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  1. I see some of you say keep boost at all times. How??? Boosting on a straight road seems very hard since you bring yourself in a weird angle when starting the drift.
  2. Literally can not beat even the N.Trophy times. Does anyone have any tips? I try to triple boost but i find it very difficult to get into a beneficial way and angle to triple boost or boost in general on straight areas since it puts me at odd angles. Im literally not even close to beating the times. First level and im like 5 sec after N.Trophy. Wtf....i dont remember sucking this bad on ps1.
  3. The Killzone 2 one "Valor grand cross" where you had to be top 1% on the multiplayer leaderboard. Towards the end before server shutdown i put so so so many hours in, and i was in the top 1%...unfortunately THAT specific weekend the server decided to glitch so it did not reset at the end of the week. After that i decided to say screw it and let it go, since competition was heating up. Literally means i can never get the platinum in it.
  4. I shoulda made myself clear. I got the game, but everytime trial/race you are loaded into the game against other opponents which makes it super stressfull
  5. Guys is there any way to play single player? Its kinda stressing that in every track you are being pitted against other people.
  6. So basically, nothing in the UH NG+ playthrough will get harder from having Frozen Wilds installed?
  7. Hey guys, im about to wrap up my first playthrough but i was wondering, what now? Do i play the NG+ on UH first? I know you can not change difficulty in NG+ so wouldnt that technically mean that after NG+ i would have to do frozen wild on ultra hard too? If i do Frozen wild first and level up to 60 what happens when i start NG+ on UH? Will i be able to play through the main game as level 60? Does anything change in the main game(and the UH ng+ run)by having Frozen wild installed? In terms of difficulty ramping up(or down) compared to if it wasnt installed
  8. Weird...considering on PS4 u can get it "anywhere"
  9. Hey guys, when the random message that could cause system bricking went around i changed my settings so only friends can send me messages. Which makes group chats very akward cause i can not see any messages except the one guy that im friends with in the group. So question is, is it safe to enable all messages again? Or is that stuff still floating around?
  10. People can do what they want, but i find people who do easy plats for the sake of them being easy absolutely pathetic. Now, some easy games are okay. Like telltale games etc cuz they have substance. I have Tetra Escape, but i played it without guide and i liked the little puzzler. But people who plays those 1-20min plat or JAP novels need to retire themselves from trophy hunting asap. Imo you hunt trophies for two reasons: Either as an accomplishment(kinda like winning a trophy irl sports) by beating decent games, wether is a well rounded trophy list from a triple A title, or some hard as nails indies. Or they play enjoyable games who happens to have an easy trophy list(Ratchet and clank, Spyro, Crash etc.). But you guys who spam and stack JAP novels, Slyde, Masagy, Mayo, Little praire etc..you guys are hardcore pathetic. Bring the downvotes.
  11. Hey guys, im a little confused about this game. Because the way i understand it super street fighter IV was an update to street fighter IV, and ultra street fighter IV basically an update to both. But the first two has two different trophy lists, the last one has none. So if i buy Ultra street fighter IV would i still earn trophies on my Street fighter IV trophy list while playing it?
  12. Have you thought about streaming your trophy hunting? If you are not already doing it. Idk about others but personally i would love to watch you.
  13. Surely reminds you of yourself in some of all those hard games you platted huh?
  14. This warms my heart. His joy is contagious. Imagine if there was a trophy for clearing a level like this.