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  1. Hey guys. I'm thinking of getting this game. Tried it way back in beta and it seemed fun back then. I see there has been issues with trophies as recent as December. What are things like now? Is everything obtainable on a fresh save file for a newcomer? And can any trophies be gotten offline against bots? If so, which? Also what's the playerbase like? Thanks
  2. Just type in kreeper v mein leben, on YouTube. Same for Flipy Fliperson.
  3. I used a mishmash of Kreeper V(most reccomended guy on here) and Flip Flipersons runs.
  4. Im not kidding when i say this is harder for me than it was doing Mein leben on Wolfenstein 2. Why? Cuz it feels completely random with very little skill involved. I watch youtube videos but i still cant do it. Its weird, cuz back on ps3 i did it within like three thries, cause the cops wrecked themselves. As i said, random as shit. The worst enemy in the game is not the cops themselves, its the freeze frame "introducing" the cop about to pursue you, cause when the game starts again it will often throw you straight into a crash. How the fuck do i beat this shit? Before i break my controller in pure frustration.
  5. Any idea which ones are supposedly easier with a friend?
  6. Im kinda confused here. Can i get everything while simply playing single player campaign(as long as im connected to the internet) or are there any trophies which require an actual boosting partner?
  7. Having never played mp3 the people arguing about "i spend x tries on game 1 and x tries on game 2, therefore game 1 is easier" are kinda making no sense. Considering they also said they practiced 50 hours and watched 40 hours of footage, on the game they just said was easier due to amount of tries.
  8. Those chapter one deaths are soul draining. I would advice you not to do skips. In my opinion you are risking runs on parts that aren't even hard. Keep plugging. I believe in you !
  9. Do you know what season pass usually discounts for? Cause i just realized that the deluxe edition(which has the season pass) is currently on discount
  10. Hey. I was thinking about buying dlc now and get 100% while I'm still trained in the game. But the price is kinda steep for the season pass. Anyone knows how often it goes on sale, and more importantly, how big the discount usually is?
  11. I still have to go back and do that. Any tips?
  12. As someone who also has the pure pool platinum, did you go for 100%, or left it at platinum?
  13. When i realized two trophies in The crew had glitched on me, and the ubisoft support people refused to reset my profile. Also, when i accidentally suicided 15' minutes before the end of a wolfenstein 2 mein leben run.
  14. Yeah loads of places that can be speeded through. Manhattan 1 and the roswell lift part springs to mind. Same with the very last part of Venus 1. Hell even the first part of roswell is a speed run, consider you just jump from rail to train straight after powering it up. Yeah it's funny, the game is for the most part actually easier after court room(even though i have never died in the court room and consider it rather safe). The hardest singular part of the game is, in my opinion, literally the very first part. The game itself is not hard, but the hard part is to not fuck up anything for 3-5 hours straight, and hope to not suffer a freak accident death or glitched enemies that kills you through terrain.
  15. As you said yourself, it's fifty fifty. I would rather take longer and be 99% sure it will work, than maximum coin flipping a run that has been going for several hours.