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  1. That sounds weird, i did all the DLC for the game earlier this year with zero problems. Try delete and reinstall.
  2. After doing the entire campaign i was BARELY halfway there. Now im smashing repeat on elimination games and i feel like im barely moving the number. Am i missing a quick way to do this somehow?
  3. After getting the infarang i went back to two up to get the frames i was missing. My opals reset to zero, even though i have everything else in there...including the 300 opal stone. Wtf?
  4. Is there? Os is the only option to buy them seperately from the store, at a premium?
  5. So, being the idiot that i am..i bought the crimewave collection, thinking the base game was in there. It wasnt ! Im pretty decent at FPS games, and the COD series is a guilty pleasure of mine. But i hear the game has a bunch of glitches/bugs. Can you still reccomend me to get the game(to 100%), or should i leave it be?
  6. Im an idiot.,.i bought the Crimewave collection. I just forgot to notice it didnt include the actual game
  7. Wasnt that the Scarface one(there is a topic in the froum about it) but that one still seems to be in there
  8. I was looking at the crimewave collection edition, since its currently heavily discounter. But are some DLCs missing or something? In the collection,for example, is infamy 2.0 and Hardcore Henry missing(and they dont show up on add ons or through a search either). So whats the deal there?
  9. Hey guys, currently doing Madhouse run. Im stuck at mutated Jack. I dont have the item that nullifies all dmg when blocking. Jack two shots me. I dont know what the best strategy is. The ONLY way i seem to avoid the first hit is to immideatly jump into the water, after which he tailswipes me instead. The problem is, when im "upstairs" there is zero chance for me to avoid his attacks, meaning he can two shot me. I have the saw ofc(and the albert gun, and the reduced block damage item, the powerful version of the shotgun, the attack dmg up coin) ONCE i got down to what i assume was the last eye, and then died. Ul. EDIT: Did it the morning after this post. Got the plat. Thanks for your answers!
  10. Not exactly true. People where getting it before the glitch was discovered. Some even live on stream. Others just queue up with 3 friends to control the team games and help one guy win when possible.
  11. This guy(not me), runs a discord channel where he boosts 5 people through crotas end every friday, and gets people the Flawless raider trophy. He is an expert at it, basically. Feel free to join if you need the trophy! https://discord.com/invite/YjMtpNu
  12. This is a stupid argument mate. Hitman GO would exist with or without platinums. My name is mayo is made specificly for cash grabbing into the wallets of trophy whores. Nothing more, nothing less. People saying "I woulda bought it anyways cuz its a fun story" are lying to themselves. Pressing a button over and over has nothing to do with being a game with any sort of purpose. Not exactly true. Loads of people on this site gives a shit about peoples list. Many people "follow" the profiles of high skilled trophy hunters, to get inspiration. Loads of people value "a good list". If we boil it down, the people actively using PSNprofiles are peers, just like any other field(except trophy hunting obviously isnt, and shouldnt be taken as, a job).
  13. Did they nerf ops or something? Or why the kill confirmed? and When u say two controllers, is it a private lobby with just u and ur alt?
  14. I thought there would always be a small chance that he doesnt do zanmato. Atm with overdrive he zanmatos 8/10 times with 150-200k Im planning to just zanmato Penance...if i get there I came back to this game ten years later. Trying to blitz my unfinished ps3 backlog