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  1. probably T110E4 is better for it tho. Also MAUS or Soviet heavy's which have very good angle for richochets, but unfortunately game is not new so people know where to shoot, it's just a lot of luck involved just like many other cheevos in WOT.
  2. Bruh that's so nonsense, how's a mobile version that popular and giving money to the company when console games from the series are left behind? Plus gw1/2/bfn are amazing games since have different gameplay and more open world than the typical pvz which is like an RPG type of game lol I don't think it's fair some still getting updating while other titles are left behind.
  3. Please sign in the petition and share it by any way you can. Thanks. Someone with a good number of followers on twitter, insta or facebook would be useful here since lot of people would see it. ea on twitter ea help on twitter Recent EA post, reply to the post and DM them, the more the better These are the FB links. instagram page of EA ea support official site If you got any useful things to add to this, comment below please. Basically the options are EA to make the DLC trophies autopop with an update or something just like they did with FIFA 19 on PS4 trophy 'Making a Name For Yourself' or they add community challenges/boss hunt/cats vs dinos again or they change the DLC trophies just like it happened with Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. It has multiple solutions, the game also has a good player base still so another reason for them to fix it.
  4. Oh yes this is amazing! Lot of people must go there and reply, who the hell knows, maybe it's gonna change something since it's literally on the ea site. Please people go there and reply, the more the better! You don't have to say a lot, just saying something like I agree or please fix it, or you can just develope your thoughts and opinion about the subject, anything that can contribute for the fix
  5. Fuck yeah that seems to have been amazing, but that's a big temperature damn! Logically you had some water with you or something 😅 personally when I go to live shows (specially metal) most of the time I get dehydrated fast lol Unfortunately never seen a stein's concert before, but I'm waiting patiently for that moment still, didn't go mainly cuz of lack of money, time and wasn't a huge fan until recent years like 2017 +/- I listened to full discography of them and it's beautiful, the first albums are energetic af and perfect to give you energy boost or simply perform physical activity. Since I know all their music, when I saw your name (1st album), I knew something was up lmao. It's beautiful to see people having something they really love (not amateur). I love it aswell, but also have other bands which I'm a big fan of like shining (swedish band), lamb of god, Cytotoxic, guttural slug, etc etc What's your opinion about rammstein's last album btw? That's kinda a controversial album, since had a lot of mixed opinions/reviews.
  6. Lmao rammstein is for sure something unique af. About rainbow if he got ps4 100% then it might just something about updates... Rainbow is constantly getting updates for new season, to fix stuff, etc so maybe it screwed up the autopop aswell who knows.
  7. I've only seen ps5 version on your account? Am i missing something? Well what happens is if you get 100% on ps4 or 5 then only do autopo, everything should autopop, as a friend of my did it before. On the other hand, if you don't get 100% and start the other version, the autopop will gltich for some reason and only autopop the hardest trophies in the game like ranked related trophies and some other more. It's hard to say what's right or not indeed, since the game is constantly getting updated with seasons etc, so maybe ubisoft can mess up something sometimes idk. Good part is that either way, at least the hard trophies autopop, specially gold rank which is consider to be hardest trophy in the game. For more info, you can search on net i'd suggest. p.s i see your id name has herzeleid on it, is this a reference to rammstein's first album? Personally i love the album, it's so ongoing and energetic (most of the songs), i also listened to full discography of rammstein, one of the most unique bands in the world. Last album was kinda weird too, but i don't mind tho.
  8. Hi guys, I searched on Japanese account ps store and there's no legends of talia there, what am I doing wrong? How did everyone get it?? Thanks
  9. It doesn't unfortunately, i had the same thought when i started seriously playing world of tanks this year. Trophy won't unlock cuz' you need to research a tier X, this meaning you must grind the tier IX a lot so it will research the tier X, finally giving you the trophy (may take 200+ battles from tier IX-X), depending how good you are at the game ofc and how lucky. One advise pickup techtrees that spread like the tiger (p) which can lead to a heavy tier X MAUS and Jagdpanzer E 100 TD also tier X. This way you save grind from tier Tier 3-7 (i hope you understand what i mean). Also what helps a lot is picking up lines that don't require a lot of xp to research like the xm551 american light tank or the american medium that has the T20 and Pershing. Recommended you have good premium tanks on garage aswell so you can grind out silver faster when you have premium account, so then you can have good amount of currency to use for techtrees etc.
  10. Yes true, been delisted for some years already unfortunately making this game unobtainable absolutely for new comers, since game is digital only and can't even be bought anywhere. Might be possible to play it using hacked ps3 but not sure. Probably it got delisted since there's other better game called amplitude, similar to blitz.
  11. I want to thank everyone that signed in, from inside this post or not. We reached 106 already, pretty happy with it tbh, next step would be talking on ea support chat and the more reports the better, but would have to be a dictator to make that happen since i don't see lot of people doing it freely, either cuz of lazyness or other reason. I did it myself and went smooth, by just searching ea support chat can find it i believe. Also if a person has multiple ea accounts can multiply number of reports. I want to leave this here, that the only reason stuff doesn't get fixed in unobtainable games is a big part because lot of people won't do their part. Imagine thousands of players reporting. Do you really think shit wouldn't get fixed? People united that's the only way there's progress and this applies to probably everything in life. Companies wouldn't want to loose their reputation and supports rating, so would fix it.
  12. Never said it has to be 100% only autopop, ANY method as a solution, such as changing description for example nah it isn't exception. BFH is unobtainable and first game from the series to become like that. nah not worth it. Thousands of hours on a single account is a lot of meaning. Faster would retire from hunting and start career as videogames media creator on fps games or something. The unobtainable bs stuff gave too much headache and kills the motivation to even start a fresh new account with everything clean 100% (at least for me).
  13. U3 definetely the worst. 2018 summer was legendary for many hunters that went for it, including me, so many stories to talk about like consecutive days of no sleep (personally almost 72h or so), it was all a pure mix of craziness luck and skill and lot of grinding holy shit. Hunter arena boost for treasures and, crushing co-op trophies and 250 total wins, 50 on each mode. flashbacks lmao. Also 86% isn't a bad number and in fact a really good imo. Reason it's so low is because started few random games like gran turismo 5, but mainly because lot of games only got the online part done and left all SP for later. Should be around 95% if would do all offline, but this is all irrelevant indeed, players should have the chance of being able to master lists. My question is why they loose time, money etc in creating trophies/achievements, that part is totally fine, but when it's time to fix it by many methods there are (autopop, changing description, etc) it's always headache and doesn't happen? If this is the case, then much better for companies not to even create online/limited time trophies/achievements imo yes buying it if it's the only option. Companies would generate money with this microt. plus players would have chance for 100%. Both sides would end up happy. There's a big difference between real hunting and virtual psn hunting. Also going with that logic, there's people that buy animal heads or animal skins carpets, mostly rich elite people, it doesn't make them clowns for doing it indeed, so why would it be such catastrophe to buy trophies on psn only for some special cases like pvz gw2 or world of tanks? In other words, for the unobtainable games Sure in the begining it would be a weird change, but people would get used to it.
  14. because logically i want to have as less unobtainable trophies as possible on my profile and i always think this as a community which everyone could benefit from it and get their 100%'s
  15. well i dont know you guys but i don't have that kind of personality, if i really want something, i'll try the very last thing possible in order to achieve the goal eventhough it seems impossible, the philosophy goes what do you loose by trying? Also why you keep saying is a bad precedent? you got to give more reasons to support that idea Well then the client gets no support while paying for their game, is it fair? Plus why they spend time and money creating and implementing the trophies, then when they get unobtainable, it doesnt get fixed lol in this case then companies shouldn't even create trophies in the first place imo
  16. what are you asking exactly? i mean, i think only issue here is Sony that wouldn't let that happen maybe, cuz they're a private company from what i know so they have the freedom to do their own decisions and actions. Other aspect is maybe it's seen as not a normal thing, since it never happened for a company to sell their game's trophies/achievements, so there's a tabu here associated i guess. Other aspect, maybe they're thinking that trophy's microtransactions wouldn't generate lot of profits which may be wrong, since there's lot of hunters nowadays compared to old times. But that seems best option, implementation of trophy's microt. as any other normal microt. and get profits, since autopop, changing description or putting modes back to the game are more expensive ways, but still that would attract more trophy hunters to the game, knowing that the game is obtainable, it leaves pvz gw2 with a huge 'black hole' being unobtainable imo Other aspect is some company ever does it (trophy mircot.) it will be kinda a 'revolution' and if it works fine, probably other companies will also follow the same pattern and could be on all systems which supports trophy/achievements like xbox, ps and pc (steam) I personally think that would great for both consumers (us) and companies, sucks it still not a thing going on
  17. So basically, 2 trophies related to leadboards as u may understood already, just to organize it here. 1 to beat personal score, other to beat someones else score. I did it years ago so im not sure if you need servers for that like to see world leadboards. Also only online listed is tracker of deeds, but maybe champion of challenges also needs online servers :/ I checked lbs of it and only players that got it in 2021 was VictorGD-10 It can be a random guy on world's lbs or a player from your friend's list so what i could suggest is look for friends on a challenge and beat it or world. If have no friends or fails to load world's lbs, then have alt acc start game play a song WHILE signed in on psn so the score gonna be 'recorded' to lbs, also ofc have it added on your main acc on friend's list. Then go on main acc, select the alt and beat it. It may work. Or look for someone and try it out. I'm curious does it fail to show the world's or friends lbs often?
  18. what if they just put the trophies as microtransaction? Easy and fast way to fix it for players seeking 100% completion, if they just want the money, at this point i dont even care, i would pay for sure everything costs money, so thats not excuse, also its not for me, but for thousands that spent money on the game, base game or microtransactions etc etc Many ways to fix it aswell, no need for them to actually put modes again on servers, but just autopop it or even make the unobtainable ones buyable as microtransaction for example.
  19. fake info. Tracker of Deeds is the online only trophy in the game. Seasoned competitor can be done offline with multiple same intruments if im not wrong
  20. Hi everyone, I started a post on the forums of wg wot console about the fix of the unobtainable trophies/achievements, please support this, by going on the link, signing in and commenting , supporting this idea! The more players do this, the better, since it's gonna show of course that more players want this to happen! Been since December 2020 unobtainable and it's really unfair for players that unlock extreme hard trophies like ranger, show me the money or the muscle! Either veterans, good players, average or noob players all deserve a chance at 100% completion of this amazing huge extremely complex game that is World of Tanks. Being unobtainable, leaves a 'black spot' on the game, since this may even unmotivate some people and not attract players that are more of a trophy hunter, which can have impact on the playerbase. So please, don't be negative about all this, the forums post on wg official site already having people supporting the idea, so let's keep it going! that's the link leading to it
  21. Yup true that, ridiculous af, they still selling those packs. Good thing about it is that there's torch and hovergoat pack for 9.99 which you can buy and will save you 5+ months of grinding event every month for trial key... Before there were more events so was much faster, now with only a single event per month, super time consuming. But I would give up all that and rather have the game like it was before, with all events coming up every month required for DLC completion plus the community challenges. And yes, don't start it if it's unobtainable... Talk to them on support ea chat or Twitter ea help idk, at this point I'm exhausted and mad this still doesn't get autopop update or smth. Also really unfair pvzgw2 to be unobtainable because it's a popular and good game admired by lot of people...
  22. Will they ever come on the event list on courthouse? This is the second month I check it and still nothing, September 2020 was super mix event, this month is team vanquish randomized characters... I'm like are you kidding me? Why they don't bring the other events? A friend of my told me cats vs Dinos they were every week almost and boss hunt were on Christmas time, Easter and summer mostly, I checked last achievers of the trophies and it's November 2019.... about community challenges I've read they are discontinued but still maybe they could do it again...I'm getting really worried about this, I've gotten all possible trophies on pvz2 already but still wanna get the rest of dlc done... I was thinking maybe we need to report to ea this issue or make a petition? The more players report the faster they will take in consideration and change something about the game... I just think it's bs when companies create limited time events on videogames and add trophies for it then stop the events... Not a cool move to do lol Anyways, lemme know your thoughts guys, I believe it's possible to change something still pvz2 is still a popular game played by many.
  23. thanks i appreciate it
  24. well i can confirm portuguese PSN store works and has it free to download, the standard edition i mean, dunno about the other regions the standard should be the free version out of them all i believe
  25. Hi everyone, So about EA PLAY subscription on PS4. Out of curiosity I checked if all games that are meant to be included in EA PLAY are actually free. Conclusion, all games EA PLAY subscription offers are free to download, except this really weird one (BFH). The game has standard; Ultimate and deluxe edition and none of them are free to download. EA play only gives 1/2eur discount on all BfH content from ps store and that's all lol I searched on net but can't find any info to help me with this issue so I wanna ask you guys if it's really true that bfH is not included in EA PLAY or it's just my account being glitched or something? Please lemme know, much appreciated I just wanna understand this once and for all and btw the account I have with EA play is EU PT