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  1. Pretty neat. I posted about this weeks ago and was mostly met with doubts so here's my moment to say It was not a "made up rumor"... I told you so. 😎
  2. i can only speak for myself but "All together now" definitely did NOT auto pop for me.
  3. This is correct. Re-joining voids the trophy. You have to be in the game from the start for it to count now. Also In other news I've read that some kind of checkpoint system might be considered in the future but nothing confirmed. Edit: Here is where what I believe is the developer being open to the idea, since some people think I'm making things up. Once again nothing confirmed but not a rumor.
  4. That happenens because there's currently a glitch where the gladiator's axe insta-kills the Mama back. It'll probably be fixed in the next dead ops patch.
  5. People have reported getting it so that's definitely not the case. Epic even recently changed the requirement for the quest.
  6. Prepare the floodgates to open of people making sessions looking for level 48+ players.
  7. Without a doubt the worst trophy ever!
  8. Trophies should be fixed when the new season start's tomorrow. Source - https://trello.com/c/zqtqZQFy/1398-ps4-trophies-not-being-awarded-correctly
  9. Looks like the trophies will be fixed in the next game update as I predicted and the new season will start tomorrow. I hope they don't mess this up! https://trello.com/c/zqtqZQFy/1398-ps4-trophies-not-being-awarded-correctly
  10. A fix seems very likely. Most of the other Save the world bugs went from "under investigation" to "fixed in the next update" today... except the trophies. Updates are 2-3 weeks apart so if trophies don't get fixed next Tuesday/Wednesday, my guess is there's a good chance it'll happen in August's second update. We'll see.
  11. Good news. Looks like Epic has acknowledged the bugged trophies and are working to get it fixed. https://trello.com/c/zqtqZQFy/1398-ps4-trophies
  12. Thank you for saying this. I invite anyone here to plat Fortnite and then tell me Injustice or any other game is the "worst grind ever", its hilarious.
  13. Not probably. Fortnite is the grindiest. I can't believe you're the only one here that mentioned it. Honestly the grind puts all the other games mentioned here to shame.
  14. I dare anyone here complaining to plat Fortnite (save the world) and then still tell me this is the worst grind. I promise you wont make it half way before wishing it was as short as Youngblood. I'm not even finished with Fortnite yet and I will never complain about another grind in a game ever again in my life and yes, i've done Dragon Ball FighterZ too.
  15. Yes the cut content sucks but nobody is entitled to a rare plat, devs don't owe you anything. Next time don't buy it, how about that.