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  1. AWP

    I remember it did not pop for me and i was so damn bummed and empty inside. The dude i was boosting with asked if i would continue helping him, which i did while my mind was on autopilot and fuming over the trophy not popping. Then all of a sudden...DING!
  2. AWP

    Protip btw. Dont panick if it doesnt pop. Star over, and it should pop at some point.
  3. Lovely...does any sort of warranty cover that with Sony? Or am i just forced to do it myself
  4. But was ur problem just that it couldnt read discs? Or did you discs actually get smudged etc?
  5. Is this a known thing? Also, does this mean its the laser that is destroying the discs?
  6. A good while back i bought a bunch of brand new games, all from the same store that i always buy from. The other day i popped in and installed Just cause 3. the system informed it could not read the disc, after a bit of back and forth it finally booted the game, only to be met with a shutdown(can not read disc) 10 minutes later. I removed the disc and noticed two scratches and a largeish smudge(like from a grease finger), it could not be wiped off. I figured the game was faulty from the beginning. Five minutes ago i installed and updated Killzone shadow fall, again same issue with readin the disc. I took it out and noticed several of the aforementioned large smudges, again they did not wipe off. Im starting to believe my console is doing it. While installing the update files it sounded like the disc was struggling real hard in there. However, i did install and complete Shenmue(also from same batch of games from same store) with absolutely no problem. Has anyone ever encounted a problem like this? And is it reasonable to believe its my PS4 doing this to the discs, or should i write it off as faulty discs from the get go.
  7. Two years(or was it 3) years ago i had the exact same problem in that Little Big planet game on the vita that is basically an endless runner. I killed 1000 enemies and it popped in game, but it has NEVER popped after syncing. Nobody had an answer, not even the devs or sony.
  8. Did not even realize there was one
  9. Is KingSuperOne the guy who also has a youtube channel where he rates peoples trophy lists? I dont dislike casuals, if we assume casual means you play God of war, Spiderman, Shenmue etc. Easy games but actual games. When i mean "serious" i just mean people who dont spam rat games or 15min x8 stack platinums etc. As you said, thats not love for trophies. Imo those people have missed the point of trophy hunting(though i understand why people at the very top of the leaderboards have to do it)
  10. Hey guys, as most people here i like hunting trophies(duh). But i often find it a lonely experience unless you are in the process of boosting something. I was wondering if there is any serious PS messages group/Discord group where trophy hunters "talk shop" both through text and voice. The reason i say "serious" is that i dont take spamhunters serious in any way shape or form Any inputs would be appreciated ! Thanks.
  11. I was frustrated like you. Then i saw a video of a guy walking through with 0 bees and it helped me a lot, especially the boss fights. Did it in 10 tries with 7 bees to spare.
  12. N++ i guess
  13. The boss has a set pattern mate, he does not do things randomly.
  14. Did it on 10th attempt with 11 bees left
  15. Granted, i only tried 3 times so far cuz when i fail i need a days break cuz the section is long and im never up for instant retrying it.