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  1. The guide says that extra hard is unlocked after beating the game once. But other places it says you have to beat it on hard for it to unlock. Which is the correct take? Furthermore, the complete clear data save i use(which would have 100% completion list done) can i use that indefinitely ? Or only one other play through?
  2. I just started a new game + and the only item I can get as akiyama is the war god talisman. I wanted to give him beads of good fortune too, to run straight through. But it's in Kiryus inventory. Just like the sacred tree armor is in Tanimuras. Is there a work around? because in the clear data/premium adventure data(which you use to start ng+ there is no way to save after swapping in the item box
  3. Twice now i did the level getting 115/115 but it refuses to count the star that says "collected all coins". What the hell?
  4. The bicycle kick goal is the last i need for the stadium development. I just can't get it. I played about 40' games and I'm not even close. Once in a while i pull the animation off but it's not ever close to being powerful enough to go in. How the fuck am i supposed to do this?
  5. 100% is possible. They changed the stranger things DLC to generic trophies not tied to the DLC anymore. The devs are good at making sure nothing becomes unobtainable. You need to buy all chapter packs individually as far as i know
  6. Personally, i just copied the moves from a guy on YouTube who did it. Like you I wasn't doing well at first. then i watched a video and got it within a couple of rounds. I think i lasted til start 80s lol
  7. I can't remember if this game has a peerless tile? It doesn't, right? Does it have to be 50k in one game? It does, right? I got the platinum but can't remember, lol. anyways. Keep at it, at some point you will hit a big win that will be enough. I never stole, and never tried to do anything fancy. Just normal playing making simple hands. It will come eventually. If you get some red dora hands it's even better.
  8. DOA. Dead by daylight has this kinda genre on lock.
  9. I didn't. My point was, until about a month or two ago there was a glitched ghost where a 1:25 would be enough. He's gone though. Seems to not really be any "easy" ghosts left
  10. As the title states. I won two games in a row today, with my opponents quitting both times. The third game i got absolut dominated and lost 0-4, but i stayed until the end. Trophy popped. I'm pretty certain you have to stay. You would probably reset the streak by quitting, since it seems to use a finished game as a sort of check mark.
  11. Seeing all these people getting it on ottobiano with 1:25 or 1:26 times makes me sad. Here i am with 1:23 and shit out of luck cause I'm way to late to the party
  12. Can you give some tips on attacking/defending. Especially defending. Im tired of people just saying "jockey". That doesnt help for me
  13. I see bunch of people popping this. Yet im HARD struggling with winning(in fact i havent won a single game out of the 6 or so i played). Is there a way to boost this, or are people just getting it naturally? Furthermore, those who got it...what was your team rating?
  14. Cant i? Fighting is not hard if all you have to do is beat easy mode, and then blast through with golden gun in ex hard modes. I was never tested. Except ultimate battles
  15. Are you saying that even though im bad(ish) at the game, i can easily fight my way through ex hard normally?