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  1. I thought there would always be a small chance that he doesnt do zanmato. Atm with overdrive he zanmatos 8/10 times with 150-200k Im planning to just zanmato Penance...if i get there I came back to this game ten years later. Trying to blitz my unfinished ps3 backlog
  2. All other dark aeons dead. Monster arena done. Sphere grid filled out. About to wrap up the game, or so i thought. How am i supposed to wreck Dark Yojimbo? I saw the post about beating him without luck, and the "easy way to beat him with anima". Here is the problem: Because One-eye constantly dropped magic def spheres, thats what i filled the empty nodes with, all of them since it was a fast track to get it over with. To my surprise it seems to have screwed me now, since only magic def is 255. Strength on full grid is sitting at 200 while agility and defense are like 160-180. What the fuck do i do now? Anima has 24k hp meaning not the 30k advised in the "anima cheese strategy". Zanmato five times is not doable right. So wtf do i do now?
  3. Im thinking of starting youtube channel with trophy content/trophy talk and im looking for some recording software that is free, but also that will let you share your screen while recording. Any tips?
  4. Hey guys. After finishing my first playthrough on easy, i did the prologue thing where u can start ur NG+ as Grounded+. Unfortunately for me when i arrived at the first bloater in the gym i had zero ammo and no hp(meaning i move incredibly slow). If i back out to main menu and use mission select to put myself back hallways before the bloater, would the game still count it as a grounded+? Or just grounded? Also, does it matter wether my mission select save is on top of the NG+ file(the one with the bloater in the gym) or not?
  5. Question, since im thinking about buying this game. How do you downgrade a digital came to the base version? And why do u need to in this game?
  6. Isnt the video misleading? It says as long as you dont get the eliminated message you are safe. Shouldnt it be as long as you dont get Kudos? Cause i quit before the elimination screen(but while falling in the slime) and still get awarded kudos(and assuming win streak reset)
  7. I have been playing games since 1994 on the SNES...and i can honestly not remember a game that was as bad as this, ever. I bought this game on sale, and i guess i expected some fun A to B delivery challenges in a sort of fall guys/Overcooked mashup in terms of looks and physics. Instead, its hardcore ragdoll physics all the way through in the style of the old ps3 game Pain. Everything in this game is a chore, even walking is a chore. Forget about gold medalling stuff that doesnt involve the fragile packages, you will spend about a minute loading the packages on to the vehicle, until u suceed or give up and simply drag the packages where it needs to go. The physics makes the game an absolute stinker imo, and its the sole reason why i havent had a single second of fun so far(about halfway through), its absolutely infuriating every second of playtime. Shouout to the super cool stun animation that takes forever, everytime the character stubs his toe on something. Finally, lets not forget about the camera that tries to fuck it up for you every step of the way. I suck at this game, no doubt....but i also suck at super meat boy and trials fusion, yet they are great with tight gameplay, and FUN! Seriously, stay away from this dumpster fire.
  8. People have, most of them anyway, forgotten what trophies was originally about(accoplishments) and nowadays flood their profiles with 60 minutes or less plats and quadra stacks. They just want numbers and dont care what games are on their profiles. To answer your question, Ratalaika will keep doing what they do, because most people cant stop themselves from buying their way to trophies.
  9. Thats odd. You would think simple liars dice and poker would do the trick.
  10. Only one of those DLCs is free but yeah
  11. I have a standard RDR disc, and a GOTY edition disc, and two ps3. Can i boost the various trophies for my DLC account, with the non DLC account? Basically the DLC trophies that require two people, but are related to game modes found in the standard disc as well?
  12. Can i buy the GOTY edition USED, and still play/access the dlc? Or is it a one time use code only?
  13. Thanks mate, appreciate it !
  14. Currently sitting on end of chapter 6 on my impossible run, to wrap of this old gem. I was thinking about buying the tank suit DLC to make it more of a breeze. Would i have to start a new game after buying it? or can i jump straight into chapter 6 and get it in the store?
  15. So, trying to do the clubs DLC boosting with a second controller. But i cant. My main account takes a good while before it logs on to the RL servers, but it does. Then i join with my alt account(which is logged in on psn) and after that it just refuses to log my alt account onto the RL server, ever. Meaning i cant do a damn thing. Any solution to this?