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  1. I cant believe this why you are not trusting me is there any other way that makes you trust me ?
  2. In that section you were expecting me to hide more games you were wrong because i didnt have any other cheated games Your work is extremly brutal here
  3. Please believe me
  4. I was doing whatever you were saying when you said that i just didnt want to make any other mistakes and obeying your orders one by one
  5. Man im saying again i taught you were saying that i have to hide all 3 sound shapes that showing on the right side of my profile where it wrote “FLAGGED FOR LEADERBOARD REMOVAL” that 3 ss showing in that section There is a misunderstanding here
  6. You can check my games one by one if you see any other cheated game just put it here in public im not lying you here man believe me. Just go ahead and check my games one by one i dont have any other cheated as you can see im a talented gamer from my hard plats you can see
  7. I you’ve said hide all 5 believe me man i was going to hide all 5 this is insane
  8. Please @MMDE flag me just for one i was just missunderstood you there
  9. Why you dont understand i was obeying your orders you didnt had lied to me just a simple question and i’ve done that If i was going to hide all 5 i feared you may feel i was lying to you i did just whatever you said
  10. I have all the videos of sections where i died and pictures of all trophies
  11. You said “ if you hide all the the games that you’ve cheated “ i thaught you were saying that the 3 ss showing in the flag section on my profile this is the problem here and i hid that 3 ss showing in the flag section and after that the rest of the story
  12. Why you were saying like that ? if you said hide all 5 i was going to hide all 5 if you said hide 3 i was going to hide 3 ss that were showing in flag section you got me confused there man please understand me
  13. You guys are right but all i was trying to say lower the flag from 3 to 2 to get back in the leaderboard getting flagged by a same game 3 times is brutal , its all up to the admins now . If they give a second chance ...
  14. Why you are not believing me ? he asked me to hide 3 ss showing in the flag column on my profile and i hid them but i didnt get answer and i didnt hid all 5 of them i do whatever he said to do.
  15. Ok you guys dont know what a bad shape im at now .