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  1. I've already completed the trophy, so I can't tell. But, I've read a Reddit user talking about they fixed it because he/she collected 2 archives, and both of them counted to him/her. As I said, I can't give more information than that. It would be nice, if someone here gives it a try.
  2. Today, Icetide event as well 1.60 patch have been released. In the patch notes Bioware says that the issue with Arcanist and Sentinel Archives has been fixed. Good luck everyone!
  3. Have to confirm that @siren2010's method worked well for me too: 1. Find a lobby with a document near Yvenia's tomb. Pick up the document, entry the tomb, exit from it, and pick up again,... till you have the full story of "An account of my time with Saln Govran". You can collect one piece of this story per 4 or 5 documents collected, the rest of the time you doesn't, but don't worry, that is how it works. 2. After the last piece of "An account of my time with Saln Govran", keep picking up the same document, getting in to the tomb, etc. For each document picked you'll receive an Arcanist Archive. So keep doing this process till you have the all 25 Arcanist Archives. 3. For Sentinel Archives, I recommend this: fast travel to Fort Tarsis respawn again, If you continue the path of the front waterfall, you'll reach a small plain next to the river where probably you'll see the Sentinel Archive, pick it up, respawn and repeat. If there isn't there, try to find another lobby for this archives, I think that this is the best spot for them. (Location: 1:10 min ).
  4. The Ultimate one contains the base game and some packs of outfits and battle themes (if you wear those outfits) and also some Personas from the previous games. It depends if you played the previous games and how you value that content. On the other hand, related to trophies. If you have the Ultimate version (and those added Personas) you will see that there are some differences between your game and the guides in the "recipes" to create some Personas in order to complete the Compendium. Hope this helps.
  5. The other day I saw a post in reddit about this trophy. Some user said that it was already fixed in the PTS (PC) so it will be too in when the next patch will be realeased, predictably.
  6. I've been using a PS4 Pro in a 1080p TV for a year. This is my opinion, but the supersampling mode for a 1080p it's just nothing, you may even not notice it. However there are games that they have some advantages in: - Graphics (textures, ilumination, etc) - FPS or performance mode These two things are the ones you'd notice in a 1080p monitor. The matter is that the vast majority of games have an upgrade in resolution, a huge part have the performance mode, and a small number of them have better graphics. For a 1080p, it worths in some games, not in the majority of them. Maybe you should ask yourself if you'd buy some 4K display in the future. Edit: To sum up: PS4 Pro for a 1080p TV is a good or bad choice depends on each game. In general, I wouldn't recommend it. But, I you really like the Death Stranding Edition (love the controller) and you can afford it, go for it; maybe you will buy a 4K TV in the future, at least for PS5.
  7. I don't know. We have the same problem and never got an unpatched game. Let me know if you manage to make it works.
  8. To be honest I was just trying it for a money exploit in a game, no big issue then. I think that this isn't worth the effort with Method #2. But if I change my mind and give it a try, maybe I'll ask you about it. Thank you, anyway. ^^
  9. I'm following each step from the guide and video for Method #1 and I'm just downloading patched games. I've tried with some different games. Have anyone here the same problem? Any ideas of how make it work? I've seen a post of @leandroxpto about changing the IP address and the port, however I get this message in PSX when I try to change the IP: "Port or IP like some question, modfify ther port and check the IP information, error message: Value cannot be null."
  10. I think that it's subjective, I mean if you like the combat, stealth and Batmobile mechanics, I'd say that is fun as hell. About how many hours... I don't know. The critical point are the Community Challenges, imo. They highly depend on your skill (and your ability to be focus) and these could make you spend lots of hours. For me that I don't usually play hack n slash and other kind of fighting games, there are some half way difficult moments. For a bit more of accuracy, most of Community Challenges trophies required for around 4 or 5 hours of trying. However, the 'Requiem for a Killer" was a nightmare in my case, maybe around 15 (or more) hours trying it. They are trophies around 5 or 6 percent of people achieved. Without Community Challenges ones, It's a 100% of 3/10 difficulty. But the Community Challenges make it a 6/10, imo.
  11. I'm not 100% sure but I think that it is not a mission per se and thery appear in the map like a '?' or 'LS'. If they don't show for you try to do any other mission that isn't the Dutch's.
  12. Currently there is a horse in Online mode that is free: Pearl Andalusian. If you already have all stalls, you can get a free horse for each stall.
  13. If I'm not wrong, I'm sure that Nibel talked about Shadows Die Twice last year before it was shown in E3. In my opinion, I'm pretty sure that is all true.
  14. The second group of people who tell you that you need 380 of Light Level to complete the Prestige Leviathan, they have no idea of how the game works. With 353 you give and receive the same damage that other player with 405 with the same gear as you. Repeat: "With the same gear as you". It is possible that they have OP weapons or good armor sets of the endgame. However, you are more than capable to do the raid. So, do not worry.
  15. Wow, I have been underestimating my TV then. Sorry to hear that it did not help you.