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  1. Hey guys.So apparently just one player has got the white-starred switch and no one has got the white-hearted one.The white-hearted one is on the last part of the last level at the very right up part, you can see it but it is impossible to reach. I've tried many strategies to get there or doing something on the parts before to make something appear with no success.I've also searched all the other levels to see if I could find the white-starred one and found nothing.So, if anyone has something to share that would be good.Thanks in advance.
  2. Got the trophy and havent thanked you guys, so here it is Thank you very much for finding a way to get it. We've tried so many strategies and diferent ways, who'd have thought that u have to avoid 3 bullet waves before hitting the eye. And how did the finder find this method?
  3. Just got the plat... On ps4 version... Still waiting for a fix or a way to obtain it on ps3 =/
  4. Not sure if it's region 2 or 3, the ones made in EUrope
  5. So, we need to try it on a Region 3 ps3... Which I haven't had the chace yet.
  6. Yeah I've talked to him and another guy, that's why I've came to the theory that the glitch is region based
  7. Yeah after asking some people I've come to the conclusion that this glitch is probably console based. Apparently, some PS3s also glitch on the First Boss trophy and on Mighty no. 8, the people that has that PS3s can get the Prison Boss one. It can also be region based... [Edit] It is probably region based...
  8. That'd be funny, if it wasn't sad
  9. I've noticed that if you dodge all the bullets during the "random directions shots" and then jump and keep holding (X) to hover the Fine Play won't appear. Also, when the dog has the camera and look at Call to shoot even if you get hit by the bullets the fine play message will appear. I've tried many other ways but none of them worked, everything you could imagine... Even changed game setting and did some combinations.
  10. I've posted about it on the playstationtrophies forum and an user said that the trophies are probably cross platform and we can get it on ps4. But not everyone has access to a ps4 so let's try to find the solution. I agree with you PyroDragon64, if you want to try it on co-op feel free to send me a friend request.