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  1. Hey everyone I need help with these trophies When pigs fly Dispense with this Sniper Duel Return to sender Into fire Both end trophies Overkill Adventuring time Archer Haggler Pot Planter Iron belly Stayin Frosty Chest full of Cobblestone Zombie Doctor can anyone help me? Its been a while since I last played the game you can add me if you guys want thank you!
  2. Yo was up haven't talked in a while

    1. blxckenigma


      Hello ^_^ Nothing much, been busy with life. How about you?

  3. I was playing monster jam than it suddenly froze, when I turn my PS3 back on and get back into the game, it restarted all my hard work in the game. Do I have to do everything all over again?
  4. Greetings from Pixel-CAT-, have a good evening my friend (^_^ )

  5. Greetings from Official-ME- my friend (^_^ )

  6. Greetings friend and good morning!

  7. Thx for advice you two btw can I add both of u guys Guys this weekend?
  8. I have it its just I didn't want to show the trophies of it since I have 0 percent btw I want yo sync on PS3 it's the only one I have no its of ps4 No ps4 or vita just ps3 Sorry had some grammar mistakes
  9. Ehm; good Evening and a nice; sunny Sunday ^_^"

    1. jay-songyin-chua


      Thx going to church soon

  10. Not sure if I'm a trophy hunter
  11. It's not popping for me do I need a vita to do it or can I just cloud sync to auto pop i tried it and not working
  12. It froze for me 2times it's an old game so yeah
  13. I still can't earn it I have playing in hard mode for a long time can someone help me