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  1. I've received many messages about this, so I'll kind of answer all of those questions here. It looks like Lord of War and Tourist are fixed, but still iffy. I played the game before the patch, and did everything required for all trophies on 3 playthroughs. I first played on easy with 2 mercs, then on hard going for all maps and weapons, then the 3rd play to see if those last two would unlock. They didn't unlock, so I mailed the disc back to Gamefly. After the patch came out I got it back and loaded up the hard run...this popped Lord of War immediately without having to do anything. Tourist didn't unlock, so I loaded the 3rd run that was on easy. On this run I had kept the bases open(2nd and 3rd) and stocked up on water to wait out as many convoys as possible. After multiple convoys and ambushes didn't unlock it....I went to take both bases. As soon as I entered the loading screen for the 2nd base, I got it. I know I had been to that base in the first two I have no idea why that worked.
  2. Yeah, I think it was on the map where people are turned into zombies?(3rd phase, far right of the main map) The first group of enemies, it was on the second right building. If I'm remembering correctly. It might have been the map where the guys are loading the the center building.
  3. I struggled with this a bit last night, and turned it off before grinding it out...and read this thread before bed. I want to thank the person that mentioned using a rubber band to look up the whole time, and those that said to use the dpad to move left and right. Those tips helped me get it on my first couple tries today. Cheers!
  4. Yeah, when I go to profile...then trophies...all trophies are available to be earned. No padlocks....yet the co op games won't start.
  5. I have the same problem on my Free To Play account...hopefully someone has a tip to help us. Even though I activated everything, the bottom four activities can't be started. The ps3 with the disc is working fine.
  6. Awesome! Any idea if you need a fresh save, or just load up and old save and pick up a gun?
  7. Yeah, odd. Assuming you were in ranked bronze as well. Maybe I'll try again... Ok, got it after my 3rd run through all the tables.
  8. So I've placed at least third at all five tables in one day...all in ranked bronze tournaments. Any suggestions? The only thing I can think of is I did not stay to spectate, but I can't see why that would matter.
  9. I'd like to make some notes here, since it looks unlikely that someone will post a guide. Lord of War - Still looking, but here's a list of what I've found. I actually picked each up if that matters, but I'm pretty sure it's glitched. Assault Rifle- D2 K2 / HK417 / Scar-H / M4A1 / AK-74 Sniper- SSG 08 / SSG 550 / M99 / M40 / SKS-45 / SVD Pistol- Five-Seven / Desert Eagle / Glock 18 / Beretta 92 / M1911 / Colt Python SMG- Super V / P90 / TMP / AKS-74U / MP5 / M1A1 LMG- MiniMi / HK21 / RPK-74 Shotgun- Spas-12 / Mossberg 590 / Jackhammer / Shorty / MP-133 Special- Crossbow / Alien Gun / Bliss Launcher Melee- Machete / Screwdriver / Fork / Frying Pan / Rolling Pin / Spoon / Glass Shard Misc- Bliss Grenade / Smoke Grenade / IED / Grenade / 40MM HE Blue Raja - Fork / Spoon / Frying Pan / Rolling Pin - This one took more than one kill with each. Master Rager - This also didn't unlock as I used the last guy, but somewhere around 3 times with each Rage. Way of the Rubberduck - Pick it up in the room where you do your first kill. Keep it in the team inventory until you attack the castle. Have it on a player there and put it in the bathtub before the last door. Small Team - Played on easy...just avoid the Jungle map where you pick up Fidel and after you call in fourth merc don't go to the green marker where you pick him up. I saved right before the last battle, so I could pick them up and finish to work toward Team Player. People Saver - I'm not sure if it's buggy, but I finished the Prison map 3 times with zero civilian deaths before I got it. The first time I just killed all enemies I came by, sniped the main Black merc before it told me he was the one killing prisoners, then killed the rest. The second time I did the same, but waited until the game prompted me to kill the Black merc...still nothing. The third time I slowly went clockwise around the map stealth killing everything with the crossbow, melee, and a silenced pistol. I only killed enemies that said guard, sniper, or black merc first...but it still made me kill the five soldiers. I then manually walked to the exit instead of using 'Leave Map'...and that time I got it. The Good Guy - I'm just guessing here, based on what I typed above. I've noticed that if you use the Leave Map feature, it sometimes treats that as a loss, even though you completed the mission. Leaving by actually going to the box may affect how the game sees success or failure when it comes to civilians dying. Water Saver - The first time I didn't get this because the guy poisoned 1 of 4. Looks like it should read 'Killed the water poisoner in Reservoir before he could poison any basins'
  10. Prospero Balistica in the west between Tallada and Abundancia worked well for me post game. The red stuff is plentiful, and you can still get the x2 multiplier from troops close by.
  11. I'm not sure if this is a glitch to be patched or what, but here is what happen to me. I couldn't see any friends, even though I have a few playing the game. I loaded up my alt account with the same disc on the same PS4 and that account could see friends. I then beat an easy one, but when I went back to my main account I still couldn't see friends....but I did see a "local user" with a score to beat and that worked.
  12. I just got the kill 3 blimps after death by going into SFMT mode with the laser and nuke body. I damaged it first, then died with nuke. It didn't work every time, but repeated attempts finally got me 3. Does this mean I can get Master Rauser, or is there another mission that's glitched as well?
  13. Here's how I did it, if it helps anyone. I rented Mercs 2 again to see if I could find a partner...couldn't connect to anyone from anywhere(this is after following all the steps listed in that thread). I then rented main account didn't let me accept any terms, so I'm guessing I was fine there. I then used my other ps3 and accepted terms on my alt account, then rented a 2nd copy of Mercs 2. Both of my ps3's could connect after that, main account with my save....alt account with no save. For the Nothin but a good time I just called in that armored vehicle with the cannon on top, easy because the co op partner just needs to be in the car. For the airstrikes, I called in a multiples of the same few airstrikes with no luck. Then I called in one of each in the same session and both accounts got the trophy, even though my alt never did anything. Good luck guys, hope this helps.
  14. I think the update broke the I barely know her trophy. I got a full table win on the free table, and the 5K table, with no trophy awarded. Also got a big win in the mansion slot with no trophy...but maybe that has to do with a dollar amount. I have a question...for the one about getting RP in every game...Do you have to be at level 2 in all games or simply earn RP on the game. If it's the later, that trophy is broken too.