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  1. So, trying to do the clubs DLC boosting with a second controller. But i cant. My main account takes a good while before it logs on to the RL servers, but it does. Then i join with my alt account(which is logged in on psn) and after that it just refuses to log my alt account onto the RL server, ever. Meaning i cant do a damn thing. Any solution to this?
  2. What do you mean? Are those methods for solo? Reading the comments it sounds like a two player thing
  3. Trying to get back into this to get the level 99 trophy so i can grab my plat. Currently level 55 and it seems like everything moves SO SLOW and that you barely get xp. Any way to make this go just KINDA quick? thinking solo xp here.
  4. As somebody who just started GRID...why the hell is each season(DLC) SO expensive
  5. You wont keep your scard. However, if you collected all "secrets" you can pickup the white scarf in the hub world, which is significantly longer than the base scarf, and will auto regenerate energy.
  6. At the end of palce of the peculiar there is a switch trigger that requires a clown nose. I have the nose(since i picked it up in the locomotive stage and it shows in the stats for that stage) but it doesnt show within my sticker collection, effectively shutting me out of 100% prize bubbles on Palace of the peculiar. Anybody has a workaround or something? Thanks.
  7. I swear, your table seems smaller than mine by quite the margin...weird
  8. Is Sol 2 the one where the track is missing side barriers most places? if so, i had the exact same thought way back when i platted the game. Keep perfecting your racing lines and for the love of god squeeze in barrel rolls. It will come eventually
  9. I stand corrected then It probably falls under "Fixed explotis on various maps and modes" on the mid February patch. Well...fucking good luck beating that mission legit...
  10. It is working. I just read patch notes, and it has not been patched. So it still works.
  11. Thanks for your answer. I got two questions for you What keyboard did you use? How long did you practice each day, and did you focus on this game solely or also played other games in between(yeah ok technically that was three questions) Nah i aint underestimating it, and i realize that my chances of actually getting the plat are super duper small, but i wanted to try the game out regardless, since its notorious.
  12. I saw in the guide that a keyboatd is highly reccomended. So i wanted to ask those who platted it, wether they used a keyboard or a dualshock controller?
  13. Playing with the idea of setting up a youtube channel based around trophy talking. Does anybody have some good inputs on a good starter budget mic that will do the job and produce decent sound quality? An obvious choice would be Blue Yeti, but im looking for something cheaper to begin with. Maybe the Blue Snowball? Anybody god any experience with that one? Reccomendations appreciated !
  14. Does any ops give more than the other? Or playing the simple five wave town center ops is best?
  15. I have no turbo controller, but i hear the target range thing was patched out anyway. So whats currently percieved as the fastest way to level ?