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  1. It's crashed on me four times while saving, but it hasn't corrupted any save yet. If you back up before starting every time you should be fine. Also recommend exiting to back up after 2 hours, since it's only crashed on me after playing for a long while.
  2. Is the DLC now required to get Perfect? I finally got around to finishing this one, and entered each individually. Unlocked up through 90 percent trophies, then continued up to around item 725. Then tried the give all command(which finally didn't crash the game), but still no trophy. Willing to delete save and do it again more than buying the DLC I'm wondering if anyone recently unlocked it without owning the DLC. Once I was done with the list, but before trying give all....I was only missing some HLNA ones from Island and Scorched. These weren't the 688-690 mentioned above, but I think they said chronicles or something once I used the give all. Maybe some are hidden above item 725? I do have a back up save to return to before give all was applied.
  3. Tough, but a fun challenge! I used the fully upgraded HDM, FNAB-43, and M1 Garand. A shotgun felt too risky, and I wanted guns with good power/high fire rate in case I missed. I played each mission on cadet first to find good spots to camp, and refresh my memory on the objectives(since I did Authentic a long while ago). Any room with cover near hallways, ladders, bridges, etc...these are great since the AI can't shoot while climbing, and if you have some distance they will run straight for you down hallways or bridges. I only used stealth for a bit to get camping spots cleared and traps set up, then it was all loud with the SMG and rifle. The enemies will keep coming to you, so as long as you don't let them surround you it isn't too bad. It felt like most of the difficulty was long distance sniping, so I pretty much only shot things up close lol...made them come to me whenever possible. I only went for chest shots since a miss would make them flinch, and a hit would stagger them...they don't shoot back during those animations(why I chose high fire rate). Also if you down a guy, don't kill him...let his buddies run out of cover to try to help. It makes for another easy kill and a good way to see if others are still around. I did it solo since I didn't want the hassle of finding a good A good partner would have made it easy, but a bad partner would have made it impossible.
  4. Sweet, I picked it up. Cheers
  5. Thanks for the was these kinds of games. I think the Netherlands mission should go second in the campaign. It has some useful information for setting up efficiencies(England and France were tougher). The AI just butchers the towns I found myself rebuilding everything after becoming administrator. I wish the game explained the trade routes a little better, because they don't work as expected(or require too much fine tuning). Many times I would have inventories piling up, or ships full of items not unload them at specified towns...frustrating. It looks like it's reserving product for other towns, but it feels like the AI and I are trying to outsmart each I suggest either using no warehouses and upgrade town markets, this makes the routes easier to manage with the default settings(buy and sell only). The other way is by using a warehouse with steward in every town. Then set one town as the hub with all routes starting there, and hit R1 to have convoys store all at end of route. That town should be set to load all items(automatic), then along the route have each item produced set to load 500 and sell all others(automatic). This will empty all towns warehouses, sell those items along the way, get dropped in hub town(sold by steward), then extras are picked up again to go to other routes that need them. The second method should earn way more, but it's more tedious. Parlay? is definitely buggy right now...I got that trophy after clearing out the 20th hideout(which happened to be tied to the world event that gives a map piece if that matters). Also a weird bug I had was Spain would only go to war with England, even after eliminating all towns. So I'm having to use pirate mode to finish sinking 1,000 ships....annoying. Maybe I'll try to declare independence, could be faster...haven't tried that feature yet. Railway Empire complete edition is on sale for 30 bucks right now...worth a buy?
  6. This is what worked for me on PS3, then first try on PS4. I kinda horde items for later use in games, so I was running into trouble with other methods. This way I knew I had plenty of money to use everything and resupply right after. 1. Money...slowly to get all...max Rifle and flares. 2. through to just get item and finish. 3. Money...slowly to get all again. 4. through to get item, put down all turrets at box if needed to make it safe....max mines and restock. Run through to end, drop 4 turrets in the water as soon as you drop then place mines and use flares. 5. Health...slowly to get everything. I used one turret and one mine at start to get health to max...use everything else final area. 6. Grenades...use everything at box to lock down area again...max grenades and restock, run to end. 7. Health...same as before unless your health is good, just run to end and put everything down. 8. Dynamite...lock down box area...max dynamite and restock, run to end. 9. Health...same. Health was the easiest run so I made sure that was last. Using all the items at the end each time made it really easy for me.
  7. Cheers dude...that was a huge time saver!
  8. I'm assuming that's a fortune card. I have no idea what the other guy yeah wanted to ask here if anything would void the trophy, or it was just bugged. Thought maybe custom match, or that mini game to get perks might void it. Just don't want to repeat it. I did hold square on the soul key myself, so if that was supposed to unlock it I got screwed lol I think I could solo it if needed, but anyone with director's cut willing to help...message me on PSN. Cheers
  9. Yeah, did all cut scene after picking up the key though. The game just continued to spawn zombies. Earlier in the game, one of the elements spawned out of reach as we just completed it without the exquisite core. Maybe that match was just glitched to begin with...
  10. ...after completing the boss fight and holding square on the soul key to pick it up. Do you have to do something to trigger an "ending"? It just let me keep killing zombies, so I downed myself after a few minutes. This was a custom match. I was host and my buddy had the director's cut perks...we also started the game with arcade thing that gives you all perks. Hoff unlocked fine, and got that trophy. Just curious if it's bugged or I did something wrong...
  11. It's fixed with today's update....just got it first match I tried.
  12. Ok thanks....I had a feeling, just wanted to double check. Cheers.
  13. ...meaning I'll buy the DLC to finish up the disc version, but would hate to double purchase on accident if I already have the rights to it.
  14. So I have a disc of Mordor, and I own the digital GOTY edition(installed). The disc version won't let me play the dlc without there a way to unlock it somehow? Maybe I'm missing something.
  15. Ah...bummer. Would be a nice addition!