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  1. First three Platinum's of the year, and there all pretty good; #63 Living Legend Ghost of Tsushima Easily one of the best game of 2020, Ghost of Tsushima is a fun, challenging and compelling game with great characters and an interesting story. At first I though the combat was going to be quite difficult to learn like other samurai games like For Honor or Sekiro; Shadow Die Twice. Fortunately Sucker Punch remembered to make the gameplay pretty basic without making it too easy like the Infamous series and Ghost does hold your hand a few times, like reminding you to use the right stances when fighting certain enemies. This game has a fairly easier trophy list as there are no online or grinding trophies and one thing I find absolutely ingenious is how finding collectibles is so easy, normally you would rely on your map to find them, but the golden birds will show you were the nearest collectable is if your in their area. The wind gust is a brilliant idea too as it tells you the direction of any objective you've mark on the map without ruining the immersion. Heck the only flaw of the game is that the main story is too long as you have to liberate each three regions and you usually get distracted by all side quests and the amazing scenery. This is one of the most gorgeous game on the PS4, it makes the photo mode so satisfying's, heck the first trophy I got was for going into photo mode. If you want a easy and very satisfying game, then look no further than Ghost of Tsushima. I don't know what else to say that hasn't been said about this game, but it should have won game of the year for sure. #64 Platinum Trophy Star Wars Battlefront 2 From one of the most enjoyable platinum to one of the most painful platinum I've ever got. The grind for this game is extensive, second only to Killzone Shadow Fall's multiplayer as that game was much more challenging. This game is so painful because of how little XP you get per matches, unless your playing co-op mode or on the weekend for the double XP (Wednesday has triple XP) then you better get ready for a long platinum journey. While I was glad that this game has a lot more content that the last Battlefront game, its single-player campaign is decent at best and is just enough to keep me interest. Also this is technically the first Star Wars video game platinum I got, so that's a start. Now that I've got it done thou, I have no desire to return to this game, but if you like multiplayer game, and alot of grinding, then this game might be for you. #65 All Roads Traveled Life is Strange 2 Well this is certainly different from the previous two games of the series, as instead of a school teen drama, this one is more of a hero's journey scenario expect you're not the one with the super powers but you do teach them of what's right and wrong. I won't spoil this game for you as it is generally really good, and I do like the story arc, its just one of those point and click adventure game where you got to think before you act as there are repercussions. I don't know if I'll get the third installment that just got announce, but like the Tell Tale games, this is a pretty easy platinum to get, especially with a collectible guide, and after the last two games, I really needed something quick and easy.
  2. Got a great Birthday Present!
  3. Definitely Crypt of the NecroDancer. Although I've never played it personally, but the fact that its a dungeon crawler with a rhyme pace movement just sound extreme tedious. And the fact it has a completion rate of only 2.0% on PSN.
  4. I don't know if this rumor is bullshit, but I certainly hope its bullshit.
  5. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, This game is well know for being brutally difficult.
  6. I didn't even know Sony did a yearly Wrap-up until I watch PlayStation Access video review. Well here's what I did for 2020 Number of games played in 2020: 25 Games My top games: 1. Killzone Shadow Fall (89 hours, got the platinum) 2. Battlefield 1 (66 hours, spend all of August to get the DLC trophies) 3. Call of Duty: WW2 (64 hours, kind of surprise for this one) Top genre: Action - Adventure (408 hours) Total gameplay (PS4 only): 1225 hours. 1038 hours played locally, while 187 is online. Days played in 2020: 193 days Top day of the week: Saturday Evening Total trophies earned in 2020: 624 trophies Platinum: 7 Gold: 53 Silver: 123 Bronze: 441 Overall a pretty good year. Not much platinum wise but I did improved my completion rate and worked on my backlogs, still a ways to go thou.
  7. Street Fighter V, unless your really good at arcade fighting games and learn the combos quickly.
  8. .......Hum........... Yeah better not state my opinion on this game here, might start something nasty.
  9. Found these two at a new antique store in town. Good find.