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  1. I think maximum trophies by list is ~125. It's mayby for that we have a new list on this game. 🤔
  2. I'm so happy !
  3. This game is really funny to do, but I agree events trophies are pretty frustrating. If I remember well in the Deluxe Edition you've this armor when you start the game. (Only in the Deluxe)
  4. A friend found ''Chenrezig Buddha" on Yemen 2 days ago. But another on another map but he don't remember, it's possible the % can to be more big according to the map. I've read and try a lot theory on internet for U3 treasures but that seem possible for me. https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/615426-uncharted-3-drakes-deception/61281724
  5. I've finaly finished it pretty faster. I was lucky for the two last, thank God. But I talking with friends and they has a lot problems for the last or two last also.
  6. Hello, I'll tell you how I've unlock my treasures. I've make 4 sessions on Castle in Arena Co-op mode. (1h30 each) For the Adventure I've make a lot time Airport for find the watch, more 7 hours and nothing. The morning I try with a friend which has all treasures and I take it in one try. After that I nedded 21 treasures. I've make all others in Hunter mode. (Without DLC MAP) I killed my two characters in front me with the heroes and take all treasures during the 4 rounds with my main. The first 17 treasures were very fast, sometime inside cheast, sometime on my opponents. The 4 last were the longest... More 5 hours for each, the 4th, 3rd and 2nd. The last one was finding in 1 hour. Little info : My last was ''Chenrezig Buddha", I found it on my secondary account on the map ''Yemen'' and I refound it exactely on the same map for my main. Gamefaqs topic say exactely the same, so I think really it's possible to make a list that says where ''each'' rare treasures can be found. Good luck !
  7. This game can do in one-two weeks if you play a lot, more 10 hours per day. For the moment I need 2 treasures (Bouddha Chenrezig and Yuan Jade Fish) and I farm since more 10 hours in hunter and always nothing. The end seem really long... But if you play enought everyday you can do it before the close yes.
  8. Hum... No, it was Toy Home. I agree game with or without trophies make no difference. But give us that in 2018 with the numbers of good games on PS STORE it's pretty sad.
  9. I remember a shit game on PS3 without trophies. I haven't found its name but it was a car game.
  10. This trophy is pretty easy if you've a good team. You need also little bit luck with your opponents, if the empreror is there or not, if a big guild is there or not and if your team is good or not. Try to join a good alliance before to try it with your team The best method is to try it at the moment when the campain reset. Join campain with 7 days for reset and try to make a maximum of points with your team, it's important to take 20% bonus AP during one hour when you kill dungeon boss. I think to do that each hours is primordial but you can do this trophy without. Focus the resources around the forts, if another team try to take the castle in same time join the resources team. Repear the walls and doors can give you a lot points, so make it a maximum before to leave the fort. It's pretty obvious but play during the night and the days week can help you a lot. Very late the night or the morning 4-8AM you're always alone in general. For Elsweyr we a new campain list (that can change with the time) : Bahlokdaan: 30 Day No CP & Alliance Locked (new Sotha Sil) Kaalgrontiid: 30 Day CP Enabled & Alliance Locked (NEW VIVEC) Yolnahkriin: 7 Day CP Enabled (new Shor) Mulaamnir: Levels 10-49 (new Kyne) Play in campain less 50 is not really more easy because peoples make reroll for destroying the noobs. F-U-N ! Good luck for this trophy, I've got it in one evening with 200K AP.
  11. Valkyria Chronicles
  12. I can say I'm the last of the world who has make the old list. The news trophies seem to be more hard. I'm pretty lucky this time.
  13. DC:Universe Online