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  1. Iron Snout 😎
  2. 20-25 hours. I was full good in reputation, have you a party before you try to repeat the mission ?
  3. @Erkawest It's correct in general I need 30-40 minutes for level up.
  4. Hello, i'll show you how to level up rank 50 really faster ! 1. Make an ingame group with a friend 2. Select the mission 8 3. Select ready, then leave the session with your group 4. You and your group go to the mission's area all together 5. Start the mission and follow Horley 6. Once in front of the Fort, choose the special bullets (you'll get a refund of x50 special bullets every time you retry the mission), it will make +5XP per kill 7. Kill almost everyone until there are only 4-5 enemies left. Then suicide yourself, all the group, and retry. If you failed and the shotgun armor spawn, you can restart the mission. PS : Make sure to do a lot of executions (R2) to gain even more XP. ~100XP per minute
  5. I search this shit since 10 hours, I've see one yesterday but this bastard die in the water... When I see peoples found this shit in 10 minutes... 🙃 You use sleep, save and reloaad also ?
  6. Last Animal for last trophy and IMPOSSIBLE to found this fucking Wester Moose. 🙃
  7. Hello, I've searched a little bit after 100% trophy but always nothing... I thinked also to follow Rufus but he's blocked everytime. I'm really curious to see the solution.
  8. Hello ! You need to win 3 times ? For that you need just a lot luck. I've got it in 30 seconds. I've two good hands and I've put all my money for the turn 3. Everyone has left and I win with 7-8 in my hand. Hahaha. Or just one time in each town ? There, I've put all money turn one and if I loose I leave. You need to walking 30 meters outside for reset the poker table.
  9. Hello it's possible which we have a % errors for this trophy ? Someone has hunt Guarma animals and checked if the % change on the Social Club ?
  10. I thinked found it inside a tree hole because Squirrel but nothing arround the house.
  11. Hello ! I've also searching this shit in the house, outside and inside the house near Strawberry for nothing... Near the trees or rocks. Nothing...
  12. She has begin by the Laby' trophy. So it's really possible to be 30 minutes or less. The order is very important here.
  13. Hello, me too I've problems with the servers. But in general during the afternoon (the week) you can to be connected easiller but after 5:30PM or after the challenge update 10AM the servers crash. PS : I'm in GMT +1.