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  1. yeah luckily i already got the collection disc, it is so rare to find it but im glad i managed to get it. Now just looking to get US final season disc since i wanna do all stacks for the final season but being in europe its super stupidly expensive so i need to be really patient to find a good deal... or maybe there isn't even a good deal for it since its a rare game
  2. almost 50 people signed in the petition, i sent msg to EA on social medias, i've posted the petition on their pages, i've shared the petition on all psn groups i am in andd also on messenger and discord. I've done a lot trying to contribute for it, but people just fall into extreme negative thoughts about it and will either ignore it or tell this is worthless... But if it gets fixed in 2021 eventually, everyone will go finish pvzgw2, wanting a change but not doing any shit to help for it. If eveyone did/does what i already did to help for this cause, this would probably be already fixed... one thing some1 could try is calling them on phone idk just a suggestion If it will never be fixed anymore, try not buying any more games from EA as a revenge (may sound cringe but wtv) ... if it wouldn't be for nfs or specially fifa, this company would be bankrupt long time ago, considering how much hate it has from a good % of the players
  3. im looking twd FS disc Us version and i dont think shipping would be 5 anyways, im in europe, but if u got it, maybe there would be a deal there or smth yeah but im in europe, gamestop us site is blocked in the country i am (portugal) it tells access denied when trying to enter the site, so i dont know the solution now for it, gamestop seems best option but being in europe its hard to get Disc us version
  4. Hi eveyone, i was wondering how to get the US disc in case you're not in US. I'm trying to stack the game and complete all trophy lists and after i buy digital games, i'll only need the phyiscal US. I searched about it, but can't find any useful things. If there's a way also for it, i would like to buy cheap not amazon with their expensive shipping prices and so on. I hope there's a way to afford this.
  5. Alright, thanks for confirming this! Digital is currently on sale, will probably only get EU. US digital for later. About the twd collection PS4 list, do you know when it was delisted and why? Just curiousity here, couldn't find much info about it on the net.
  6. Hi everyone, This is bugging my head... So I got EU disc for twd the final season which corresponds to the list 'final season disc EU' right? What about the other list that only says "the final season EU'? Is that digital version? I'm thinking to get digital version so I need to be 100% sure what I'm getting into before buying. Thanks in advance!
  7. The same way they care about creating a trophy list should be the same way they care about mantaining 100% obtainable lol If they decide to take out smth out of the game, they should replace it with smth else idk or change the trophy list, or make the trophies auto pop with the new update for players that didn't get them before... It's common logic. I agree the game looks much easier now to play, before it was more complicated but removing content from the game (making it from ~70 to 26gb) isn't exactly a method to attract more players, at least it's how I see things. No one was complaining about the ribbons or war stories... Also being a singleplayer player mode it didn't need a lot of maintenance or money included to be supported since main focus is MP. They announced it mid November which wasn't even enough time for players to get a tier x tank legit way for war story completion. They can change things if players bomb them on social media maybe, it's the only way I can think of, this update was non sense This all sounds stupid and weird, I'm really getting tired of unobtainable trophies.. it's always the same shit smh a game gets unobtainable then it's going through all the annoying process of trying to get stuff fixed... This is making me think whether I should stop or continue trophy hunting completionist... I really hate not being able to get 100% on a game, it's how i got used to do stuff already, I'm sure there's many other players like me. 5 tier x to research? I thought there was only 3 to do (German, Soviet and US). DLc lists is only to use tier x tanks for war story or to win matches iirc The max I've seen on offer was VIII tanks... That u need to use gold to buy them. On premium techtree though you can buy tier x tanks using xp currency from the game or pay gold which requires to buy gold first with real money. Mercenary techtree can't do anything atm, I don't know if it's a glitch or because of the update. Buying gold is expensive af, such a money eater system... 25k gold for 89.99 I think smh
  8. Hi everyone, 2 things, I had no ideia there would be update to make trophies unobtainable, since those trophies were OFFLINE TROPHIES!!! thats why im shocked about what Wargaming did by deleting the war stories... Any possible way now to do it, or unobtainable forever? This leaves me with a lot of anxiety since i want to get world of tanks 100% (i began playing the game 2 years ago) Maybe if players push the idea to add war stories again, maybe they will add it on next update? Or maybe if some1 still didnt update the game that could still play war stories? Also why is eyes peeled unobtainable if it says on a mp match? nothing related to war stories Now about the tier X tanks german, soviet and american, is there any way to pay for the tanks to get it done? because even though you like the game and play it a lot, it's a long long road to do it 3 times for ussr, us and german. I've checked on the game that if you go on premium tree of the tanks, there's tanks tier x available to buy with in game currency (although its expensive af) or with gold (buying gold with real money, also expensive af) If there would be a method for it, would be amazing because 1. could reduce time of grinding and 2. with a tier x tank you're pretty much boss on the lobbies and could make other trophies easier to do. Thanks for your understanding and i'd highly appreciate some help on these questions.
  9. Hi everyone I have EU and US version of rb4 with it's rivals dlc aswell. I'm currently working on the EU version. I would like to know which trophies will autopop on US version after getting 100% on EU v? A friend of my told me that the 3 crew trophies at least autopop. Any others will autopop like level 50 for example?
  10. I can't do everything alone that's the problem all players need to do their part Yeah ik it's bs, negativity over and over again smh
  11. You can be realistic and still try all options available and be surprised with the results maybe. This is not the case of guitar hero hits for example that Activision shutted down servers forever, we're talking about a game (pvzgw2) that still has servers active, players playing it etc it's different case
  12. Yeah sure and with people like you in this world that only points with fingers and act like smarties not even a simple gaming technical fix is possible to achieve smh Stay sited down and wait for something to change, without doing anything. Great method of fixing problems in life smh Great to see people instead of helping spread the word by doing simple and fast tasks, just laugh and go all into negative thoughts...
  13. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚When gorod krovi was broken with update 1.33 or something (can't remember the exact number) all zombie content was already released. And yeah I know how it was lol had friends that had the black screen kick no trophy on gorod ee. My point before was that only and only reason 3arc fixed it was because people bombing with reports and asking for fixing. About the 'drama bs', what I mean by that is we leave all the unnecessary talking and just focus on the problem here which is pvz gw2 DLC list, talking talking, no action, nothing changes. Imagine pvz gw2 dlc gets fixed in the future, what da hell will you say then? 'Oh good job I will go do it now', indeed admit it you want it fixed just like thousands of players out there but are lazy to just do some quick actions to contribute for the fix, I don't understand why is it so hard to understand this and complicate things... No need to be sarcastic too, best of luck yeah sure
  14. for fifa19 ps4 trophy making a name of yourself people also got it before by winning the weekend league which is hard and still game had an update for it autopop cuz mode wasnt available anymore so you're argument about autopop boss hunt isn't valid, since they could just do same thing they did on FIFA19 ps4 v. but on PVZ GW2. But that's the thing, there's the case people delay time limit or online trophies and they get screwed up and they only care about getting them when company announces servers closure, that's true and dumb and i agree with it but can't change people's actions but only advise them. My case same as thousands of players out there is different, we began pvz gw2 normally, its a popular game series (pvz) and still with a really good player base, but then we all got surprised by these DLC trophies... And 1 WEEK only to beat boss hunt on crazy difficulty is a really short time since it's crazy hard doing that and it needs a dedicated squad that plays daily or something but people have real lives to deal with too and can't be playing everyday sometimes. The question is why the players needs and needed to do sacrifices to beat it in 1 week time limit but EA can't just fix the DLC list? It's ultimately unfair indeed, for that reason and for the reason that pvz gw2 is a famous game just like gw1 or pvz bfn and still has a good player base they need and should just end this topic and fix the damn DLC list once and for all by either of the methods i'm always repeating on this forums post or any other method EA wishes. I'm tired of this and especially even more when people fall into no hope or negative thoughts because if all players would coorporate and do all possible options, this would get a fix faster since EA would get bombed by reports... Quick example, black ops 3 gorod krovi EE, people bombed treyarch over and over again and they ended up fixing it and no, not because it's a famous game cuz they left it broke for months but because people did all possible ways to have it fixed. It's common logic but still some people don't understand smh Let's leave all the drama bs out of this and focus on the real problem and everyone just look for all possible options like i'm looking myself (social media, petition, sharing etc) so this will have a change someday so i ask again please for everyone out there, to talk on social media to them either DM or post on the public page so everyone will see it, share petition on social media or any other way preferably, sign in the petition, etc this part is just using all tools available and that's it. Thanks for your support everyone and don't give up.
  15. man i dont think they spend milions on a patch to auto pop all DLC stuff. Think about it this is not a matter of online servers, that costs a lot of money yes but making a patch for autopop is different.