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  1. Hi everyone, I started a post on the forums of wg wot console about the fix of the unobtainable trophies/achievements, please support this, by going on the link, signing in and commenting , supporting this idea! The more players do this, the better, since it's gonna show of course that more players want this to happen! Been since December 2020 unobtainable and it's really unfair for players that unlock extreme hard trophies like ranger, show me the money or the muscle! Either veterans, good players, average or noob players all deserve a chance at 100% completion of this amazing huge extremely complex game that is World of Tanks. Being unobtainable, leaves a 'black spot' on the game, since this may even unmotivate some people and not attract players that are more of a trophy hunter, which can have impact on the playerbase. So please, don't be negative about all this, the forums post on wg official site already having people supporting the idea, so let's keep it going! that's the link leading to it
  2. Yup true that, ridiculous af, they still selling those packs. Good thing about it is that there's torch and hovergoat pack for 9.99 which you can buy and will save you 5+ months of grinding event every month for trial key... Before there were more events so was much faster, now with only a single event per month, super time consuming. But I would give up all that and rather have the game like it was before, with all events coming up every month required for DLC completion plus the community challenges. And yes, don't start it if it's unobtainable... Talk to them on support ea chat or Twitter ea help idk, at this point I'm exhausted and mad this still doesn't get autopop update or smth. Also really unfair pvzgw2 to be unobtainable because it's a popular and good game admired by lot of people...
  3. thanks i appreciate it
  4. well i can confirm portuguese PSN store works and has it free to download, the standard edition i mean, dunno about the other regions the standard should be the free version out of them all i believe
  5. really? thats weird so you can't download it using the HUB app or from ps store? what does it show for you when trying both things
  6. Hi everyone! While I was searching for tanks for show me the money and grinding for elite commander, I ended up reuniting a big list of tanks I found out either by speaking with other players, searching on net, etc I decided to do this list as an easy way to check all those high bonus tanks in the game, so when those offers of many tanks are on the store available with discounts or not and you're looking to grind silver or xp, you can just check the list to see if tank has high bonus and if want to confirm, you can just search on net aswell or check in game. It took a lot of time to organize it, I had to search on net about it, check in the game if tanks are available or not to buy and even started the game on alt acc for more checking around, so I'm happy the list is finished now! Important things to mention here: >Most premium tanks have a 50% silver bonus and I've only puted a few tanks on the 150% list that are like that >For some odd reason, unfortunately, the game has very few premium tanks with more than 50% bonus >Some tanks became not available to buy after past ops finished (for example ragnarok or earthshaker); >Some tanks became not available to buy if they are or were included in a season pass (for example t77) >Some tanks that aren't available to buy anymore from premium techtrees can be available to get from the in game store which has lot of bundles and discounted offers you can unlock by just playing the game naturally! & same can happen with tanks that are available for purchase (for example, a tank being cheaper to buy if it's on a bundle or discounted limited time price) So to conclude, I think it's totally random which tanks become unavailable for purchase or not! & Also totally random which tanks become available or not to buy on the in game store, from deals you unlock by playing the game naturally or deals that are simply added on the store! -----THE LIST----- *Tanks with 175% commander earn* -eradicator caernarvon British heavy t8 (not available) -demolisher t28 American TD t8 (not available) -earthshaker strv 102 Swedish medium t8 (not available) *Tanks with 150% commander earn* -vengeance t25 american medium t8 (9740g) -höllenhund lekpz m 41 90 mm german light t8 (7800g) -pz.kpfw. 38h 735 (f) german light t2 (not in the game) *Tanks with 130% commander earn* -king dragon type 59 chinese medium t8 (9800g) *Tanks with 120% commander earn* -legion 59-patton Chinese medium t8 (9800g) -t-34-88 soviet medium t6 (3187g) -jackal m4a4 fl10 british medium t7 (6900g) -amx chaffee french light t7 (3800g) *Tanks with 181% silver earn* -sexton i british artillery t3 (1250g) *Tanks with 175% silver earn* -ragnarok t-34-100 Czechoslovakia medium t8 (not available) -minotaur kv-5 soviet heavy t8 (not available) -hydra is-6 soviet heavy t8 (not available) *Tanks with 167% silver earn* -m6a2e1 American heavy t8 (6375g) -bog horror American heavy t8 (9000g) *Tanks with 165% silver earn* -löwe German heavy t8 (12500g) -löwe black edition German heavy t8 (not available) -atomic centurion british medium t8 (9100g) *Tanks with 164% silver earn* -captured kv-1 german heavy t5 (2100g) *Tanks with 162% silver earn* -t14 american heavy t5 (1500g) *Tanks with 160% silver earn* -king tiger german heavy t8 (13800g) -captured king tiger american heavy t8 (13800g) -fv4202 (p) british medium t8 (7300g) -jackal m4a4 fl10 british medium t7 (6900g) -the hidden stug III german tank destroyer t5 (1680g) *Tanks with 157% silver earn* -type 59-ii Chinese medium t8 (8250g) -t34 American heavy t8 (12000g) -t34 black edition american heavy t8 (not available) -patriot t26e5 American heavy t8 (12440g) -king dragon type 59 chinese medium t8 (9800g) *Tanks with 155% silver earn* -hmh huntsman centurion british medium t8 (9900g) *Tanks with 150% silver earn* -paladin caernarvon action x British heavy t8 (10500g) -fatherland soviet heavy t8 (13113g) -draugen lansen c Sweden medium t8 (7500g) -object 252u defender soviet heavy t8 (13940g) -50tp prototyp polish heavy t8 (10700g) -t77 american heavy t8 (not available) -t92 American light t8 (6500g) -is-6 Soviet heavy t8 (11800g) -t54e2 American heavy t8 (10000g) -eradicator caernarvon British heavy t8 (not available) -demolisher t28 American TD t8 (not available) -earthshaker strv 102 Swedish medium t8 (not available) -hmh chrysler k american t8 (9200g) -object 252u soviet heavy t8 (10950g) -vengeance t25 american medium t8 (9740g) -caernarvon action x british heavy t8 (10500g) In the end, I thought wouldn't hurt to share the list with the players out there to help out people looking for high bonuses tanks! So I'm glad if you found out this useful somehow! Enjoy. *Bonus recommendations* >Always do the limited time ops and reach tier 100 on season passes in order to obtain premium tanks! >5 skills for each commander you have -Sixth Sense -Rapid Loading -Steady Aim -Track Mechanic -Born Leader (not necessary but recommended since you get 10% more for all other skills that the commander has) >Skill if you want to decrease the elite commander grind -Quick learner Of course, the skills are relative and depends to each player's style/opinion, but some skills are truly better than others. I hope they'll make an update to autopop all unobtainable trophies for world of tanks console in the future so the game will be 100% obtainable again, it would be only fair for the players that put so much work into this game like me! We just got to post on forums of wargaming console site about the idea and 'bomb them' about it on forums or even maybe social media! But of course, can't do this alone and everyone needs to be their part! Well, kinda long post, if you made it until here, I really appreciate it! Best of luck.
  7. Oh ok guys i see, thanks for the replies! @Infernofeuer1 so basically some games on japanese store you need to really write in japanese ok, most ppl have their systems on english language making it not possible to write in japanese, so i presume in this case easiest way is to just use the website right?
  8. Hi guys, I searched on Japanese account ps store and there's no legends of talia there, what am I doing wrong? How did everyone get it?? Thanks
  9. UPDATE 2: I checked today and it seems they fixed it! But only showed free using to download bfH from EA PLAY HUB app, from ps store it still shows to pay money. At least there is a way to download it now! I'm impressed how fast EA actually fixed this issue lol
  10. Ok I see, hopefully will be easy for me aswell as it was for you. Also from what I've seen this is the only doom game you can't boost online on private match, so doom 2016 everything must be public right?
  11. UPDATE: I've checked UK store and it says on description of doom 2016 that it already comes up with all DLC included; arcade and 6.66 update patch mp, basically with everything you need to get 100% !!very weird part is that it only tells this on UK store, I've checked US & EU and doesn't say anything about it. And thanks for the replies guys, guess it's all good to buy doom 2016 now. I just think with doom 3 VR release they just puted all DLCs in one, previously you had to download all DLC packs which were free aswell. What's the difficult part of 100% and how many hours to complete all online trophies?
  12. I checked US and EU accs i have for the dlcs and there are not there on neither of the stores. I checked 2 weeks ago or os and there were free to download, as they got free in 2017. Weird thing is when going on psprices site the dlcs show there... So indeed what's going on about it?
  13. UPDATE: I talked to EA support chat. I got told that this is on-going issue that BFH isn't free with EA PLAY subscription atm and that they're working for the fix. I also asked for an ETA, no ETA they have for the fix, we just got to wait i guess. So i don't recommend people buy EA PLAY because of BFH atm. Everything is free no problem but BFH. At least i'm more chill now since this is a ongoing problem for everyone with EA PLAY and it's not my account glitched or something else.
  14. EU stores had the dlcs delisted few years ago, but dlcs are somehow still available to buy on US ps store. Super bs, never saw any issue like this, basically means ultimate edition is useless...
  15. Oh really?? Glad I'm not the only one! So did you try on ea play hub and ps store and it's not working? What does it tell when you try it from hub, does it also say to buy robbery dlc for 14.99eur? And when you go ps store all editions for the game none are free only 10% off lol