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  1. Quite sad especially since we haven't had a game from any of those franchises in a while that I know of at least.
  2. This might be a dumb question that was already answered but does Gone Spy work with anything outside of Game Spy games? I would assume not with the name being Gone Spy but I thought i'd ask anyway.
  3. I don't currently own Twisted Metal and PS All Stars. I also never played Warhawk so i'm asking if the servers are down yet? Sony said they would be down on January 31st but I haven't seen anything confirming that they are in fact down now.
  4. Don't get a lot of money in order to buy one.
  5. I own the greatest ps4 of them all... nothing... ok it's pretty tragic but eventually i'll get one. Maybe when the generation ends like when I got my ps3.
  6. Bleach so far was the last but I plan on either watching Cowboy Bebop or finishing Big O
  7. I didn't know about their PC reputation (Other then that Elex was very buggy and boring). But I do know that THQ isn't just about remakes but the only new game that is considered to be a "big release" so far is Darksiders 3 which got mixed reviews. Like I said in my original paragraph I am worried over how their next "big releases" will be received.
  8. THQ's eventual closure is as sure as any company. Every company will eventually close no matter how long they have been open. Sears is a great example of that while it has been open for over 100 years it now faces bankruptcy (Which it might emerge out of but not the point). Nordic is a different company then what the original THQ was and the fact that you aren't even giving them a chance to be good is kinda ridiculous, and while yes I do feel that with Darksiders 3 they have started off on the wrong foot. They do have the potential to be a good game company and shed the mediocrity that was the original THQ.
  9. The day my body turns to dust...
  10. Finally someone else who wants to talk about THQ Nordic. I've been following them since mid 2017 and by god they have just been eating up old abandoned IP's that were once popular. My only hope is that they release some more of those games soon. Red Faction hasn't seen a sequel since the original THQ went under when Armageddon was released. Destroy All Aliens hasn't seen anything since Path of Furon which was literally over a decade ago now. Alone in the Dark hasn't seen a sequel in a while let alone a good one. However what was the biggest acquisition that I hope gets new life from THQ is TimeSplitters which has been dead in the water since Future Perfect came out in 2005. I honestly think a modern day sequel could work well and I think the franchise deserves it. Of course all those games are only a footnote in the huge library of games THQ Nordic owns that deserves sequels and remasters. However I am worried now with the release of Darksiders 3. It was THQ's first big release of a franchise they have bought and revived and while I haven't played it reviews have been mixed with people saying it's like a really good fan project rather then simply a really good game. I only hope THQ's future releases are something more special. For the sake of THQ 2.0 and for the franchises that they are trying to revive.
  11. Mines from an old republic that existed a long time ago in Russia. No I am not Russian I am in fact a stupid American.
  12. The Resistance trilogy? Not sure though I've never actually used PS Now.
  13. The Browns killed the Bengals what world do we live in???
  14. Ok thank you
  15. So I've read that the server life for Twisted Metal, Warhawk and PS All-Stars has been extended to January. However once their servers go down will the platinums still be obtainable? I've read that local mutliplayer will still be available for Twisted Metal and Warhawk. Would that be enough for the platinums?