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  1. I got the platinum by playing with strangers.
  2. Can you explain why it becomes easier?
  3. I read somewhere, that due to the way some bosses are set up, its easier to solo the zombie trophies, than playing as a team. Apparantly having a team makes it harder. Thing is, i blow at zombies. Am i still better off soloing? Or is it a myth to begin with?
  4. I had versatile showman and extra mile glitch when i did the game some years back. Over the years i tried getting ubi to delete my save. They also gave me the " it's not possible" speech. Even though i provided examples of guys who got it done(with support response to prove it). Seriously, screw those guys so hard.
  5. I appreciate your encouragement but my problem is, i have great difficulties sinking even the simplest shot, since nine out of ten times the ball doesn't go where it says it will go
  6. I cleared 9 ball quickly, and have moved to rotation. The problem is, i can't punish the mistakes the opponent makes, simply cause i have little to no involvement where there ball goes. I beat expert pool in Kiwami no problem. Hell, I'm even one of the very few people to obtain the platinum in pure pool. But in this game . . . I feel like i literally have no control over my own fate. I think we might have ! Well, I'm fine with difficult mini games. If they are skill dependant. The problem is, this is not.
  7. I know the pool physics are notorious in this game. Somebody said it's cause it uses the ps3 controller sensitivity, and the ps4 controller is much more sensitive. Hell I'm using a ps5 controller. My question is, how do i win here? There seems to be no rhyme or reason here. It's all random. Sometimes the ball hits the target like intended. Sometimes it goes opposite of where you aimed, and sometimes it goes a 100% to the side of where you aimed. i don't see how that can be explained with sensitivity? Especially not given that it Sometimes literally goes in opposite direction. But, how do i win? I can luck out in 9 ball. But probably not the other modes.
  8. Shut up and take my money
  9. Is this glitched? Or how come nobody has the platinum ?
  10. So what is important, in your view?
  11. Do you have some tips for how to approach combat?
  12. I simply followed the trophy guide. So i picked the ring that makes item finding happen more often. Provi something ring. Playing as royal class, cuz trophy guide
  13. I bought Demons souls today, having never played a soulsborne game, and lord do i suck I did manage to beat Phalanx on first attempt(yay!) but i had died 4 times or so to get there, and completely ignoring that one big guy with a shield that blocks your way on top of the wall, the one time i approached him i got instagibbed. Im really looking for some tips here. Im currently just 2 handing the weapon since i read that one might as well not block, and only roll. Combat tips? Item build? What stats to max? Help!
  14. The list actually made me go an cancel my preorder. Not gonna stress about 50 kills and a 2k grind until i know how this plays out for other people
  15. Trophy whores is a subgenre of trophy hunters, neither is a main target audience