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  1. This is one thing I hate about this generation of consoles, so many remastered of previous games. I mean the PS5 is coming at the end of the year and yet 2K though to themselves, "You know what, lets re-release another version of Bioshock 1 and 2 for the PS4, but not Bioshock Infinite for some reason". Then again Saint Row 3 Remastered came out recently too. I already have the Bioshock Collection in my library, but I thought that they were already remastered versions of the game. Then again there hasn't been a Bioshock game that came out this generation, so maybe 2K are re-releasing it like a promo for the next title, well see soon enough.
  2. Okay, so I got this weird glitch while starting up Assassin Creed Syndicate the other day. On the Main menu, loading screen and overall game world, the background of London kept disappearing and reappearing at such a rapid pace, that my eyes hurt and was worried of getting a seizure or something, it was unbearable.


    I have no idea how this glitch happen, maybe I closed the game un-properly the last time I've played. Just in case I de-installed the game, reinstalled it and sure enough it was fix, and the disc is fine.


    Does anyone else got this glitch? And here I though AC Syndicate wasn't broken like Unity.

    1. Deceptrox


      It happened to me feequently, just quit the game from the PS4 menu and start it again, that always solves the problem.

  3. Haven't re-watch Gundam Unicorn, but when I find out that Netflix had the English dub of these animes, I just had to binge watch them. Especially Bleach season 4 since I heard its revival is coming back soon.
  4. Look I'm not going to kick the dead horse that is The Last of Us Part 2 leaks like everyone else is. But I am not going to judge this game by this controversy, because like everyone and everything recently, Naughty Dogs and Sony are being gravely affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. They delayed the game to make sure that it has the best chance of success and sells well by retail stores and distributors. Did it paid off? well no and probably should have focus more on digital distribution, but that doesn't matter now, now its just damage control. Me personality I have not seen any of the leaks as I don't want any spoilers, but I will still buy this game because I still support Naughty dogs all the game designers that have put so much effort in making the game, especially in these difficult time.. It is rather ironic thou that a Video Game about a deadly epidemic is being destroyed by a real deadly epidemic. I bet Resident Evil 3 RM and DOOM Eternal are glad they came out sooner.
  5. Me Playing DOOM Eternal:

    "Ah man, the Marauder is too OP!"

    *Get the Unmaykr*

    "Oh Never mind"

  6. Mirror's Edge Catalyst
  7. Mmmhm.... No trophy cabinet, but definitely a meme lord. Thou you definitely got some extremely rare platinum, like Tom Clancy End War and Far Cry 2.
  8. From what I remember, yes this is technically an easy platinum as there's no skill or grinding trophies, and it has no multiplayer so it will never be shut down. However that said, you do need one thing, patience, as this is the slowest pace game I've ever played. Your character walks so slowly that even using the shortcuts and the 'running' button (Well I wouldn't call it running, more like slightly faster steps) takes a long time. And it does have alot of collectible trophies, some are unclear of what items are registered as collective, such as those bird books for the Bibliophile trophy. But the most frustrating trophy is the Radio Enthusiast, because as the description say, you have to listen to all the radios before doing anything else. So you practically have to backtrack to do all the other things after, making it feel like your doing second play-through. I had to make a backup save for the Completionist trophy as I had forgotten a single audio recording, but aside from that, I had no glitches in the game. While its not the worst game I ever played, but its a good example of why walking simulator are not a popular genera of game.
  9. I know what you mean, I've just beat the first Marauder boss fight, but at first I couldn't get him at all. Mainly because of his stupid wolf or I was so concentrated on him that I didn't notice a zombie or a Imp shooting at me from behind. Since I was playing on nightmare difficulty, his Argent Axe takes 90 armor points in one swing, so he can kill me in less than three strikes. Fortunately I found a good trick to kill him quickly, it takes about 10 super shotgun shots to stunt him for a gory kill, but you have time to shoot him twice during his vulnerable phase (the green eye bit). He also rarely does the same attack twice in a row, so make sure that you're in the mid-range area of him like the tutorial says. And of course, keep moving, kill all other demons, and use your spring ability a lot, it's your saving grace! This video helped me out of course. I understand why id Software added him, try to spice thing up a bit with the enemy variations, but ultimately it didn't work out. Thou that said, like the DOOM Hunters, I am not looking forward to encountering more of theses in the campaign.
  10. I'm not sadistic, I'm just playing DOOM Eternal on nightmare difficulty.

  11. Great remix of the original DOOM theme
  12. I got a few good screenshots Battlefield 1 is my favorite Battlefield! Wolfenstein 2 has some unforgettable moments One of the best looking game on the PS4
  13. DOOM is certainly a series that has retain its reputation despite being 27 years old, mainly because they didn't milk the franchise to death. While its safe to say that DOOM 3 is the weakest of the series, it didn't hurt it as bad bad as other series did mistakes (Like AC Unity, Dead Space 3 or CoD Infinite Warfare for example). But as for your question, is DOOM Eternal the best game in the series? While its definitely a 'celebration' of the franchise in general, especially to 1994 DOOM II, its still not the best. Heck I find DOOM 2016 still better because it retains alot of the originals series like the linear level game-play and more straight forward combat. DOOM Eternal has thrown so much to the player that alot of its aspects are from other genres like RPG's, Open World and platforming games that dissolves the feel of the combat (if you know what I'm saying). Of course I'm not saying DOOM Eternal is a bad game, its a fun challenging game and one of the best in the series, but not the best. Sometimes its true what they say, more isn't better.
  14. Best Birthday Present Ever!