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  1. Weird...considering on PS4 u can get it "anywhere"
  2. Hey guys, when the random message that could cause system bricking went around i changed my settings so only friends can send me messages. Which makes group chats very akward cause i can not see any messages except the one guy that im friends with in the group. So question is, is it safe to enable all messages again? Or is that stuff still floating around?
  3. People can do what they want, but i find people who do easy plats for the sake of them being easy absolutely pathetic. Now, some easy games are okay. Like telltale games etc cuz they have substance. I have Tetra Escape, but i played it without guide and i liked the little puzzler. But people who plays those 1-20min plat or JAP novels need to retire themselves from trophy hunting asap. Imo you hunt trophies for two reasons: Either as an accomplishment(kinda like winning a trophy irl sports) by beating decent games, wether is a well rounded trophy list from a triple A title, or some hard as nails indies. Or they play enjoyable games who happens to have an easy trophy list(Ratchet and clank, Spyro, Crash etc.). But you guys who spam and stack JAP novels, Slyde, Masagy, Mayo, Little praire etc..you guys are hardcore pathetic. Bring the downvotes.
  4. Hey guys, im a little confused about this game. Because the way i understand it super street fighter IV was an update to street fighter IV, and ultra street fighter IV basically an update to both. But the first two has two different trophy lists, the last one has none. So if i buy Ultra street fighter IV would i still earn trophies on my Street fighter IV trophy list while playing it?
  5. Have you thought about streaming your trophy hunting? If you are not already doing it. Idk about others but personally i would love to watch you.
  6. Surely reminds you of yourself in some of all those hard games you platted huh?
  7. This warms my heart. His joy is contagious. Imagine if there was a trophy for clearing a level like this.
  8. As the title says. If i buy Comrades and install it on my ps4 and then simply stop updating the patches would i still be able to get 100%? I read in one of the other posts that you can, but can anybody confirm for sure?
  9. Im assuming he had no idea who or what Spyro was but was simply hired to do a commercial..or has he stated he played it himself?
  10. Not sure where this commercial was aired or if its common knowledge by now, but this commercial for Spyro reignited trilogy feat. Snoop Dogg is funny as fuck. Check it out if you havent. Such a weird crossover. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXBdT5YusOU
  11. I read about "the rubber banding stops if so and so". In literally every single race until i picked the Bugatti myself i was pulling ahead of people, as far ahead as close to 20sec on freeway, yet they always caught up and then with the 10km left the Enemy Bugatti presses its cheat button and reks you. Pick the Bugatti yourself and apparently the enemy gets downs syndrome and also doesnt rubber band anymore.
  12. And ofc the sec after i post this i pick the Bugatti myself and win by over 20sec. But the interesting thing was that even from the start, when playing with the bugatti it felt like the enemy stopped rubber banding. I feel VERY sure that there is something going on in the sense that if u dont have the bugatti yourself you will get rubber banded and smoked by the enemy bugatti every single race. Take care.
  13. Hey guys, final stretch at platting this. Do have the DLC. I have ONE race left and its seacrest tour. I have seen people say "This is easy, i won with 20-40sec to spare" or "The AI stops rubberbanding after first highway section". I played the track prob ten times tonight. About 7-8 of those with 0 crashes and the formula is always the same. At around 7-10 the Bugatti activates what feel like a blatant cheatbutton and gets +10000000000 to speed and handling and just fucks me everytime. he is so fast that even slipstream or NOS keeps on to him. At one point i thought i had it cuz the dude crashed with 4km left, yet he was literally back overtaking me within 3sec..even though a crash screen is usually 5 sec. I was wondering if there was a patch that made this harder? Is the Bugatti still there without DLC?(since its a dlc car)
  14. So even if i have the DLC downloaded i will only be able to access it with the full game?
  15. So i only need the Pirates DLC for Littlebigplanet(ps3) to get 100%. Since the DLC is the american version i need an american game. I dont feel like spending 20 dollars on the base game and im wondering if i would be able to run the dlc and unlock trophies by installing the demo version of LBP? Or demo games in general.