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  1. Yeah, it's the best PS5 game I have ever played. Those graphics man.. I can still see them, when I close my eyes. Just add a square in the middle.
  2. Took me 2 tries Maybe being semi-good in racing games helps.
  3. I'm stuck in Elliot's house (needs a cloth/poncho). I don't have it yet, and cannot get out. Door is closed. What can I do? E. Had to scratch the curtain. Are you offline? That would explain it. Have to connect to servers every 2 weeks to keep plus games. Great game! Just what we need. As good as Forbidden West imo, and not too long.
  4. It took me sometimes several hours to update. I was frustrated as I got nothing, but it always updated it later.
  5. Same thing happened to me. Collected everything else before Citadel (last level), saved in the beginning and loaded it later. It started in the end boss battle. I could save one of the guys before that. After end battle it was possible to go back and collect everything else, but no power cells. Every time I saved one of the guys, game crashed and save file corrupted! It then fixed the save file, but it was impossible to see cutscenes and see the story like it was meant to be, and it was impossible to collect all power cells without debug mode cheat, as the game keep crashing and didn't save them. But I did collect everything I could fair. Never used debug mode before the bug happened. Ruined my game experience. Game also crashed before and had some other bugs, and fps dropped badly all the time.
  6. I'm happy to get F40, 50% cars & platinum. I was planning to uninstall at the end of month, so this F40 came at a very good time, or last moment.
  7. What can I say.. even the main screen has huge visual bug. 60fps mode looks like PS2 game. I have to play in 30fps mode and I hate that. Original game was 60fps. Full of bugs too. Everything is either too dark or too bright, there is no right gamma setting. I loved the original games, but would never pre-order this mess again. Or buy anything else they make. And they will not fix it, they never fixed True Colors either. It crashes every time.
  8. Shame the plat didn't need much skills or driving time. Well, normally I would be happy with that, but this game is so good. I really enjoy doing Circuit Experiences for example. And now when these are not needed for the plat, it takes something away. But I will continue to do SP content and follow updates. Never liked online in these games, but seriously, three tracks per week? That's it? Feels like a demo. I got so bored the first week.
  9. Did I win? 5 seconds past. Could have been 4, so this makes me worried. Very worried.
  10. I noticed platinum rarity is going up suddenly, it was 1.19 some days ago, and now 1.28. It has been going down steadily for years, now up, and we can expect it to continue (yesterday it was 1.26). The thing is, looks like no one has got platinum recently. I haven't noticed something like that before. This didn't happen to other games. Does someone have an explanation?
  11. Sorry but this explains nothing.
  12. I had no idea either the first day, was 1s behind, but also tired. The next day I watched one youtube video for driving lines, braking points etc. and after that it was easy, got gold by 0.8 seconds. Very surprised. It was hard for others too. Reddit suggested trying brake balance +2 and TCS 0, TCS 1 before corkscrew till the end. I found 0/0+0 fastest. Maybe it's a bit easier after update. Monza was my last 15th all gold for now, and that was very weird. One sector was so hard it took me almost an hour. Others were also not easy. Then I got full lap gold on my very first try, with average lap. Or more like full of mistakes. Gold times are not very consistent.
  13. I have also got 1.3M car recently, 1M car not long ago too. More (useless) car parts too, and even one special engine part not available for purchase. Now it's not always the worst cash pile. In the beginning it was 9/10 time. But I have never got more than 30K cash.
  14. Set console resolution to 1080p, HDR off. Restart console. Should work now.
  15. Or buy a controller, then return it to store. But 2 controllers is not a bad requirement. 3 would be. 2 controllers are "needed anyway".
  16. What I don't understand is that with maxed out Speed stat every opponent is still just as fast (base speed). I was wondering if I should aim for other stats instead, if enemies are cheating anyway. But haven't tried that yet. Races and cups have been tricky at times, and definitely need some luck, but are still manageable. Also cannot get the key from first world, that requires 100 rings from a single drift. Have done 100+ and 150+ multiple times, getting platinum also, but it's not unlocking.
  17. I can't get PS Remote Play + AutoHotkey to work (remote connection + manual clicks do work). Anyone have a script that works? I have tried many, and tried to do my own. Only totally messed up my computer. Does it really matter how I name my script file? But that didn't help either. Is there any good turbo attachment for PS5 controller? Nevermind, I use old Logitech Gaming Software (9.02) and older G502 mouse now, and I can set it to record keyboard clicks, and repeat them from G buttons.
  18. My method for fast xp (and level up cash) 1) Make new Championship with 6 x easy 10s oval track (press L1 once to find it, it's first) 2) Set all things easiest, but quali + race 3) Start quali, do one lap, better than 11.89s 4) Return to pit 5) End session 6) Keep pressing X so it goes fast 7) Race starts, give up from menu as soon as you can 8) Keep pressing X 9) Now you are running another quali, repeat until 6th quali 10) Right after getting xp, close game 11) Start game again and make new Championship This may sound complicated, but it's not at all. Only boring. Game is bugging or something, so every loading race takes longer and longer. For me 6th race still starts quite fast. 7th takes forever. That's why it's necessary to quit game after every 6 qualis. This will give you 32500 xp / one quali lap. Faster xp than Time Attack, and no need to drive that nauseating short track much. Xp will be almost as much as video above, I guess, but it's way easier. At least for me. And the xp shown in the screen when it gives it is bugged as well. Right after that opens loading screen. Wipe left to see correct xp / money. When you are in this loading screen it's safe to close game. This still takes quite long and is annoying, but easier than driving when tired.
  19. Yes, currently has every DLC. This might change later, but it's unlikely.
  20. The most popular miles track I used had average speed of around 130 km/h (80 miles/hour) with top speed of 160 km/h, but it's average that matters of course. After collision it goes to 70 km/h or so. Also it kept randomly crashing sometimes, but goes over 1 hour. Same here, but he does have that trophy.
  21. (Career mode) was quite boring, but sometimes "enjoyable". 7/10 or less. Trophy list is also boring, but easy. Takes some time, but not too long. I don't know how previous Dirt games are like, but handling of most cars in this game is horrible, some are drivable but again quite boring. Like in those Gymkhana events, it's so frustrating that going straight and hitting anything you want is near impossible, if you are not going 100% straight well before it. And even then it's hard. No control at all. Car always randomly sliding around. Those are hardest part of the game most likely, but still quite easy. Some oval sprint races are impossible with default difficulty / aid settings. This is a fact and a bug. Later "exact same" sprints are as easy as rest of the game. It's just not fun game to drive / play. I also have Dirt 2.0, so will check it out some day. It's supposed to be better. Now playing it all again on PS4 after PS5. Didn't want to play worse version first and no save transfer that way. But PS4 version seems to be exactly the same. Same graphics / FPS. Only missing triggers. Maybe I was a bit too harsh. It's not bad and can be fun too, but some car/track combos are unacceptable imo. Usually tarmac ones. 7/10. Good graphics for PS4, not bad music. Certainly not worst racing game.
  22. I also expected more from the graphics. Even with Image Quality mode. 120hz mode looks like crap. Haven't tried PS4 version. All settings are correct. Looks like a decent PS4 game. So there is nothing really wrong with the graphics, but I believed it to look better as it's been a popular showcase game for new consoles. Don't like the style either.
  23. ---
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  25. 233 hours after this damn trophy is still not popping. Aaand now I got it. Lol. Nice surprise. Won tournament, bought tournament items (1000) and it popped. So Stocked trophy takes around 235 hours, for anyone wondering. If you use all the tricks. Good luck...