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  1. Hi! i have 300/300 photo in the statistics, but the trophy doesn’t pop. I have restarted the game a few times and still no trophy. Any tips?
  2. Nice, thank you
  3. I have a digital copy, because physical copies are ~90€
  4. I just found the solution!! Just set language of your ps4 on jap, and it will work 😊
  5. Hello, i can’t join people online. the fight doesn’t start, i have a black screen instead of. (Ranked and player match). i’ve asked some guys that i’ve met in lobbies, they don’t have this problem and don’t know why it doesn’t work. i have the digital version, last update of course. And no answer on google any idea please?
  6. Yep really. I had to buy it. So, we have to pay and clear more combo trials 😅
  7. By the way, for the trophies : finish the arcade with all characters, taunt with all characters, clear all combo trials with all characters, you will have to buy the new dlc character (5€)
  8. Because of the new update, my save doesn’t work with the « new version » of the game. so i’ve lost my trials progression.. 😠 does anybody knows why my save doesn’t work?
  9. Yep i save every 20-30 mins
  10. Am i the only one who lost the progression after exiting the game?🤔
  11. I agree with you thanks
  12. Hi! I’m struggling with the collectibles, i can’t find any place on the map named «Shadow hills » or « calamity town » i missing something i guess
  13. Wich rating /10 would you give to that platinum? compared to other beat’em all?(SoR4)
  14. Okay thank you!
  15. Thank you for the vid do we have to play the entire level or can we quit after getting the collectibles?