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  1. Thank you i will try that
  2. Hello, can someone tell me why some trophies do not pop? (I play that game solo only) I have finished act1 on nightmare, but no trophy. I have beaten again 3 missions of this act, no trophy. The same thing for act2 on « medium » difficulty. I don’t know why. anyone please?
  3. Nvmd, i’ve found how to do it Hello, about pom master 1, i always fail at the part « reset » what does it mean? What do i have to do to please?
  4. What’s wrong with Spud? stuck at 31 visits, ans he doesn’t come anymore. (cat condo complex+cardboard house+ sashimi) 3 full days i’m waiting for him, but he doesn’t come. Any infos please? EDIT : he comes with ritzy bitz
  5. Thank you If it’s a visual novel, i won’t buy it ahah
  6. Hi! i just have done two times the conditions to get the trophy fully charged, but it didn’t pop. Any idea please? MY BAD: i forgot the one in armor town..
  7. Hi! I can’t find the upgrade for shantae and the pirate curse, France or US, i can’t find it. i just can get the ps4 version.. Who knows how i can get it please?
  8. Is there a way to play MK vs DCU online please?
  9. Is this game on the jap store? I can’t find it. is this game still a fighting or something else?
  10. Thanks a lot! 😻
  11. Is the VR necessary to play this game please?
  12. Oh great, this can be very helpfull. Thank you!
  13. Find all cadeaux.. damn i hate this trophy 😆
  14. Okay i will try to do it thank you