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  1. B.J Blazkowicz from Wolfenstein and Doom Slayer from Doom(2016). I can already imagine their first meeting. B.J: So tell me, are you good at killing Nazis? Doom Slayer:......... B.J: .......Okay, Well just follow my lead new guy. *24 hours later* B.J: What?! How the hell did you manage to beat the third Reign in the entire world in just one day? Doom Slayer:......... B.J: You truly are something out of this world.
  2. My first one is the Destiny bundle PS4 at its launch. It’s all white. But with its limited storage capacity and broken disc drive, I bought the PS4 slim this spring since it was more affordable than the Pro.
  3. #49 Apex Predator Far Cry Primal Tell me, do you like single player grinding, limited weapons and repetitive game play? Then you'll love Far Cry Primal. Ok, its not that bad, but this game started out well with the beast master concept of taming animals, and the prehistoric setting is pretty cool, however it does loses its charm after a few hours of playing. I initially though the campaign was going to be short and sweet, but it takes quite a while to reach both bosses and getting all 80 collectibles. Its the grind that seems pretty tedious, especially at the end when you reach its XP cap before you learn them all. It took me about 31 hours to get the platinum on this title, but its still one of the weaker far cry games, but still an easy platinum as there's no multiplayer or difficult skill trophies, its just took longer than it should be. That reminds me, I'll try to get the platinum for Far Cry 5 this summer, but this is the last one for spring 2019.
  4. Tomb Raider: Anniversary
  5. Now you're going to say "What! he didn't watch JoJo Bizarre Adventures until now" No I've haven't, but now that I have I must say it wasn't as weird as I expected for an anime, but it was fantastic!
  6. I think the Platinum that broke me the most would have to be Assassin Creed Unity. So many things went wrong when I tried to 100% complete it. I lost my original save file, so I had to start over from scratch. Then I had to find all the collectibles, which took forever, I mean have you seen the world map for Unity (below). Ubisoft literately just shoved a crap bunch of stuff in a 2.75 square kilometer map! The co-op trophies weren't any better as you had to find all sync points in every level. And finally had to redo the Dead King DLC. It didn't help that Unity is one of the weakest entry in the AC franchise, so it wasn't enjoyable at all to replay it three time, first in 2014, shortly after launch, 2016 and finally got the platinum in 2018.
  7. # 48 Another Day at the office Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Anyone Day at the Office? More like playing another Call of Duty at the Office..... Ok, i'm done with bad joke, but seriously, this is a pretty good game and a pretty good platinum/trophy list. I was so glad that there were no multiplayer trophies, no Special Ops or challenge rooms, and no real grinding trophies. The only two being Weapon Master and Dogs. I Hate Dogs. Aside from that, the Platinum was pretty straight forward thou I knew the 4 most troublesome/hardest trophies was going to be Eyes and Ears, Best of the Best, Mile High Club, and beating the entire campaign on Veteran difficulty. Fortunately the latter wasn't too bad, its only certain levels that can be frustration, particularly 'Heat','All in' and 'No Fighting in the War Room'. Best of the Best reminded me alot of the Titanfall 2 trophy ...Becomes the Master, but its hard to tell which one was harder. I mean yeah the level short and pretty simple, but beating 15.1 seconds seemed impossible, my best time was 14.95 seconds. Eyes and Ears was harder than expected because because of the video guide I used, it really slows the game's pace. And the last Intel in the level 'One Shot, One Kill' is hard to get to because the door doesn't always open, had to redo that one twice. And finally, the one that's the most intimidating was of course Mile High Club. It took me over 5 hours to get it today, but its always the first room and the start of the second floor that gets me, but I kept going and refused to use the veteran glitch, but I got it as my 4,500 trophy milestone. I don't consider myself a big Call of Duty fan, but the first Modern Warfare game was back when the series had more "dignity" and originality and so I am glad to have this one in my collection. I don't know which game of the series I would do next, but I do recommend this one to any professional FPS gamer out there. “When the pin is pulled, Mr. Grenade is not our friend.” — U.S. Army Training Notice “Whoever does not miss the Soviet Union has no heart. Whoever wants it back has no brain.” — Vladimir Putin
  8. Oh wow, 98% completion, nice. Astro Bot Rescue Mission
  9. Dead Island; Definitive Edition.
  10. Mmmh... Well one game that comes to mind is Assassin Creed 3, especially since the remastered version just came out. While it does have some great aspect about it, such as its setting, great open world (I love the frontier) and introduced naval combat. But it seemed for every good thing it has, it also got some bad thing, such as an unlikable main character, convoluted slow paced story, and just an overall disappointment by most fans, especially the end. It was sort of the end of an era for Assassin Creed, however I still enjoy the game, and I'll try to get back into it this summer. Two other games that I like, but are despised, especially by their fan base is.... Dead Space 3 and DMC Devil May Cry. Yes, they have distance themselves from their previous game, and have some nasty habits, and of course I understand why their hated, but I enjoy playing them. Mainly because I didn't grow up with the earlier entries, but their game play is pretty straight forward but challenging at the same time. I don't absolutely love them, but I don't hate them for what they are.
  11. This is great to listen to while playing War Thunder.
  12. Got another trailer release today. Though I can't say I'm as excited as I should be, it must be because its been such a long time since I played a Borderland game.