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  1. What are the best songs or recommend ones for the plat? I dont wanna spend more than enough money with songs on singstar so thats why im asking. Its a big confusion for me as i have to see if its available in eu region, if its available for ps3 and ps4 (as i want to do plat on both systems) and if its helpful for the plat etc servers going offline so i wanna go for the online trophies first then plat.
  2. i played some of it, not great at singing but trophy list doest seem hard just grindy af. good thing is online trophies are easy af and only 3 of them bronze, for perform 400 songs, do i need to actually have 400 songs on my library or i can just replay the same one i got over and over with turbo and mic to speaker of tv???
  3. 8 players?? What trophy is that🤔
  4. Many people told me different methods like play different and new maps, play with players u never played with and so on. made this post so probably some players can come with new methods or strategies who knows but this thing on u3 is so dumb cuz its so base luck and all depends player to player. i guess i'll just play hunter arena over and over and hope for my best luck! i really wanna have this online done
  5. looking to complete this thing as soon as possible i have 7 treasures left for antiquity list and 9 treasures left for the artefact list. i have little time because soon im going on vacations and the two treasures trophies are my last to complete all online in u3. Pls if you know any method/strategy any specific map to play on or with what players lmk! thanks ps i hate this because its so base luck and u can get the same treasure many times
  6. Must have taken me about 100 hours more or less the good side of the ps3 version is that there's more noobs but better just play the ps4 version eventhough has lot of try hards and pros. And yeah game can be terrible when tryin to boost ctf or something else cuz it will glitch sayin need more players to balance teams... So goddamn annoying u get 6 players on the lobby and then that shit happens. Connection can be bad sometimes and cause LAG. For ninja was annoying cuz when you hide and stay still u only have 30 seconds until u get kicked for inactivity so u need to constantly move a little which can make the enemy spot u easier...
  7. I cant get the season pass digital whatsoever its frustrating i always get an error lol
  8. Alright i see, problem about digital is season pass gives an error everyime i try to buy it thats why I thought physical would solve the problem... Im stuck without any solutions... Uff fuck
  9. this is confusing. I already finished ps3 list and it was digital. Now if i buy ps4 physical and play through the episodes it won't unlock any trophy from ps4 list? Pls help
  10. Hmm i only see one trophy list for ps3 and other for ps4 wouldnt be suppose to be 2 ps4 lists then one for digital and other for physical
  11. If i get the physical copy of this game will i get the trophy list too? Or the ps4 list is only for digital game
  12. Just recently got the plat and yes i can 100% confirm that PLAT is not obtainable if you dont boost! Thats all because of capture the flag and uplink modes they're DEAD there's never players on it... If u ask how the plat was all i can say if u dont have patience of iron skill and luck u will never get it. Ninja challenge i did it legit was so fucking stressful and annoying thou
  13. i hope it gets fixed its my last zombie trophy on bo3 id like to get it b4 bo4 release
  14. well first of all, they made the biggest mistake they could ever do which is change the guitar scheme of guitar hero franchise. Harmonix was smart and so mantained same scheme for rock band 4 and also pro drums. Activision thought they would renovate the series with the 6 buttom thing but it really just made it die faster. It's a shame that one of my fav series will die forever and no new game will come out. I'm a guitar hero player for years now and it sucks. Not to talk about guitar hero hits servers that are down for ps3 and up and active for xbox, all servers work, except gh hits, it's so dumb i could get a 0.14% plat.. Good job, activision. Killed guitar hero plus forgot about gh hits servers
  15. Fucking sweet boy finally!