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  1. I cannot confirm it at 100% but you can maybe dodge the Chapter 13 froze if you don't kill the two guys in the right of the room in last. Each time when I played in NYMHC my game froze at this place exactly on these two guys. After that I finished always by the guy in the left room. (4th guy killed in this video.) When I used this strategy the heavy guy was always there and my game doesn't froze. (I played on digital version.)
  2. Bad news ... https://answers.ea.com/t5/Other-EA-Games/FUSE-ERROR-EA-ORGINS-SERVERS/m-p/10447072/highlight/true#M59612
  3. What happen for all services like Battlefield 3 and servers hosting ? That will die too ?
  4. Ninja Gaiden Σ2 An account with "100%" since more 11 years is pretty impressive.
  5. I've see my mistake, I thinked it was normal last boss. Thank you !
  6. This list is too much short... Nothing about Mog' house, dungeon difficulty, boss, etc... It's like Resident Evil 4 great game with shitty trophy list.
  7. I've get more than 7 wins in one session and no trophy for me.
  8. I was at 5th Episode all was perfect. We was 8 players and I know if we are 4 it was obviously "tail finale" (pretty easy for win). But just before we have to play football... My team was very bad... I was so frustred after that! 🙄
  9. I think maximum trophies by list is ~125. It's mayby for that we have a new list on this game. 🤔
  10. I'm so happy !
  11. This game is really funny to do, but I agree events trophies are pretty frustrating. If I remember well in the Deluxe Edition you've this armor when you start the game. (Only in the Deluxe)
  12. A friend found ''Chenrezig Buddha" on Yemen 2 days ago. But another on another map but he don't remember, it's possible the % can to be more big according to the map. I've read and try a lot theory on internet for U3 treasures but that seem possible for me. https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/615426-uncharted-3-drakes-deception/61281724
  13. I've finaly finished it pretty faster. I was lucky for the two last, thank God. But I talking with friends and they has a lot problems for the last or two last also.
  14. Hello, I'll tell you how I've unlock my treasures. I've make 4 sessions on Castle in Arena Co-op mode. (1h30 each) For the Adventure I've make a lot time Airport for find the watch, more 7 hours and nothing. The morning I try with a friend which has all treasures and I take it in one try. After that I nedded 21 treasures. I've make all others in Hunter mode. (Without DLC MAP) I killed my two characters in front me with the heroes and take all treasures during the 4 rounds with my main. The first 17 treasures were very fast, sometime inside cheast, sometime on my opponents. The 4 last were the longest... More 5 hours for each, the 4th, 3rd and 2nd. The last one was finding in 1 hour. Little info : My last was ''Chenrezig Buddha", I found it on my secondary account on the map ''Yemen'' and I refound it exactely on the same map for my main. Gamefaqs topic say exactely the same, so I think really it's possible to make a list that says where ''each'' rare treasures can be found. Good luck !
  15. This game can do in one-two weeks if you play a lot, more 10 hours per day. For the moment I need 2 treasures (Bouddha Chenrezig and Yuan Jade Fish) and I farm since more 10 hours in hunter and always nothing. The end seem really long... But if you play enought everyday you can do it before the close yes.