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  1. Yep i save every 20-30 mins
  2. Am i the only one who lost the progression after exiting the game?🤔
  3. I agree with you thanks
  4. Hi! I’m struggling with the collectibles, i can’t find any place on the map named «Shadow hills » or « calamity town » i missing something i guess
  5. Wich rating /10 would you give to that platinum? compared to other beat’em all?(SoR4)
  6. Okay thank you!
  7. Thank you for the vid do we have to play the entire level or can we quit after getting the collectibles?
  8. Thanks for your answer, and sorry to ear that
  9. Hi! Is it possible to find a glowing rod, but not the 3 doors that you you can open with it?
  10. Are you sure that we will have dlc’s?
  11. Just got that trophy. well.. School 2 has been the worst for me. 2 days to do it. now, let’s get bored about xp 😵
  12. Thank you mate 🍻
  13. Any tips for school 2?
  14. About roswell, boneless and revert doesn’t work for me. the revert breaks my combo.. good job for the school 2, i’ve tried during 1 hour, but balancing is really hard when you’re near the end
  15. When i go to the other side, i can’t continue my combo