grab me even when i’m doing a shoryuken (akuma) and when i try to grab him after his teleportation, i often fails
  12. Is there a specific difficulty to set when i want to beat all arcade to get this trophy? EDIT : can be done on easy
  13. With this method i didn’t get the challenge trophy and real platinum god 🤔 EDIT : my bad, it wasn’t the last updated save.
  14. Okay thank you