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  1. That's how it worked for me...very easy once connected.
  2. According to the description... Kill one of the unique enemies listed in the Never Seen That Before Challenge. ...and the guide you just have to kill one. I'm guessing you're 70% to unlocking the challenge, then it will be one kill from the list of enemies within the challenge.
  3. If you're gonna go for the platinum, don't worry about that's likely unmissable. If you want to get it done fast though, google the creature names in that challenge and you'll find a way to farm each one.
  4. Ok, that's weird. So I just started up the PS5 version, and loaded in my most recent save which had completed the game and DLC. That character was only level 53. I then loaded in my oldest save, after finishing the game but before the DLC. I turned in one mission and it jumped me up to level 62 lol. Makes no sense to me, but I have a question. I'm gonna start a NG+ on Deathmarch. Which is better, higher level or better geared save? I don't think it will matter too much, but I'm curious. Looks like I have no saves prior to platinum, so I'm guessing I'll have to re-do gwent and the contracts. (sweet, there was a duplicate card for sale in Velen at the Cunny of the Goose tavern)
  5. The leaving soon category isn't there this month for worked last month. It's working now.
  6. Friends have been playing RB3 over the last few days, as a last hurrah. It takes persistence to get linked up, but it's expected to close by midnight.
  7. I didn't transfer a save because the online trophies have nothing to do with the story. I started the story offline on a fresh save. I also did sync the trophy data before going offline, like I've done in the past...however I'm unsure why it didn't save to the PS4 Pro when I got back on the next day.
  8. Status update: Just finished my 5th tallboy IPA. Cliffhanger for tomorrow's status update: hungover
  9. Yeah, I think I'm good to go. I can't imagine how people cheat trophies, and I'm not gonna go down that rabbit hole lol...but I'll have all the trophy images on the PS4's. I won't have any trophies out of order or impossible times that's for sure. There's a chance I won't even finish it on time and have to buy it anyway! hahaha 🍻
  10. I think the Rivals expansion is permanently free now.
  11. I think I had a similar issue. What I did was started getting 5 stars on the easiest vocals, since I never sing in the game and it was a fresh list of stars without deleting the save. Doing that kept all my data and I found the missing song without much work. It's likely just one or two songs you skipped over.
  12. Yup, if that PS4 goes online...the game will no longer work because it left PS Extra. I'll wait to hear if I'm good to go, otherwise I'll have to buy and finish at a later date.
  13. I tested on my alt account with Borderlands. The platinum does unlock on sync with two incomplete lists. So my last question is to the CRT. If I did all the online trophies on one PS4, the offline on another, then sync the two to earn a platinum with a couple minutes delay between the last trophy and the plat...will that constitute a flag? Keep in mind I did not transfer any save and I did sync the list to the offline PS4 before going forward(I just don't know why it didn't take). Timestamp Synchronization Manipulation Trophies should appear on your profile as they would “if they immediately synced to the PlayStation Network.” Do not manipulate timestamps by: Deletion of un-synced trophies earned, via a PlayStation System Restore (formatting data), followed by using your backed up save-game data. Transferring save-game data between multiple PlayStation systems without synchronizing data on them before resuming play. Purposely waiting extended periods of time to sync your trophies in a manner that appears to break other listed rules. The bold line concerns me because, well you just don't know what I'm up to. So is there anything I can do in the process that can prove it's legit? I'll message one of you privately.
  14. Well that's a shame. Definitely not cheating or hacking, just trying to complete a game that left plus.
  15. Right on, yeah I couldn't find it before lol Interesting the guy said the platinum doesn't pop but just exists on the PSN side...looks like it should work. I have an alt account that's close to a plat on Borderlands, so I think I'm gonna replicate the situation and see what happens on that account.