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  1. How do you use cheats? I did everything right but when I go into race and hit the correct d pad combo nothing happens. On the new character/career screen I see the text in the bottom left.
  2. It wouldn't let us in the severer at all for some reason, just keep saying connecting or waiting for challenge. Maybe in the character screen you have to change it.
  3. Anyone know what awaiting challenge means? I tried with 2 ps4s and a buddy and it just kept saying that. It wouldn't load into the match maybe you need more than 3 players for the power duel?
  4. On my third playthrough on the very first secret it unlocked.
  5. My first playthrough on medium with no cheats did not pop force sight (find all secrets). My second playthrough with cheats also did not unlock the trophy. I'm going to play on easy with no cheats and try again and yes I'm 100 percent I got all secrets.
  6. LOL, you guys are funny. How easy? Ever try the Telltale games?
  7. Deadly premonition and got it on my birthday. The only survivor horror game I like.