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  1. No, not assault class RPG Panzerfaust, as they are not stationary weapons. I meant anti-tank guns (or canons), like the German PAK 38 and the British 6 pounder gun.
  2. Finally, season 3 out on Netflix! The Seven Deadly Sins The revival of the ten commandments
  3. Well its been a while, but I didn't posted my last 4 Achievements before my gaming break. Well here they are in order... # 41 Life is strange: Before the Storm Bring on the Storm First up is this prequel to 2015 Life is Strange, which I though was a reject film script for the Sundance film festive that they turn it into a game instead. This one, as the title says, is a prequel set about 2 years before Max came to Arcadia bay, but this time you play as puck face hipster girl Chloe as she develops her relationship with Rachael. The games is ok, but it still feels really preachy as if its trying too hard to be appealing for millenniums, as its very simple (it is a point and click episodic game, you know what to expect) and it has all those subject like LGBT, drug/alcohol addiction, puppies, ghost dad, divorce, fight the power and all that kind of stuff, and also the slowest forest fire I've seen. Its a decent game, very simple platinum so I do recommended for beginners, but I was unable to get it as my fastest trophy. But at least they all lived happy ever after... #42 Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Done Hellblade on the other hand is a much better and fascination game to play than Before the Storm. It may be a simple hack n'slash game, but at least it knows how to stand out from the crowd as it is both visually stunning and difficult. You play as Senua's a Picts warrior (predecessor of the Scottish Celtics, the one's with the blue face paint) who has to venture to Norway's Viking version of hell, called Hellheim to save her boyfriend soul from damnation. Of course this is easier said than done as there are Norsemen, Demons, and even the god of death Hela trying to kill you, but her biggest foe is her mental illness, as she is suffering from Psychosis which is why she constantly hears voices in her head. This game is both challenging and terrifying (especially if you got headsets) as there is no hub or health bar, enemies constantly spawn (especially in the blood river and the final encounter) and some of the level design are unclear or real nightmare fuel, but I do enjoy this. It been a while since I've played a game as unique as this, and the trophy list is really easy as you just need to beat the game and collect all Lorestone. My only complain is the game claims it has perma-death but that's kind of BS as it is unclear how many lives you got, but at least I've manage to beat this game in 14 hours, 14 minutes and 22 seconds, making it my fastest platinum. #43 A Little Help From My Friends Telltales Guardians of the Galaxy Well here we go again, another easy Tell Tale game, you all know what to expect, beat the game, finish all episodes and the platinum's yours. Well I was glad that there are no collectibles (unlike the Wolf Among Us), but it's still a pretty long game. 13 hours of game play, since each episode is about 2 or so hours long and the pacing is pretty slow, so it feels longer than it is. As for the story, while I wasn't surprise that it doesn't revolves around the MCU Guardians of the Galaxy, but that's all right as the characters and roughtly the same. It got some good ideas but it definitely could have been presented better, but as it is, its just ok. That's all I got to say, I'm not even disappointed that it won't get a sequel. #44 Master Assassin Assassin Creed Unity Mon Dieu! ce Jeu me donne le mal aux cue! Pardon my French, but this game was so much more painful to complete it than it should have been. Its not so much that the game is difficult, as there is no multiplayer and most of the trophies are straight forward. However, there are so many campaign missions, so many side missions, so many co-op mission that you have to do just to get a small percent of the game done until you realize that its the collectibles are make up most of the game. I've never seen so many packed in such a map, its insane, and of course i'll take alot of time to get them all. There are other annoyances like the fact that you have to find all Sync Points in the co-op missions to get all skill points for the I Got Skills Trophy, but this can be a nuisance when playing with others as they will get annoyed of you for wandering around and not focusing on the mission. Fortunately you can get most of them on private matches. Another finicky trophy is Curiosity as you have to find all chest in Paris, the problem is that even if you explore the whole city, chests won't appear until you progress further in the campaign/story, so you need to do alot of backtracking to find them all. But the thing that made this game so much longer than it took, was that I accidentally deleted my first save file of my profile last year, so the fact that I had to start over from scratch was extremely discouraging. Once I had the platinum, I quickly finish the Dead King DLC again, got all the trophies and traded this game away for Detroit Beyond Human, and hopefully never see this game again. Au revoir!
  4. Fortunately, it does count for anti-tank guns, but it is harder to tell if someone's manning them. However it does not count for vehicles and MG Nests. My tip is when you are being shot by AA, do not ignore it, simply nose down and fire away at the AA immediately. If your lucky, you'll get a head shot killing the gunner instantly, though upgrading your plane will help.
  5. *Me looking at the game's trophy list Let's see here, only 22 trophies....6 campaign related.....a few multiplayer trophies (of course) and only 5 or them are grinding trophies. Well this is going to be a cake walk. I'm actually disappoint in DICE for making this a easy half-ass trophy list. Seems to be going downhill with this as Battlefield 1 trophy list was easier that Battlefield 4 list. But at least it had some challenging ones. This one like a off season April fools joke.
  6. While it is good new that Skybound will help in completing the final season, I don't think that any other game property will be renewed. No Game of Throne S2, no Wolf among us S2 and no Stranger Things game will be released.
  7. I've just finished Watching MANIAC, and I was not disappointed.
  8. My top ten PC games are: 1. Half-life 2 2. Team Fortress 2 3. Halo: Combat Evolved 4. Bioshock 5. Left 4 Dead 2 6. Empire Earth 2 7. Dota 2 8. Age of Empire 9. World of Tanks 10. Timeshift
  9. Boy, I haven't seen an Gundam anime since 00. But I am glad that Unicorn is really good, even if its alittle hard to follow.
  10. MUSE Newest song, can you find all 80's References
  11. Well this news came out of nowhere. Now, not just Wolf among Us 2, Game of Thrones Season 2 and their Stanger Things game is Cancelled. But all future installments as well. I mean Tales of the Borderlands and Guardians of the Galaxy clearly ended with a to be continue note, now we'll never get it. I now hope that they at least finish the final season of the Walking dead, but with only a skeleton crew of 25 people, it probably won't happen.😢 Rest in Peace Tell Tale Games, at least you weren't killed by EA.
  12. Well once again I have to take a break on playing PlayStation game, but I'll be back on it this holiday.

    I might be posting some videos on my youtube page though.

  13. Uncharted trilogy, Killzone trilogy, some of the Call of duties (like Modern Warfare 2 and World at War), Burnout Paradise, Skyrim, GTA and all that good stuff.