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  1. Trophy hacking is a thing on ps4. I know a guy who can do it and he said its something only him and his friends can do and dont plan to release it
  2. Its fucking bullshit. I had nomads tags ans got a solo victory with 9 kills. All were default or shadowman or the echelon unlockable characters. I even got battery unlocked after that match. But no not one fuckin specialist
  3. I guess the only thing we can do is report both this and the prestigous award trophy as glitched to activision and hope for the best
  4. I can also confirm its glitched. Got 3 solo wins today which brought me up to 10 wins. No trophy
  5. Ive got just over a day played and only got 3 weapons to max level. Is anyone close to all 25?
  6. I contacted tripwire about the trophy and they responded with: "To unlock this achievement you must not touch a zed in any way, including physically with your firearms, as that will cause damage which will fail the achievement."
  7. Someone somewhere finally earned hogglike but they arent in any leaderboard websites i can find
  8. That's wrong You don't need the scream and shout mash up. Just got my platinum now and I never played any of the mash-ups. Also you don't have to do "let me love you" despite it being in the main list, it didn't count cause it's an unlimited dlc I guess. Quick sidenote: I did everything with the PS move. Except for the "funky four" trophy. For that I got four phones and got someone else to hold 2 while I held 2 and we danced and got all the jewels
  9. Simply, save your game to the plus cloud or on a usb whatever. Then use the reset progress disk, do the game in one sitting then restore your game save, nothing will be damaged or changed
  10. Just about every method of ability glitching has been patched as far as i know, i gave up on boxes after around 800 boxes and done her legendary multiverse, just got cat call like 2 hours ago, the legendary multiverse as far as i can see is the way to go for cat call cause the boxes require too much luck
  11. I saw a guy once years ago in a black ops 2 lobby called fattygaylord i dont remember the exact spelling but it was something like that
  12. I went through and done about 6 or 7 levels without dying but using restarts just to try and come up with some tactics for the levels. I might just do that again and post videos of all individual levels without dying. Ill be sure to link it here if i do
  13. Has anyone been close to getting hogglike? Been out since august 2017 and still 0.0% earned
  14. I have already been flagged for those games, i was younger and stupider. And for badland i contacted a trophy service because they said they "guarantee 100% completion" i bought it off them just out of pure curiosity, wasnt expecting to actually get the platinum out of it. Dont know how dont care how all i know is i got the platinum after 52hrs of genuine trying. Ive already spoken to XD3fianTxSouLx about the situation.
  15. You wiped your save??? Also for me in the reply box theres another box that says insult other media just click on that and uploaded a picture