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  1. I started up the game last night, did the tutorial no problem on the PS5. Joined a match, it crashed...loaded again and it crashed again. I then tried on the ps4 a few times, just keeps saying server maintenance. Not looking good...anyone able to get a match going currently?
  2. I think it's intentional, and a perfect trophy title! Hahaha...I don't think it was ever meant to work.
  3. Thanks! I bought the game since it was super cheap, but haven't tested it yet...will update here once I do.
  4. ...can be used if installed on the PS5. I had some saves from my long grindy game last year, so loading up the save before the final treasure or boat kill worked. Some other things worked after the annexing one town unlocked 3 trophies. Just a heads up if anyone cares. Still have to do tutorials and campaign again. Parlay? is still it on my 21st hideout destroyed, and once again this happened to be a world event task where you pick up the guy and he takes you to an undiscovered hideout.
  5. I think you can with a ton of planning and save scum. I think it would be much better to play it on Jerk and just have fun with it. Come back for a 2nd play later on Tourist and follow all the steps.
  6. Played on the PS5...only crashed about 4 times. Loading times are much better on the 5.
  7. Here are my tips, just finished it. I went with four created characters. You can use any companion and retrain them to your liking. I used 2 snipers, 2 brawlers, an assault(Kwon), and a pistol character(Lucia). Once you get to HQ(and have enough money) create a character for barter, weapon mods, and armor need to waste those skills on the main group. Just make sure every skill check field is covered by at least one member, and try to save those skill points until they are needed. I gave every character Animal Whisperer level 5 and took both perks...Animal Training/Spirit Animal. In the end game I had six+ followers helping in every battle, and I found it useful. Save skill books! Only use them on the 10th and final spot if possible since that rank takes 6 points. If I remember anything else I'll edit the post. Sniper 1 Sadomasochist/Vicious Avenger with Luck/Awareness/Intelligence maxed and building Charisma for high strike rate(2 on the other 3 attributes). Skills: Sniper Rifles 10 Sneaky Shit 10 Perks: Masterful Precision and Concentration in the sniper tree and Lights out in the sneaky tree. This sniper would start every battle by targeting the biggest badass in the room first. Would often destroy the first target, then give initiative to the rest of the team so the enemies don't attack first. Sniper 2 Same but instead of Sneaky Shit I did 10 in Weird Science for the perks Microwave Research and Conductive Beams. Added a little Mechanics also to do more damage to machines. Brawlers 1 and 2 Waste Roamer/Lethal Weapon with Strength/Coordination/Speed maxed...Charisma 4 or 5 then all Luck. Skills: Brawling 10 for both then Nerd Stuff 10 on one and Animal Whisperer 10 on the other. They will have maximum movement with those attributes, so they can run around getting enemies to fight for the team. Perks: Extreme Combo/Deadly Combo/Flurry of Blows...also if you have the skill points in leadership Rally works nicely at the start but you can put that on anyone other than the snipers. Assault(Kwon) Coordination/Awareness maxed...if you retrain him I would max Intelligence then add Charisma or Luck Skills: Automatic Weapons 10 Perks: Double Tap/Trigger Happy Pistol(Lucia) Coordination/Awareness maxed...if you retrain her I would max Intelligence then add Charisma or Luck Skills: Small Arms 10 Explosives 10 (pistols have short range so she got the launcher) Perks: Opportunist/Draw/High Impact/Blast Radius (Draw was rarely used so get that last if at all, unless you find a pistol with very small ammo count) I think you can do everything in one play, but it would kinda ruin the game with all the planning. I think the best way to tackle this game is first play on Supreme Jerk...enjoy the game/strategy and see what happens. Then second play later following all the steps for cleanup on easiest setting. The Tourist difficulty is a walk in the park after playing
  8. I thought I would ask before buying(sale for 4 bucks right now), tried to search for info. How does the character import work on this? I played Dead Island Definitive through PS Now so I can't start that game again but I do have my saves in the cloud. Does Riptide import from the game servers, game saves on system, or do they have to be uploaded from the original game first?
  9. Awesome, looking forward to playing it again.
  10. Gamefly lists the PS5 disc(including DLC) as coming 9/24. I guess no new trophies on the PS4...I wonder if there will be a free PS5 upgrade coming soon as well.
  11. I was getting about 8k xp per 13 minutes not counting grinds....worked well.
  12. I probably died 8 times on the regular New York Minute run, twice by grenade on the final boss. I'm not looking forward to this lol... 1. This will sound like a joke, or BS based on my user name but...I was pumped I finished the LMG guy and chapter 6 with no issues. I got up to get a beer while next level was loading and when I came back it was waiting for me to shoot the first guy in the strip club. Hahaha...I was a little late to the controller and got destroyed by the group there. 2. Chapter 9...after crossing the little bridge a shotgun guy was in the house on the right. I couldn't shoot him through the wall to revive.
  13. Lucid Games in the UK....I just messaged them asking to bring back some 8v8 team modes with bots. Hopefully others do the same to help push them in that direction, or they are already planning to do so.
  14. I was a bit worried about this trophy since I don't like the mode, and after about 10 matches I had no wipes. A lot of computer players that just have an advantage...or you get those guys that run around using melee weapons and somehow shotgun blasts to their face aren't enough to take them down lol. In the end though, once I focused only on this, I got 8 wipes in one night in about a 3 or 4 hour span. A good LMG/Shotgun build helped me...LMG for range/Shotgun for interiors. I play solo, so I just ignored my team to push objective points. Luck plays a part for sure(got a triple squad wipe with one semtex tossed into an objective house and another 2 in one run in a chopper), but I don't think it will take 5 hours per medal. Just know that if you down someone that's good enough unless they are revived, and letting that revive hang there sometimes draws others in to get downed. I managed to get a Hard Wipe(full team kill solo) this way once, but again that's luck. I only managed one win playing this way though lol...not exactly good team play.
  15. A cynical middle-aged drunk popping pills talking about how he hates everyone. It's like me in my 30's, minus all the murder lol. Good game, I'm glad I came back to it after all these years.