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  1. While I agree it a great deal for new PS5 and those that miss out this console generation. Its not worth it for those that still have the PS4 since they already got theses game. I myself got all of them except for Persona 5, Monster Hunter Worlds, The Last Guardian, Resident evil 7 and Final Fantasy XV. The only two I'm surprised that on the list is Battlefield 1 (cause its an EA game), and Fallout 4 as that game was kind of mediocre, but then again, better than Fallout 76. Also, a little awkward that this is the THIRD TIME The Last of Us got release, I mean it was originally for the PS3.
  2. FINALLY! I Reach a completion rate of 50%. That's an achievement on its own for 225 games!

    1. Pray_4_the_End


      Congrats! I know the struggle, I started this year off with a 47% completion rate with around 117 games played. Now I'm sitting at 57% with 172 games played. I'm trying to get mine to at least 65% by the end of the year hopefully. 

    2. Cynical_Delight


      Nice! That completion rate can plummet very easily when you play a lot of games. ☺️

  3. Destiny 2 isn't that hard to platinum, especially compared to the first.
  4. These two are really good on Netflix!
  5. You know you want to hear it.
  6. Getting my 60th platinum and getting my completion rate to 50% before playing my next new game.
  7. You like racing games, don't you Berendsapje? Well normally I would suggest Burn out Paradise, but the servers closed down. So how about Mafia 2.
  8. Got some update of Spider-Man Miles Morales, apparently its going to be more of an expansion to the PS4 game, but on the PS5 specs. There will be alot of new contents and the story will focus on Miles of course. But its not a brand new game/sequel, its almost like another DLC pack. I suppose it makes sense since the first game came out only 2 years ago, but don't expect it to be as "ground breaking" as the trailers make it look.
  9. Wow, just WoW! Not just the Console looks really, well wavy and has an unexpected design, but the fact that most of theses games are new IP's and are quite original is fantastic. Here are the games that got my attention and my thoughts. Spider-Man Miles Morales: Glad that this is a launch title for the PS5 and they've made a sequel already, but it won't be available for PS4. Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart: I like the idea they got here, thou that reminds me, I need to play the last game. Project Athia: Looks promising, but won't come out until 2021 or 2022 since its still in development. STAY: Cat messengers with Macintosh robot? Returnal: Reminds me of Hell Blade, but as a sic-fi shooter. Destruction All-Star: Looks like a mash up of Rocket League and Fortnite. KENA and the bridge of Spirits: Like a kids version of Overlord Goodbye Volcano High: Well, this is what happens when you let college hipsters director your game, nice cell animation thou. JET The Far Shore: Lost in Space, the video game. GOD FALL: The only previous announced game on this showcase, but looks alot like Warframe. HITMAN 3: Not too surprise he's back. Demon's Souls Remastered: Welcome back, TO HELL! Deathloop: Yup its an Arkane studio game alright, a little to similar too Dishonored thou. PRAGMATA: And you though Death Stranding was weird. Horizon Forbidden West: And.... I'm sold. Thank you Guerrilla
  10. Watching it now, New Spider-Man sequel starting Miles Morales, and of course Gran Turismo 7.
  11. Infamous Second Son is a good and easy platinum. Just get max level for the Good Karma, then go for the Evil Karma Path in the campaign, which isn't that long.
  12. I do agree that Syndicate is the last Modem Assassin Creed in the series that still retain most of the original game-play that AC1 and 2 establish. But after finishing the story and most of the game, I find it one of the weakest title of the series, mainly because of its story, the weak villains and lack of immersion, and it kind of like a parody of the series in general. I mean yeah the grappling hook is great, but it ruins the parkour that the series focus on, and the combat is just terrible. Not to mention like Unity, there's no modern story game play. I got so bored of the game play that I got back into Just Cause 3 to make it more exciting. Its now clear to me now that the Assassin Creed series needed to change, evolved, but I'm not sure if the RPG route that Ubisoft choose is the right course. I heard Origin was really good, but Odyssey just distance itself much more and feels more like another game, but Ubisoft just slap the AC logo on it for a better sell result. Lets just hope Valhalla get back on the right route to revive the series again.
  13. Don't know what to expect with this one, but it was actually really good. Finish the whole first season on Netflix, but definitely recommend it.
  14. This is one thing I hate about this generation of consoles, so many remastered of previous games. I mean the PS5 is coming at the end of the year and yet 2K though to themselves, "You know what, lets re-release another version of Bioshock 1 and 2 for the PS4, but not Bioshock Infinite for some reason". Then again Saint Row 3 Remastered came out recently too. I already have the Bioshock Collection in my library, but I thought that they were already remastered versions of the game. Then again there hasn't been a Bioshock game that came out this generation, so maybe 2K are re-releasing it like a promo for the next title, well see soon enough.
  15. Okay, so I got this weird glitch while starting up Assassin Creed Syndicate the other day. On the Main menu, loading screen and overall game world, the background of London kept disappearing and reappearing at such a rapid pace, that my eyes hurt and was worried of getting a seizure or something, it was unbearable.


    I have no idea how this glitch happen, maybe I closed the game un-properly the last time I've played. Just in case I de-installed the game, reinstalled it and sure enough it was fix, and the disc is fine.


    Does anyone else got this glitch? And here I though AC Syndicate wasn't broken like Unity.

    1. Deceptrox


      It happened to me feequently, just quit the game from the PS4 menu and start it again, that always solves the problem.