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  1. I continued game from Chapter Select, so the save I had in the end didn’t have all collectibles, but I still got all trophies (The Ascendant). I did do every level 100% before leaving, so it might not work if you didn’t. Don’t know.
  2. Yes. I got all other trophies. Seems to work for most, so it’s the region switch that causes this. Hopefully this gets fixed soon, and we don’t have to get 40 coins again from scratch… third time. Any other way we can report this? Or does it matter?
  3. Same here, cannot get trophy from first minigame to pop. I had (PAL) version of Ape Escape (PS4) installed. It updated. Changed to NTSC immediately without any kind of saving and began to play.
  4. Yes. Same with Life is Strange Remastered Collection. Still says in their site that there is a PS5 version, it can be even clicked. But there is not. Game is also total carbage, and we are still waiting for promised fixes.
  5. I don’t think there is gonna be PS5 version at all. They mean PS4 game works with PS5..
  6. That 0 coins ”bug” seemed to always happen in course tracks, not circuit. Course = point to point, %, no laps. Weird if no one else had it, I had it in both PS4 and PS5, and it made online definitely less nice.
  7. This is what I think too. I didn’t have PS4 save before, so doubt it will help you. I was also thinking Unlink might help, but was also scared to try it. And no one here had to use it? and it still worked for them. Anyway the grind wasn’t so bad, not even 2nd time.
  8. PS+ monthly (PS5) games usually include both PS4 and PS5 versions.
  9. Nothing transferred or popped for me. Had over 100 000 coins and 6000 gears. Everything is reseted, playing one race offline and online also didn’t help. My PS+ is on another account so no cloud save if it matters, but it should not? This could have prevented long grind. And I did connect and play online with over 100 000 coins that I still have right now.
  10. Always podium, often win. Has happened 3 times today.
  11. Why do I sometimes get 0 credits? Public lobby, races last many minutes.
  12. I believed that. It’s still not Quick Race like trophy says, and makes people think it has to be done legit.
  13. Have to buy again I think.
  14. But that would be against the trophy description.
  15. Yeah, it's the best PS5 game I have ever played. Those graphics man.. I can still see them, when I close my eyes. Just add a square in the middle.