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  1. I'll add a couple tips. First run took me about 50 hours according to the PS5...but I nerd out on strategy stuff and pause often to talk to the family, get beer, etc. First run, Aivar with all Order/Power choices. I never opened the book of magic till I got the 40 wins, and used the first 4 talents to keep morale even while using troops from 4 different ideals. After those 10 wins, I knocked it down to troops from 3 ideals till that unlocked. A bit of a struggle to start, but much easier with those out of the way. I used the free talent reset, and got better troops. I used pretty much all Power skills, but a few Order and maxed the spell rank of Air/Fire and Life/Light. The maxed Haste, Inner Flame, and Elleu's Light would buff my whole army. I used a full Order army with great morale, but switched to better troops after finding a tip on Steam. This army destroyed everything pretty much, and made the final boss easy to beat with no spells. 3 Troll Chiefs - Start the match with all troops around it and use battle cry, then cast Haste III 3 Stoneskin Trolls - These two tanks regenerate health every round. 3 Fire Elementals 3 Ice Elementals 3 Sentry Golems - These 3 add elemental damage and the Freeze is really nice for slowing down the enemy. Scryer's Trial - I almost finished the game, completely missing this. To start those missions on the Crown Lands map, head to the dark spot on the map just east of the vendor Artemio...south of the Old Outpost fast travel marker. (maybe save an easy battle for after you get all 3 sets, since you loose a lot of leadership, initiative, and speed...probably be fine though with all the crit and armor) A Tough Nut - The power choice on this mission is kinda tough(since I was using low morale and no spells), finesse is much easier. I was able to take finesse on this one and still get 40 points in power by only choosing power on every other mission. Magical goods merchants that I found for all spells: Castor and Sargonius - Marcella Alizon - East of Marcella Anne - Rickville Maresh & Illem - Mages Tower Paulin - Rouen Road Felicia & Philippe - Floster Agnes - Northern part of the big graveyard in between the Mages Tower and Rouen Road Omela - Castle Ardenne gate (I think this one gets locked out if you do the full Anarchy path, so buy everything there just in case.) I think Summon Chimera came from The Abandoned Catacombs quest, but looks like it's not needed for the trophy. Rain of Fire spell comes from the Lyssa's Dungeon quest. Plague spell comes from the Fatal Voyage quest. I would say an efficient way to tackle this would make the first run as the mage(Anarchy/Finesse), since you kinda have to do everything to get all the spells. Paladin next(Order), going for wins with a 4/3 talents. Last run warrior(Power), not using the spell can probably just run the main missions on the last two to save time.
  2. I'm curious, does the standard disc upgrade to the PS5 version for free...or is it only Gold Edition that does? Anyone willing to test? I searched briefly but found no info.
  3. I got the game free with PS5, but bought the season pass. It looks like the game upgrade isn't free, but the season pass is.
  4. Assuming the patches addressed this, but does it matter if some characters are offline and some are online? About to make a second character and wondering if I have to keep them all offline to avoid problems.
  5. Sounds like a plan, but that's a shame we can't transfer solo characters...was thinking I could transfer right before level 99 and get it for both. Thanks for the info!
  6. I think I'm gonna start this one since it's on sale. Good info here, but I'm curious if I should play it on the PS4, PS5, or both. It looks like the PS5 has faster load times, but the PS4 is easier to dupe rings? Also, can the solo HC saves be transferred between the two? Say, for instance, I start on the PS4 to get the ring and dupe it...then move to the PS5 for the rest. Also curious if that last level 99 hardcore trophy can be unlocked on both versions with one character grind. Cheers
  7. Thanks for checking! Kinda scummy if they are labeling it wrong, but at least we know.
  8. So even though Airports is listed as DLC Trophy Pack 9, there are actually 10? Ultimate Content Bundle + Airports for 100%, got it....thanks. I'm gonna guess they aren't done adding DLC then? Maybe I should wait even longer lol Cheers
  9. Looks like Season Pass 1 and 2 together would be missing Campus, Sunset Harbor, and Airports for trophies, but I just want to clear something up...hopefully. When you guys say Ultimate Edition, I don't see that in the store. I do see the Ultimate Content Bundle which says it includes everything. I just want to know if the store changed, or if you're just referring to this bundle. If it doesn't include all nine trophy packs it is VERY misleading. Cities: Skylines - Ultimate Content Bundle The Ultimate Content Bundle is the one-stop option to experience all Cities: Skylines has to offer. Find every expansion, all content creator packs, and the complete music collection in one package. Build the best cities in the world using everything from all nine expansions including the newest release, Sunset Harbor. Dive into more than three years worth of content for the ultimate city building experience! This bundle does not include base game
  10. Black Friday on PSN
  11. It's only 12 bucks right now, great price!
  12. From what I've read, you will only get an option to upgrade all remaining months you going back.
  13. Sorry to bother, but scanning the trophy list I didn't see this one. I banged out the 3 co-op trophies after getting the downloads worked out, but didn't want to miss one before deleting the game and starting Hitman 1. Cheers
  14. It probably depends on your country, but for me it was Friday afternoon to Sunday night.
  15. No boobs....I mean come on! Hahaha...I could have sworn the old ones had nudity.