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  1. seems like it should be called Mangoo-ned since it appears you made the game
  2. Here's the thing with Bryant imo and i state it everyday at work. If he would get it out of his head that he's still a quote on quote #1 receiver, then he would be excellent #2 or #3 wide receiver. I'd also say lose the ego a bit, nobody wants another T.O. The other thing that needs to stop and everyone knows and hears a lot about is that he's a cancer in the locker room. If he wasn't that then i'd take him on the Eagles, but as of right now i'm content with Wallace, Agholor and Jeffery. I also see him fitting in with the 49ers or Seahawks
  3. Why do I feel like you're the one who made the typo...considering your forum and psn name
  4. Also Norwell to the Jags Allen Robinson to the Bears and Sammy Watkins to the Chiefs
  5. I couldn't agree more tbh. Stephen A Smith was also saying Bennett would fit in here not just because of the defensive system, but also because of his social activism, which makes sense because we already have three other players who are geared towards that in Malcolm Jenkins, Chris Long and Torrey Smith (who will most likely be a cap casualty). Also: http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/22700245/seattle-seahawks-likely-release-cornerback-richard-sherman-friday
  6. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/22679441/seattle-seahawks-trading-michael-bennett-philadelphia-eagles Whelp our defense just got better
  7. so i'm watching small clips from the super bowl on facebook and come to one of the most hilarious things ever. One of ours players legitimately highfives one of our other players during the process of running his route, in which he catches the ball afterwards. (Agholor high fives Ertz) xD 

  8. I thought you only played shit games? my life must have been a lie all this time
  9. I will definitely be getting the season pass now. Not only do the expansions sound great, the addition of being able to play Far Cry 3 on PS4 early is a huge plus for me as Far Cry 3 was one of my favorite ps3 games.
  10. bd64de7c86.png


    Quit lying to yourself and the general public you loveeeeeeeee blenders ;)

    1. BlindMango


      :ninja: I don't know where you've acquired this inaccurate information

  11. So um.. How about them Chloe and Amber scenes 😎

  12. I've got a lot, so i'm just gonna name ten of them 1. Spiderman PS4 2. Days Gone 3. God of War 4. Detroit 5. Dreams 6. Metro Exodus 7. RDR 2 8. We Happy Few PS4 9. System Shock Remake 10. TWAU Season 2
  13. Chronic Diarrhea is a psn friend of mine. The only two other teams i needed to know who they were are Killer Space Monkeys and West Canaan Coyotes
  14. Played this on PS3 back in the day and i'm eager to play it again on PS4
  15. Even after seeing Imagine Dragons and Grouplove live on Thursday (11/2) I still have an adrenaline rush from it. Definitely my all time favorite concert!

    1. Crazy


      Man that sounds wild. I'm very jealous :P