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  1. Without a doubt the worst trophy ever!
  2. Trophies should be fixed when the new season start's tomorrow. Source - https://trello.com/c/zqtqZQFy/1398-ps4-trophies-not-being-awarded-correctly
  3. Looks like the trophies will be fixed in the next game update as I predicted and the new season will start tomorrow. I hope they don't mess this up! https://trello.com/c/zqtqZQFy/1398-ps4-trophies-not-being-awarded-correctly
  4. A fix seems very likely. Most of the other Save the world bugs went from "under investigation" to "fixed in the next update" today... except the trophies. Updates are 2-3 weeks apart so if trophies don't get fixed next Tuesday/Wednesday, my guess is there's a good chance it'll happen in August's second update. We'll see.
  5. Good news. Looks like Epic has acknowledged the bugged trophies and are working to get it fixed. https://trello.com/c/zqtqZQFy/1398-ps4-trophies
  6. Thank you for saying this. I invite anyone here to plat Fortnite and then tell me Injustice or any other game is the "worst grind ever", its hilarious.
  7. Not probably. Fortnite is the grindiest. I can't believe you're the only one here that mentioned it. Honestly the grind puts all the other games mentioned here to shame.
  8. I dare anyone here complaining to plat Fortnite (save the world) and then still tell me this is the worst grind. I promise you wont make it half way before wishing it was as short as Youngblood. I'm not even finished with Fortnite yet and I will never complain about another grind in a game ever again in my life and yes, i've done Dragon Ball FighterZ too.
  9. Yes the cut content sucks but nobody is entitled to a rare plat, devs don't owe you anything. Next time don't buy it, how about that.
  10. Small world z-Blazee! Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise
  11. Initially i missed your post but just came back and noticed it. This doesn't violate crap, its a co-op game. Don't like it? tough luck. If anything you owe everyone here an apology and if anyone should get reported its YOU because your user name uses a play on a derogatory word towards women. See how I can cry about something dumb too...
  12. Thanks to UlvenFenrir for still helping after all this time, we got it done easily in just a few minutes 👍