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  1. Finally got it. I had to kill (again) with the tazer. Only the one in the chapter 4 seems to count for the trophy. thank you dr_shtopor ^^
  2. Everything is in the title. I have killed enemies with each weapon 5 times and no trophy. I have seen that i have to : backup save, delete the save on the ps4, disconnect internet ps4 , select ng and kill with every weapon..again. can someone confirm ?
  3. Can someone help with that trophy please? how many succubus in each zone for example? ^^ thanks
  4. Okay, thank you
  5. Hi! Is it a platinum like ratalaika game? If it is, won’t buy it
  6. Ok thank you guys
  7. Does anyone know how to go to mount steep?
  8. Okay thank you. Nice video, i’ll try that !
  9. Has anyone the same problem? My game crashed 4 times at the same point of the level 29 on nightmare 😡 My last level before the plat’. It crashes only on that level. And when i select « load game » when i play solo
  10. Are bonus levels needed for the nightmare trophy?
  11. If you die, quit the game. You won’t lose any character
  12. You gotta get all of them in one run
  13. I have collected 2 times all the bacon cans today, and no trophy. I have not quit the game. and the second time i’ve tried, game has frozen, and when i have returned to the main menu, i have lost my save file
  14. Some of crops (durum wheat, romanesco and others) do not turn to great quality. I choose the good season, the good field, and use fertilizer. But i don’t get the great quality. Any ideas please?