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  1. Can you get the 4 player trophy with the self boosting method?
  2. Another user and I just spent over an hour trying to connect to each other online and every single attempt was met with not a just one "this session is no longer available" error but with so many of them that the game becomes softlocked. Since this game is dead it is hard to test but assume that this game is no longer platinumable because the online is no longer working.
  3. While this has little to do with boosting the trophies when I did it a few years ago there was a debug menu that was accesiable online that let you no clip and stuff which can make some trophies easier if you can't boost
  4. You guys are good people for not doing this.... I want to know his ID for "purposes" 😏
  5. Now I just gotta wait as few years and soon enough every map will have been given away free!
  6. If you beat this game for me I will buy you 2 fishes and plenty of chips
  7. yes we all know this game is fucking trash and not worth the few gb it takes to download but I made the mistake of getting a trophy for it so I want to try to finish it. I constantly keep dying though the fucking poison spewing trees and god killing death shields that kill the 4 beings that created the universe see to that. Am i missing something? Im only on the 2nd fucking world and it's already this unfairly difficult.
  8. dont play this pile of fucking trash
  9. it took me a few tries to get online but when I was able to i was able to get and send call outs for long enough to get my trophy.
  10. first ps3 game ever was cabelas big game hunter 2012 first ps3 game I ever played that was "mine" was Adventure Time Investigations on psnow First ps3 game I used with my ps3 (earlier this year lol) was backbreaker which is a pretty decent football game from the days before madden was the only choice
  11. Wow didn't know that the bounty feature was messed up/removed glad I got it and a few other online when I first got the game and didn't wait until It came up in my backlog. Hopefully they fix it though.
  12. Wow you guys arent making me feel better that it took me like 6 times as long as you 😭
  13. How many tries did it take you guys to get this piece of shit trophy? It took my like 3.5 hours of doing nothing but trying this same level and I have no idea how in fuck I got it must have died at least 400 times trying to get past those seemingly omnipotent robots
  14. is the game itself hard? No. Is the game infuriating to the point of difficulty? Yes. I have got the plat for almost 40 games and this game is by far the least enjoyable game I have played on ps3 or ps4 or any other system for that matter. Hundreds of time I get fucked over because the lizzards toenail is off the carpet in view of the camera or whatever. Beyond that this game ask you to play the same stages multiple times with very little changes, as well as asking you to do things that dont make the game more fun at all (looking at you level 50 with no change) and it plays the same grating tune over and over and over and over and over and over and over. If you enjoy playing what equates to a mobile game on your ps4 or vita then this is for you. if you got your system for games that play like they were made in the 2000's than please for your own sake look elsewhere.
  15. Going for hitman absolution and will probably get it only have to to get one last piece of evidence and do the last stage and I should have it. I should have just done hard first I ended using a guide anyway so all playing on normal did for me was make getting the challenges easier and making me take a 2 week break from this game because of how bored I was with it, Still hoping to get it tonight though.