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  1. PS4, Xbox, Switch and Steam, All systems lol
  2. Well, you can do the first playthrough on a lower difficulty and see if is possible to earn the trophy changing the difficulty just before face him/her. If not, you do a full hard playthrough in second or third run lol.
  3. Need to confirm if character trophies pop for all 3 or not, but 3 playthrouhs is mandatory because 3 different final bosses for each players pair ( Duran/Angela, Charlote/Kevin and Hawkeye/Riesz). 1 Hard playthrough plus 2 or 5 in Begginer difficulty. EDIT: A player in leaderbord have the platinum and characters story trophies pop for all 3. Then 3 playthroughs for platinum.
  4. Second playthrough will be faster because you know what to do.
  6. Look again later after ps store update.
  7. I´m seeing that will be at least 8 playthroughs for platinum (one for each ending if not possible to see more than one in same playthrough). Anyone that played it in the past can confirm this.
  8. Só 10 kkkk
  9. Estou só zoando mesmo. O jogo é legal, mas como tenho um switch desbloqueado esses jogos que saem para os 2 sistemas eu estou jogando free kkk. Se mais pra frente tiver uma boa promoção eu jogo novamente no ps4 pelos troféus.
  10. Vai jogar jogo de homem Nyky kkkkkk. Brincadeira pq estou jogando ele no meu Nintendo Switch desbloqueado kkkk
  11. I have 4 scrolls and already finished the game but not found the last one (if 5 scrolls only). Any tips?
  12. thx
  13. For people that got it, is 5 the weapons max level?
  14. No. I can say after a few hours you'll learn game mechanics and it will become less difficulty. You can always farm enemies for healing items and xp for level up.