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  1. What version of the game do you have? I've read here, that it should be version 1.01, but i've downloaded it today and it shows the 1.00 version, and when i try to check for updates, it says that it's the latest version of the game.
  2. I'm in the middle of the caves right now, and i have to say that mountains was definitely the hardest part of the game so far, especially to get feathers. On some levels jumps was indeed very precise, but maybe there are easier solutions than the ones i came up with, who knows.
  3. I'm playing it right now and it seems that no death trophies unlock when you just complete the level regardless of how many times you've died on it 🙁. Maybe it means to complete the level in one go, but since i haven't noticed any checkpoints, probably it is a bug.
  4. Care to elaborate on how did you complete the game in 9 minutes on hardened difficulty and 7 minutes on regular then, since those trophies don't stack?
  5. I know that he isn't talking about ng+, that's why i thought you're confusing it. Ok, i repeat again : 1) Launch the game 2) Start new game 3) Choose grounded difficulty Very easy method to go straight to the grounded, works 100% of the time.
  6. Just starting the game on grounded. And you're referring to (i'm guessing) grounded+, which, indeed, can be unlocked only by completing grounded first (or by the glitch, but i don't know anything about it).
  7. You can. And it stacks, yes.
  8. So, i just wanted to know, if i buy this game from us store, will i be able to get teamplayer trophy with 2 controllers or it will be the same as eu version? Edit: Can confirm that everything works fine on NA version as of now
  9. Exactly what i thought. Congratulations!
  10. Yep, he mentioned it after the stats, it has to be something else.
  11. It doesn't. Have you completed shooting range again after the mission?
  12. I have the same problem, but on safari, it says that current version of the browser is not supported for some reason. On opera everything works fine.
  13. Just play through the game, you'll unlock the 6th star after some of the missions.
  14. I'm looking for a coop partner. if anybody here is interested, pls message me
  15. Yeah, sure, i would. But you can't create sessions for the games that are not on your list, and i don't want to add it to my list unless i find someone to play with.
  16. Hellblade : Senua's sacrifice. Wanted to play it for a long time
  17. Nier:Automata Seems like a cool game
  18. The reason of using central and monster is not only because they working great together but on the final mission you will only have your two upgraded agents and you will only have 2 agents to move, so it is really helpful in limited time with spawning daemons.
  19. For time attack with Faust and brimstone, monster and central would be the best option. You will get 5 pwr every time you shoot a guard with monster.
  20. No, really, you just need to get used to it and you'll agree with me. When I ve just started this game, I thought that this platinum would be impossible, but after my second playthrough, which was on experienced difficulty with dlc, it became really doable. So, for the tips, armor penetration is just waste of slot really. All you really need is volt disruptor 3 or neural disruptor 3 or so on. And even that is only for such situations when you just can't progress through the level without knocking down an enemy, and from my experience, these situations a really rare. Beginning from expert difficulty, even when you knock down an enemy, he will only be out for 1, maximum 2 turns, so you need to avoid it. Instead of that, you can use running trick or stand on the square where you will only be noticed, to make an enemy investigate it, so you will be able to progress further. The best starting programs are fusion and parasite in campaign and seed and parasite in endless. Or you can start with dr xu and archive prism and for them dynamo and parasite would be good choice. Derek is the best agent to use in campaign, as for the second agent, banks would be a good choice. Detention centers are really useless in campaign, you can get the third agent in dlc campaign if you want, but it is not really necessary. And in the campaign without dlc you don't need third agent at all, instead of that try to upgrade your 2 agents as much as you can. You can actually ask some questions if you want more.
  21. This game is really doable, actually. I would say that it`s 5/10, maybe even 4, but a little bit time consuming.
  22. Yes, with afterbirth dlc to unlock godhead(which is necessary for real platinum god trophy) you have to complete all 9 marks with lost.
  23. DLC

    Just want to know is it included into main game or not, because i can`t find it in the psstore.
  24. DLC

    I mean survivor dlc, not the main game Thanks)