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  1. Instead of rarest trophies you should have(or at least have the option of) rarest platinums. This will avoid that section of your profile being trophies from only a single game.
  2. Great, thanks for the feedback all!
  3. Has anyone tried this on vita? Is it doable or much harder with the smaller joystick?
  4. I don’t think there’s any online trophies required for the plat as you state in the video. Or did you mean the dlc?
  5. Wipeout Omega Collection - 1.54% Skate 3 - 1.72% Titan Souls - 1.87% Steep - 2.9% Yakuza Kiwami - 2.97%
  6. This doesn’t seem to be working for me. Do you quit out after you close the tree? And then close the game entirely? edit: nevermind, it was just the gold one that wouldn’t work. Even the first tier
  7. totally missed that, thank you my good man
  8. Does anyone know if this works for 6? It wouldn’t let me join as the other player after I lost all my lives
  9. You can keep playing the through on your original game on the original difficulty, or start a new game plus with your save data which starts a new play through loop but saves all your stats(you can also repick the difficulty). As long as you pick the most recent save when you do new game plus you will always keep building your gauges. I ended up beating the first 2 colossus and then starting a new game over and over as this was the quickest way to max them out.
  10. On hard mode you have to rotate the pieces, on the regular difficulty they are fixed.
  11. Is there no completion list in this one? What does completing the mini games entail?
  12. Fyi - Good day on 12 alpine.
  13. In 2018 it took many seasons to reach maximum showman or sportsman. If it’s the same, to do both is going to take a long time.
  14. Try to Keep your finger still and vibrate the controller up and down quickly
  15. 3:45 access denied - NA