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  1. Into the Code of Game, hacker see that will come 7 (!) DLC, and all texts was translated in all Languages. But ... when will DLC come?
  2. Whats with time when I use Speed Gear with "Normal Speed-Pack"? Is Time then like in Game? When yes, this would MUCH help!
  3. I see, that X on "Easy" (Game Options) habe one Laser LESSER as Zero ... this make it a Little bit easier
  4. High Max is easy, WHEN you know how, but Gate ... argh! And Story in MMX7 ... is good too, but Gameplay ... VERY Awful!!! X8 have good Story and good Gameplay, but too many open things in Story ...
  5. X6 have a good Story, but unfair Levels and Gate is maybe the unfairest Boss in all MM-Games! But MMX7 is more awful into Design and have much unfair bosses (the One of big Robo and Red!!)
  6. Hm, revist i get only 2 Parts, 2 are missing
  7. Ah! Also I choose Part after "Boss 1", but first i get after "Boss 2"? And Part 8 after first Boss in Zero/Sigma Stage? (When I start with 11 hours)
  8. UA kill Laser too?! I try and ... no, kill not ...
  9. AND ist easier as X5 "You're Quick, Man" - much much easier.
  10. How can i make it easier to get this extremly unfaur Trophy? I think, never can get this without cheat!
  11. Its not only here with Thopfy-Problem - on PS4 too. There i can not update my new T's online ...
  12. How Long will Need maintenance in PSN? "Error Updating is disabled due to maintenance"