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  1. I bought when they were giving free shipping in July and no import fees in my country because they don't charge below US$ 50.
  2. Plenty of time for the two online trophies. It have 2 online trophies
  3. US version have free upgrade to PS5.
  4. Physical copy only is Asia with english subtitles.
  5. This is strange because i haven't seen star wars squadrons PS5 version announcement.
  6. One person already have the platinum then trophies are okay apparently.
  7. Great idea lol. These games not came to west too.
  8. We need to buy 2 cards of 1000 yenes because it costs 1155 yenes. At the end we pay almost the full game price.
  9. One question: for no death runs trophy you need to do all levels in one sitting like first game or you can do level by level?
  10. Even doing something relevant and not only seeking trophies, 8000 gathering collectibles is so high. I´m doing this since heavensward to lv up gathering classes and getting collectibles to other things, but i had less than 4000 before this new trophy list. Now i'm getting collectibles for white scrips and trading for materia VIII to sell. At least having some return in this time investiment.
  11. When we did upgrade from PS3 to PS4 we lost access on PS3, but i dont know if they'll do the same thing now.
  12. My blue mage is only lv 8 lol. I think i´ll do some fates with him to lv up and grinding in meantime. Which spells have death effect?
  13. Normal raids are very easy. Savages ones that need effort (only Shadowbringer ones actually). Go to duty finder and gg. I think they added expansions trophies in base list because the content is old already (even shadowbringers have 2 years). But i undestand you based on the other games trophy lists.
  14. I think they did the right thing. A gift for regular players. And these trophies of expansions, in platinum list, are very easy nowadays.
  15. The worst trophies in this list are the collectibles ones (gathering ones even more).