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  1. Backlog of 300 games? Ufff, I wish you good luck on that xD. Go for the PS5. I have a PS4 Pro and I wouldn't buy it again once PS5 is already released with backwards compatibility.
  2. Assuming you already had a DS4 (because you're mentioning that console). I'm not 100% sure on this but, iirc you can connect any headset via 3.5mm jack. There are a lot of PS4/PS5 headsets that have that 3.5mm port. This is my recommendation as long as you don't mind to play with a DS4 in your PS3. And I'm not 100% sure again but I think the PlayStation's Gold Headset (the original one) worked vía bluetooth too.
  3. I don't have the game nor a PS5 but I've seen several webs advicing to turn off motion blur and film grain to improve image quality in both PS5 and Xbox Series. Hope this helps to you.
  4. This is not a issue of the software. It is an issue of the controller itself. I have drift in a DS4 controller and it shows itself in games like Rainbow 6 Siege and it doesn't in other like Destiny. Depending on how the dead zone of each game works and how bad/big is the drift in the controller it will appear or not. Sadly it looks DualSense is as bad build as DS4 was.
  5. What @Snake2410 says is true. I was wondering why Inhuman Mission Chain (the one with Day of the Remains mission) didn't appeared to me. You have to progress in Reigning Supreme Mission Chain.
  6. Don't pay attention to that. I got the trophy with all the missions chains of the normal and elite vaults. Maybe it is bugged, but keep getting cache chests without completing the vaults is not the problem. Good luck!
  7. Just got it. I started a manual counter this weekend and counter stopped at 34. So assume that I've done around 50s because the others I made without grinding. I can confirm that you CAN swap between characters in order to get it. I had a weekly challenge of completing 15 hives with Hulk and I used it for that. I think I've done like 25 or so with Iron Man and the rest with the others. Good luck everyone!
  8. I got a lot of them. But only took a clip of this one:
  9. We don't have any official word about it. But it seems so.
  10. For people wondering: I saw people on reddit saying they unlocked the trophy during one of the gaunlets of the Mega Hive. I'm personally doing the LTGB hive as other people. This is the worst trophy by far.
  11. Will do that. Thanks!
  12. I used way more than 150. I had around 250 iirc and I ended with 7 left after upgrading it.
  13. I'd been told there was one with 4 floors. Thanks for the aclaration!
  14. Any advice about which Hive is the quickest?
  15. Yes, they do. I was doing a daily challenge yesterday and it popped after opening 1 of the first 2 cells at the beginning of "Day of the Remains" mission.