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  1. This is not true since both sage Freke and Yuria sell spells. Although you could buy backup your save, buy all spells, reload buy all miracles.
  2. In my experience, you can just close the app and start it again, I didn't have to reboot the ps5
  3. Actually, in world 1 you can even kill the dragons to bring you back to PWWT
  4. Hi, Killing invaders will move your world tendency toward white, so it could probably be boosted. Other than that, it's really a matter of killing bosses and not dying in body form. If you died in bolateria, there is 4 bosses and the 2 dragons, so plenty of opportunity to move to PW without playing online. Vanguard in world 4 will boost your wt toward white too.
  5. Something else to keep in mind is that, even if you said yes and are pure white, if you've unlocked the way to the last boss, the monumental won't give you the ring
  6. I can confirm that you need all ring, spells and miracles on 1 character, but you could use different character for all three tasks
  7. The only thing you need to know to use red/black or blue eyed stone, is that you need to be in soul form. There may not be a whole lot of people in ng++ right now that play in human form, so I would advise using a new character, kill phalanx, then get summon/invade Or I suppose I could summon you with one of my character level 105 or so in ng++
  8. If you want to repair you sword, farm a bit of souls (it really shouldn't be a whole lot) and return to the nexus to repair at the blacksmith (you can keep killing the first few enemies with your souls arrows, return to the archstone to reset the area, until you have enough to repair) Keep at it, it's worth it. If you want, I would be willing to help you through some areas, but be aware, that I'm an experience player and it may not help you in the long run, since you would learn by watching and not by doing. Also, try to keep your fire bombs and resin for the boss.
  9. On your d-pad if you click right, you'll unequip your rapier and have a catalyst out, now r1 to use your soul arrows
  10. Could be, there is so much to test, and if it exist, i'm sure we'll figure it out, but it's my last trophy and I don't want to wait 4 years haha
  11. and do use you soul arrow, it one shot most mobs at first and doesn't use a whole lot of mp
  12. @technole Was not trying to be rude, sorry about that. But the drop rate is much better now, got it in 4 kill PWWT with 7 luck. @tnairesI'm sure someone will beat me to it, but I could try, never done one though
  13. royalty is a good choice as a new player imo, just take it slow at first, get use to the control, learn the level layout, dont use all of you ressources and you'll get trhough
  14. Actually, PBWT is only needed for 1 new ring, 1 is from starting gift, 1 from trading Pure bladestone and the last from trading a gold coin
  15. True, if you don't care about efficiency and want a more complete experience (especially for first timer) most of it is still relevant