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  1. @Narniak I am 100% sure that Downwarren merchant don't have the card you need. I received from him a duplicate card (generic card if I remenbered well, not even of one of the factions) and I played with him as soon as possible, so I didn't have a lot of cards in that moment. On the other hand, there are more merchants than RNG cards needed. I played against everybody in Novigrad and Velen before to go to Skellige Islands and I am not sure how many merchants left me to play against (I think 5 or 6) when I got the last card. So, don't worry. I used to be worried when I played the game because this trophy too, and there is no need to do it. Good luck.
  2. Thanks for telling us. Now, we have to wait and see what Sony will do.
  3. Thanks. We have solved already. As a summary you can trade any weapon if you are able to craft it.
  4. Hi guys, I have a question about weapons trading. Is there any limitation about the weapon's upgrade in order to trade it? I didn't played the Dark Souls PS3 version, but I used to think that you can trade everything (not spells) with other player without limitation. But I have tried to give a +10 weapon to my friend, and he were not able to pick up from the floor. Thanks
  5. Man, all I want is a discount in Persona 3 Portable. Sony, please hear me!!
  6. In Eurogamer.es they give it a "Imprescindible" ,which is the best rating they have.
  7. Finally, I finished yesterday. I got 19 crowns. Goodluck to everyone!
  8. Mini Teostra to go (and 2 events next weekend). Oh, come on...
  9. Finally Kushala Giant got it in a SOS 😂. Thanks Gods of Monster Hunter!! Now, the Rotten Valley Event, next week the Teostra and Kirin ones and next weekend the 2 events that I need and it is over.
  10. I'll give a try to the "complaining forum method": Please, Gods of Monster Hunter, bless me with a Giant Gold Crown of Kushala Daora, this is ridiculous I have done an insane number of investigastions. INJUSTICE!!!!
  11. Congrarts!!! ✌️
  12. Hahaha, the RNG is ridiculous I get Vaal Hazak's two crowns in 3 investigationes in SOS, yes: 3. However, the giant Nergigante one took me a lot them. I'd like to think Kushala and Teostra are similar case Vaal Hazak 😂😂
  13. My biggest one before I got the Gold Crown was 2254.71 too hahaha. Keep trying, you only need one little bigger, 2273.18 exactly. This is a good website to know about MH. You can check crown sizes of the monsters too. https://mhworld.kiranico.com/monster/nergigante
  14. Are you killing all of them or only that you think that they are giants? I waste a lot of time kiling a big number or them in SOS because it's difficult to measure them there, but when i got 4 o 5 investigations, I sniped them by myself and it's more efficient (using the Pen-drive save method, obviously). Good luck!!
  15. Don't give up!!! I've got the Giant Black Diablos, Giant Nergigante and Mini Kirin crowns this weekend. The Nergigante one was absoluetly insane. Probably, I killed around 20 of them and entered around 70 investigations. These two videos help me a lot. From the first one, you can compare the wings size and with the second you can check the legs size. You must to check all the requirements from the both movies. IMPORTANT: THE BOTH VIDEOS. Aditionally, check the legs' thickness is similar to the second video, not only the height. I found 4 o 5 that satisfied the wings, and legs' height requirements and they give me nothing. It was a 1 bronze, 1 silver, 1 gold - 30 min - 3 faints - 2 people investigation. For Black Diablos, I got it easily. There are lots of heplful videos in youtube. The Kirin was a strange case. It was a tempered one in SOS. When I get into the investigation I thought that it was a regular one, because I'd killed a pair of them smaller than that one. But, it gave me it. The same happened to me with Tobikadachi and Jagras.