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  1. Boy, its been a while since I've posted on this tread, but here are the last few platinum's I got this summer up until now. #58 The Red thread Unravel First up is this simple platformer that is surprisingly really good, especially its environment and movement mechanics with the thread attach to your character allowing him to swing back and fort and backtrack easily. Reminds me of a less depressed version of LIMBO, and yet it was published my EA. The platinum was pretty easy, the only challenging trophies are for getting all the collectibles in each level, as well as not dying for each levels. I do recommend this game for beginner's, especially if you like platformers games, too bad the sequel is alot harder. #59 Master Assassin Assassin's Creed Syndicate This title is certainly one of the easiest in the Assassin's Creed series, as it has no multiplayer or online co-op mode, and most of the trophies are pretty straight forward. This was certainly a lot more bearable and lest glitchy than Unity, but its too bad that its also one of the most boring AC game as there's not much substance in the story or the gameplay. Weak villains, forgettable convoluted plot, and one of the worst twist reveal I've ever seen in the Jack The Ripper DLC. I must say, after playing this game, I see now why Ubisoft had to change the formula for the series and went the RPG route. Still, this is the 4th game of the series that I've platinum, and the most modern setting to date, but definitely not the best. I'll eventually play AC Origins next, but I need a break from all these open world action games, let's hope AC Valhalla's redeems the series much more than Odyssey. #60 Hero Killzone Shadow Fall Last, but certainly not least, is Killzone Shadow Fall, probably the rarest platinum I'll ever get as it currently stand at 1.70% rarity on PSN Profile. While not too hard skill wise, its still a long and grueling game that you got to be committed for a long time to platinum it. Beating the game on hard difficulty without dying was pretty tough, but it's the multiplayer grinding that is the most tedious. Unlocking each ability 11 times is quite a chore, especially on official servers as other players are very competitive and so you'll rarely get 3 kills with say the drone or the stunt ability. The best method of course is to get a boosting servers with some friends, or just grind on bot servers online as the AI is... well incompetent. I'm just glad this game even has bots, as it feel like it would take an entire year just to get 'Jack Of All Trades' trophy legibly. Its rather fitting that I got the platinum now, as it is the first PS4 game, and now that the PS5 is release, its a whole new generation of gaming that starts now!
  2. For now I have no interest in buying the PS5. Not just I don't got the money or the time, but my backlog of games is immense. Heck there are PS3 games that I still want to play. I actually want to give up on gaming once I reach 100 Platinum. Will see.
  3. Dammit WB games, why do you do this! Just when I lost the chance to get the Mad Max Platinum, now its this game. I've already played this game on Steam about 2 years ago, but I do have the GOTY edition from Playstation Plus, so back to it then.
  4. Ha! Me too! I was also trying to get the Platinum for Ghost of Tsushima and only half way done with the game. It wasn't until the evening of October 20th that I got word that Mad Max servers are closing and since I had the game from Playstation Plus well I went straight to it. Unfortunately I don't know if I got the two online challenges in time. Once again WB Game kind of lied on the date of server closure (thou only late by two days). This isn't the first game I've tried to grind constantly before its closure, like Killzone 2, but hopefully I'll get the platinum but not until I've finish the story and get back to Ghost of Tsushima. Which it superiors in every way to Mad Max.
  5. Maybe it was false news just to get more attention for this game. Kind of like when they announced that they would shut down the online multiplayer servers for Batman Arkham Origins back in early 2018, but they never did. WB seems to have a habit for that.
  6. I've just finish act two and while I'm making good progress, I don't know if I got all 4 scrap crew. Thou I must say the game is really glitchy than anticipated. Frame rate drop, enemy cars disappear and sand storm don't appear when they should. At this point I wouldn't be surprise if the trophy glitched on me.
  7. Don't know Unknow_V2_0 but CMH777 was the one that got me into trophy hunting back in 2016 with his list of easiest platinum. Heck if it wasn't for him I would had gotten all my platinum's. I also enjoy his stream videos because he would review other peoples trophy list, including mine, that was great! (even thou he's hard to impress). That say thou, I'm not surprise he quit, not just I haven't hear about him for a year, but he closed his YouTube channel, and seemed more frustrated in his last video's, especially when he restarted his account. And I must admit, the joy of trophy hunting has diminish quite a bit this year, I got less time to game, and few doable/easy platinum's to get. I originally wanted to get to 100 platinum before quitting, but now I can't even get to 60 and I got bigger things to worry about than trophy hunting.
  8. There are quite a few games that I want to platinum of course, especially on my PS3. However I know the one that I really want badly is Destiny (the first one). Three times have I gotten a boosting session going with other players to get a raid started, but they always kick me out because "My light level is too low". BS considering how much hours I've played that game (probably over 150 hours). The fact that it was one of the first PS4 game that I got, and one of my favorite makes me annoyed that I've never completed a Raid. ...And probably will never get the Flawless Raider trophy either.
  9. I'm gonna go with Sonic & All-Star Racing Transformed. I've played that game and I know how tedious it is.
  10. So close at getting Killzone Shadow Fall Platinum, just one trophy left!

  11. Who knew synthetic and country music went so well together.
  12. I know what you mean. For instant in the trophy guide for Killzone Shadow Fall, it say that to fully upgrade the Supply box you need to resupply a whopping 250 players. However this is incorrect as the game say you only need to resupply 150 player to reach the supply box MK 11, which is the fully upgraded one. Thou there are challenges that require more player to use your supply box. I spend most of this month grinding for this ability alone as it is the only one that can't be done on bot matches as the AI is incapable of using supply boxes. But I finally got 150 players to use it.
  13. Got these from the PSN store this past month, all on sale.
  14. While I agree it a great deal for new PS5 and those that miss out this console generation. Its not worth it for those that still have the PS4 since they already got theses game. I myself got all of them except for Persona 5, Monster Hunter Worlds, The Last Guardian, Resident evil 7 and Final Fantasy XV. The only two I'm surprised that on the list is Battlefield 1 (cause its an EA game), and Fallout 4 as that game was kind of mediocre, but then again, better than Fallout 76. Also, a little awkward that this is the THIRD TIME The Last of Us got release, I mean it was originally for the PS3.