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  1. I was just having a go at you mate, no disrespect.
  2. You just unlocked a new achievement: “mention you have been gaming for 30 years for the 100th time”
  3. I was wondering too, but maybe the amount of replies this got answers your question. 😂
  4. This is just a physical release and it’s already sold out. No plans for digital
  5. the commentator had a good point about SC. I don’t think you do about valhalla. They were always upfront about what was included in the season pass. It’s also new content with complete new areas, well worthy of additional charge. It’s not greed to charge people for content that they put significant resources into.
  6. I just want to tell you how impressed I am about you getting first and carrying the team. As of right now you are someone I look up to most in this world. Your one squad round of fall guys where you got first each round is legendary. You are truely an exceptional human
  7. Thanks guys
  8. Does season 4 end tomorrow? Do the levels reset then? Trying to decide if it makes sense to hold off until the next season. Thanks!
  9. How long do you estimate 100% will take?
  10. Anyone know where this is? edit: found it. Last section where the water rises, at the end it doesn’t look like you can go left, but you can walk behind the wall there
  11. FYI it looks like it’s about 1/3rd of the price if you buy the suicide guys separate rather then the bundle
  12. it says the trophies unlock automatically now edit: it doesn’t, my bad I misread it
  13. Someone has a different opinion on difficulty then him and this clown calls it a “disgusting lie”.
  14. Not exactly, but classic mode is almost turn based. Most of the attacking/dodging is automated by AI and you just control the command menu
  15. Try using the d-pad arrows