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  1. Can you remember how much money it toke to upgrade all cars? I don't have a turbo controller but I can do remote play on my phone. I'm just wondering how much over the million trophy you have to go
  2. What I did was upgrade everything except durability on the mini type car in class C (think it's called mouse) Enter a race (ideally a track with a tight section to hit cars) and go backwards, make some boosts drifting then boost into walls/hit other cars. with the other stats upgraded you should blow up in 2-3 hits. I was able to get 4-5 per race
  3. I would use it on a 3 games. FIFA 2010 world cup & 007 quantum of solace both I have 1 trophy and are unobtainable. GTA 5 (ps4) 10 or so trophies (played when I gave up trophies), I have the PS3 version platinum I don't do doubles and have no desire to play it again. Harder games I can't platinum or 100% I'm fine with keeping, at least I tried
  4. 1 second level. I will check a few pages up and list anyone under plays to play later
  5. Rayman legends because of the grind of the events
  6. you have probably found your answer by now but in case you haven't and anyone else wanting to know you MUST have the dlc to get the glitch to work, you also have to remove the patches/ updates. just beware if you have already got the expert time on sunshine tour mirror you will have to start again.
  7. Ok thanks for the quick reply I will give it ago I can't see how it wouldn't if the updates are gone and if not I have to do it the hard way. I had done most of the expert times on the Wii u version a couple years ago, the last corner on the snow track was the killer though I have to get gud there I guess lol
  8. @madbuk wouldn't that be physical instead of the downloaded version?. If I 1. buy the disc, buy dlc and Boost the online. 2. Delete all files for this game on my console except dlc. 3. Play with no internet Then surely this should work right? Or is the patch in the dlc?