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  1. It is indeed a ps plus title. It worked fine two weeks ago. That seems super weird ! Hopefully they will fix it.
  2. I wanted to check up on the online thing. I was surprised to find out i couldn't open the game anymore, and it wanted me to re-download it. So i did that, and then it says "ready to install" . . When i click install it goes to 15% and says "could not install". Has this happened to anybody else?
  3. Another game i can't finish. Our pain is real.
  4. Oh god. I pushed fashion accessory forever, cause i had not advanced for enough in the game to do it. Literally reminded myself two days ago, to " do it soon ". Well, lesson learned i guess
  5. Wait. Are you saying i can't do the fashion accessory trophy anymore?
  6. I just started today. Figured i would get party patrol out of the way early. Yet it seems very very difficult to find games. I found one so far, in the mosh pit variant. Does it matter wether it's elimination or mosh pit?
  7. It's so much fun, and nothing is glitched. I 100% it on both switch and ps4
  8. Why would it be a rally game? It's called dirt 5, not dirt rally. It's clearly an arcade racer, and very fun and relaxing. It does get repetitive though.
  9. I read somewhere that someone got his saved corrupted both in the hard drive and in the cloud. But I'm unsure wether the cloud you copy your save states to manually are the same as the cloud they are automatically saved to. In short, am i fine by simply manually cloud uploading?
  10. So. . Is it also impossible to publish levels on lbp vita now?
  11. Since the mmr is broken atm, the patch should make adept killers easier to be honest
  12. I was wondering wether the platinum relics in this game are more forgiving than in the other three? or is it equally hard? Or harder?
  13. It's broken. The developers are aware, and supposedly working on a fix
  14. Nah it's constantly when close in a chase. They will warp further forward, further backwards. Sound like they get hit, but they don't. Delayed pallet drops etc. They can even unhook people in front of me cause I'm not able to hit them. It's horrible. If i play any other online game on pjawptatgm,there is no problem. If i play league of legends on pc my ping is 25-50. But dead by daylight . . Warp fest at 4-500 ping. Survivors openly mocking me. It's super frustrating.
  15. As i said. My ping is giga high . . Apparently no way to make it go down