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  1. I read about "the rubber banding stops if so and so". In literally every single race until i picked the Bugatti myself i was pulling ahead of people, as far ahead as close to 20sec on freeway, yet they always caught up and then with the 10km left the Enemy Bugatti presses its cheat button and reks you. Pick the Bugatti yourself and apparently the enemy gets downs syndrome and also doesnt rubber band anymore.
  2. And ofc the sec after i post this i pick the Bugatti myself and win by over 20sec. But the interesting thing was that even from the start, when playing with the bugatti it felt like the enemy stopped rubber banding. I feel VERY sure that there is something going on in the sense that if u dont have the bugatti yourself you will get rubber banded and smoked by the enemy bugatti every single race. Take care.
  3. Hey guys, final stretch at platting this. Do have the DLC. I have ONE race left and its seacrest tour. I have seen people say "This is easy, i won with 20-40sec to spare" or "The AI stops rubberbanding after first highway section". I played the track prob ten times tonight. About 7-8 of those with 0 crashes and the formula is always the same. At around 7-10 the Bugatti activates what feel like a blatant cheatbutton and gets +10000000000 to speed and handling and just fucks me everytime. he is so fast that even slipstream or NOS keeps on to him. At one point i thought i had it cuz the dude crashed with 4km left, yet he was literally back overtaking me within 3sec..even though a crash screen is usually 5 sec. I was wondering if there was a patch that made this harder? Is the Bugatti still there without DLC?(since its a dlc car)
  4. So even if i have the DLC downloaded i will only be able to access it with the full game?
  5. So i only need the Pirates DLC for Littlebigplanet(ps3) to get 100%. Since the DLC is the american version i need an american game. I dont feel like spending 20 dollars on the base game and im wondering if i would be able to run the dlc and unlock trophies by installing the demo version of LBP? Or demo games in general.
  6. Its a cheater
  7. Out of the loop. What's the bug with it ? And is there a workaround ?
  8. Thats one of the solutions i tried that did not work. It also tells me i could not install it cuz another type of it is already on my computer(there is an older version on my computer but since its system related im too scared to remove it lol)
  9. So i thought i wanted to check out the whole psnow on pc thing. Downloaded the app from sonys site, installed aaaaaand got hit with a "This program can not launch. MSVCP120.dll filke missing from system". Im running windows 8.1 OS. I googled how to resolve this issue(though could not find a context regarding ps now) i also tried the solutions suggested, nothing makes it go away. Did any of you encounter this in regards to ps now? and how did you fix it?
  10. I just looked it up on ps now..it says Twisted Metal(1997)...is that a typo? The 1997 makes you believe its the ps1 game
  11. Right. But a public rented server where I can kick people will work just fine right ?
  12. Even in a 1v3 private game ?
  13. Can you get the mvp trophy through private server with four people ?
  14. Any tip for quickly getting max rank this way ?
  15. The mvp has to be in ranked thou right ? Seems impossible then