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  1. Second track is not even hard, well at least I can beat it every single time now after blue series, and I used to suck at drifting. Just saying if you avoided it while getting 50 trackmasters like me. So I did 1-40 (not all were easy..) + 47, 51, 56, 58, 59, 61, 63, 67, 68, 72, 73, 79 = 52. Some blue series ones also seemed easy considering I could beat gold's by many seconds in first attempts, but I didn't check or try trackmaster times anymore.
  2. ^^ In case you are wondering, not true. No minigames in digital version.
  3. -
  4. Ok, I finally managed to get it after numerous "successful" attempts. I'll try to recollect what I did this time, if it helps anyone with the same problem. Im not sure. First area (with 1 tower that you can activate, and turn the following "gate" white): I collected some flowers to improve my tail, and activated the tower. Then i flew carefully through the upper "hole", and there was no black stuff flying around (this usually happened with the lower hole, not sure if matters). Second area (with 3 big activable towers): Again I collected some flowers that hit my way, but not many. I took some blue and red flowers, but not many. And whites too. Then I activated all the towers. Before you head to the next area, be sure that your tail is decent enough for flying. But you don't need to collect many flowers for that. Third area: Fly over the collapsed gate. No problems here. Then, move carefully through the maze. You don't need to collect all the blue flowers. I took 1, and it was enough for the trophy. Stop before the white flowertail, which leads to the collapsing area. Final area: Collect the white flowers. Move very slowly towards the first coloured flower. After you hit it, acceleration takes you, you don't press any buttons anymore. Move very quickly to the left, and upwards too. Stay left. Move your controller around a bit while staying in the upper left. This may be important! In the halfway area without collapsing stuff, make quick movements to the center of the area. This might be important. But you don't need to collect any flowers anymore. Be sure to move back to the upper left area before the collapsing starts again. If you get "stuck" at some point, just move your controller around like you do anyway. You will get "stuck" in the very end too. Just move to the center (no collapsing happens anymore), move around and press any button to fly to the exit. Before I pressed start, I waited for like 30-40 seconds. And kept moving my contoller around the whole time. Press start, keep moving your contoller a bit. It saves, trophy came short afterward.
  5. Yeah, it seems like a perfect way, until you try to get the "Pure" trophy. I think it's bugged too, no damage taken, still no trophy. Have to do it in the certain way. Funny to try to guess what way it is, or is it based solely on luck, while trying to avoid electric shocks and to do it all over again. But awesome game, other than that. Almost as good as Journey. No multiplayer features whatsoever.