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  1. On my ps3 low chaos playthrough I didn't have this problem. Can someone confirm whether or not this will still get me the trophy at the end if both boxes are checked but an alarm was rung. I was careful and patient this level and I know I didn't have an alarm go off before or after I branded the overseer. I even knocked out the patrolling sentry that goes in the torture room. I got both of these trophies on the same level and playthrough.
  2. I was playing one game for a few hours yesterday and it synced no problem. Then about an hour after finishing it I start up another then all of a sudden no trophies up here. It's this site so don't say my settings aren't set to anyone. The trophies show on exophase and truetrophies.
  3. Yes, why do you think I made a post about it
  4. I know confidant levels don't carry over but I messed up while using the guide and didn't have a fortune mask before I got that confidant. My question is do I have to have the mask of the corresponding confidant to max out the character or does that not play into it as much as social stats?
  5. Does it matter that I'm playing the vanilla version and not Royal
  6. They put the infinite weapons on the store a few months after initial release.
  7. I'm having the same problem. What exactly did you do to get eating the apple moment
  8. 20x of doing everything and this shit will not pop. Like it isn't bad enough the platinum might not be obtainable
  9. I'm friends with the guy on FB. He says it is an easy and quick platinum
  10. I've been racing people to a certain level or total platinums for 3 years now and I'm looking to do it with more than one person this time around. It adds a little more incentive to knock out the cheap games between the bigger games.
  11. When I just want to keep my trophy streak going I'll buy so shovelware or when I'm near the end of whatever race I'm on.
  12. Looking to join and also looking to race someone
  13. Final Fantasy VII
  14. This being an RPG the primary objective is to tell a decent story. Andromeda fails to do that in every aspect. Setting aside my background in cosmology for a bit this story breaks suspension of disbelief. I was able to get beyond the original trilogy and it's law bending narrative. The villain, Archon, is so bland and unimportant that I can't tell you what he did in the game. There is another reason for that though. I was constantly getting sidetracked by side missions that were there just to pad the play time. All the characters in this game are boring, especially your Ryder. How can that be possible when it's an RPG that is shaped by your decisions. I'm one of the few that hated all of ME3. An overly simplistic way of summarizing the plot of 3 is a guy with PTSD somehow solved a galaxy's worth of racism to fight off even larger bigots for reasons. As one other person put it, if the Witcher 3 can get it with a lower budget then a company backed by the worst publisher in the U.S. can.
  15. I'm just asking because I'm curious to know. I've been playing games since NES gen but didn't seriously get into it until the PS1. Mine are in this order: 1.Final Fantasy VII 2.Dragon Age: Origins 3.Pokemon Silver 4.Chrono Trigger 5.Assassin's Creed II 6.Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 7.The Last of Us 8.Final Fantasy VI 9.Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 10.Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag HM Uncharted 4
  16. DLC

    Any word on when the dlc is supposed to release? I paid the extra $20 for the deluxe edition and it would suck if they decided to cancel the extra content.
  17. Nice. I was able to beat all three on insanity but I would consider myself top 25% on gamer skill. better than average but not great. I didn't like mp on 3 so I'm going to have to play the campaign on insanity.
  18. You have to take into consideration it came out late in the PS3 cycle.
  19. I'm not looking forward to playing this on insanity.
  20. Looks like a somewhat easy plat. Beat the game on realistic is only a bronze so the story must be short and easy. MP can probably be easily boosted
  21. 2/10 difficulty and 20 hr according to the trophy guide.
  22. I didn't touch anyone other than the overseer and the roaming sentry. I used the guide by seraphim17. He doesn't knock out anyone. I did the exact same thing as the ps3 version with no problem. Doesn't matter now though i have the trophies and the plat.
  23. Final Fantasy VII VIII and IX Dragon Age Origins
  24. After beating the main story I tried to complete a few of the trophies and noticed that I wasn't able to get to Voraga Solitude from Tritan Falls and a few other places. It really gets under my skin because you have to go through that area during the main story. Anyone else have this problem and know how to get around it?
  25. The areas at the end game are not listed as well as about half the others