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  1. No more requests needed. Thanks all
  2. Thanks! My app isn't giving me a message that they were sent to the ps4, should it be? Maybe they pulled the servers already? edit: nevermind it worked
  3. Do you have to get past a certain point to be able to receive items? It's greyed out for me when I start a new game.
  4. Bee

    I did, reloaded my last save and it worked after I did it again
  5. If anyone is coming here because they have the same issue I found something that greatly reduced the crashes I was getting. Don't ever restart a challenge, if you screw up exit to the map and then go back into the challenge. This reduced the number of times it froze during restarts(obviously) but also it stopped freezing so much when I competed a challenge too for some reason.
  6. It crashes constantly, like if I get through 2 challenges before crashing or freezing I am lucky.
  7. How have people gotten through the night challenges? They consistently freeze for me. Are there any fixes for this?
  8. Batman arkham asylum
  9. My hidden trophies appeared again today. If anyone here is still having the issue try earning any trophy and re-syncing.
  10. Still not working for me and all of the games are unchecked for PS4 and PS3. Anyone else?
  11. This did not work for me. Quick question, after I go to hidden games, the ones that are hidden aren't actually showing up as hidden. Do I hide them again and then Unhide them?
  12. Google searches are far from simply. I still have to google how to google search everytime I do
  13. Ahh ok didn't see that. Thank you for the reply.
  14. PSN profiles is saying I have 64 hidden trophies, however none of my games are hidden in my privacy settings on the PS. Any idea why it would be hiding these?