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  1. And let me guess. The game still thinks im my old rank, so just going up to level 2 would need the same amount of RP as it would to go to the rank above the one i originally was?
  2. So if i understand you correctly. My ps3 character should still have his original pre transfer rank? Even if i have a ps4 char as well?
  3. Transferred my character from ps3 to ps4 back when it became avalaible. Booted up the ps3 today to go back and plat is on ps3 first. I still have all my cash when i go online and my char looks the same, have the same car etc. But my rank is completely reset. Was this supposed to happen?
  4. Unlocked and bought all room themes. I double and triple checked. No title no trophy. Careful if you are going for this.
  5. Almost nobody has it. Its really fun. I would advise you to pick it up.
  6. Hey guys, when i play some games on my ps4(example, TLOU remastered) it has a habit of going into overdrive and start to sound like airplanes are taking off inside my ps4. I figured "Hey prob fan clotted with dust" cuz it sounds like its the fan working overdrive. I opened the PS4 and surprisingly there was not a lot of dust in the fan, i cleaned it anyway. The sound appear slightly less now but at times still shows up heavily. What else can it be if not dust in the fan?
  7. How exactly to get this trophy? I feel like the description is kinda vague. Or does it simply mean you have to do story mode or online games while in a party with a friend?
  8. When does this release? It says May...but thats certainly not try since we are long past May.
  9. From what i can tell its a hacker. Considering it says one person here got it, but his name is not in here. So prob removed by admins for hack.
  10. I have it unlocked. It says 100% within the game...but trophy still has not unlocked. What the hell
  11. As far as i know there is no perks that aid you for story missions. This has been suggested before regarding the challenges. But it has also been disproven to be true. Some are just lucky, some arent.
  12. I have a game that i want to self boost(i have 2 ps3s). Unfortunately the game was bought waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back on an account i cant acces anymore., Is there any way to copy this game to a USB stick or the like and copy it to my second ps3?
  13. Its not hard, at all. The thing about COD and rarity is that the wast majority of people buying COD are people who buy it for the multiplayer and dont give 2 fucks about trophies. COD is one of the biggest franchises together with GTA. With SO many playing it and SO few going for trophies, it will automatically look rare. But it is not hard. On Black ops 3 had hard moments, and WaW with the grenade rain. Rest is cake
  14. Is it possible to play my ps3 char and then transfer AGAIN? instead of playing a char up twice?