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  1. Hi! Has someone any tips for this trophy, i have tried a couple of time but i can’t get it?
  2. I can’t get « good neighbor » i’ve done the requirement, but nothing
  3. Okay, thank you
  4. I don’t know if i do it wrong or if some trophies are glitched on the ps4 version. With 2 controllers i’ve done the requirements for : freezing reign original flavor air apparent no trophy poped.
  5. Hi, is there a way to maximize chance to loot items in mom mode? I have just beaten the same guy for the (L) potion 48 times, i still don’t get this item
  6. Got my answer. Yes, by buying « score » items that will make your character lvl up, and recover health
  7. Hi! Actually playing Rev2. is there a way to get health back? because i get automatically one shot
  8. I can’t see the vid :/
  9. I can’t play version 1.00, i’ve bought the game on the store ^^’
  10. Thanks
  11. I have beaten the 10 normal susanoo’s The other challenges seem to be pretty hard ahah
  12. Okay, thank you
  13. Are all 30 challenges needed to get the trophy, or we get it by only doing 1-10 normal?
  14. Thank you MidnightDragon, i’m gon’a do this