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  1. From MUSE new upcoming album.
  2. Doing a COD Black Ops marathon, never played this series before, but I wanna see what I'm missing.

  3. Not my most productive year, but considering I was focusing on my career, that's understandable. Probably shouldn't have gotten into War Hammer 40,000 too lol. 573 Total Hours Played = 172 Total Days Played 16 Games Played Top 5 games most played in 2021 1. Assassin's Creed Origins - 110 hours 2. Destiny 2 - 98 hours 3. Battlefield V - 56 hours 4. The Last of Us Part 2 - 53 hours 5. CONTROL: Ultimate Edition -52 hours 680 new trophies obtain 14 Platinum (thou it should be 13, guess they counted my most recent one on new years day) 50 Gold 152 Silver 464 Bronze My personal awards for 2021 Best Platinum: Ghost of Tsushima on March 10 Worst Platinum: Star War Battlefront 2 on March 28 (Sooooo much grinding) Hardest Platinum: Dead Space 2 on June 3 Easiest Platinum: Life is Strange 2 on April 8
  4. (See Below)
  5. Oh boy do I feel nostalgic.
  6. Last few Platinums for the PS3 #68 Kingpin Saint Row The Third First up is this hilarious game that answers the question "What if Adult Swim made their own GTA game". Well this is pretty much it, and while certainly not a 'deep and emotional' game, it is a perfect game to just shut down your brain and enjoy the madness. I guess it is pretty tedious to complete all activities and collectables, but thankfully this isn't Blaine Country. Honestly just have fun in the character create function and drive around town, mowing down rivals gangs and kicking people in the nuts as a Russian Alien and enjoy yourself. Its also a pretty easy platinum, so I wanted to get this one done before starting Saint Row 4 on my PS4. #69 Master Prince of Persia Hum, maybe I should have save #69 for Saint Row. Ha ha! Well joke aside, this is a really good platformer game, thou a little empty in its setting, thou I suppose that is to be expected considering Amon has taken over the kingdom, but still not much to see aside from some of the scenic views. This is the first Prince of Persia game I've ever played, and while it may have been a failed reboot for Ubisoft, its at least a easy game to get into and is still an easy platinum to get, just some specific trophies and collectible, (thou finding all those 1001 light orbs is pretty tedious). Definitely recommend this one for beginners. #70 King of the Hill God of War 3 Well I got the Original God of War not long ago, so I figure why not go for the others, and since God of War 2 had little more to do with collecting the cyclops eyes, I decided to just skip ahead and make God of War 3 my 70th platinum. This is defiantly Kratos at his most brutal and he doesn't have a care in the world of what his consequences are as long as Zeus is dead! And my god, killing the entire Greek pantheon has never been more satisfying's. This game has aged very well with its more semi-open world approach and the boss battles are the best in the franchise. I was so glad that the Challenges of Olympus wasn't as difficult as the challenges in the first game. Definitely one of the best trophy list for the PS3, you just got to keep in mind that some trophies aren't as hard as they seem, like the Hit Man trophy that require a 1000 hit combo may see impossible, but if you get behind the scorpion boss, you can get this with ease (I'm guessing the game designers must have knew of this export). Although Kratos is very different today than he was back in 2010, he will always remember of the monster he was. Thou now that I think about it, this would be a awkward conversation to speak with Atreus in the new games. Kratos: Boy, did I ever tell you the tale of when I fornicated with Aphrodite the God of Love for several hours during my escapades in Mount Olympus?. Atreuis: no....No father, I don't believe you have. Kratos: Hmmm.... Good, that is a story for another day. Perhaps when you are older.
  7. The Maze Hallway was easily the best level in the game. And it definitely helped that this song was playing the whole time.
  8. They've just announce a remake to Dead Space, thou I don't know if its the entire trilogy. However since Viseral Games doesn't exist anymore I highly doubt its gonna be major improvement.
  9. Got two of the best platinum's on the PS3 and their quite the achievement for me. #66 Trophy of Zeus God of War No, this is not the 2018 reboot but the original God of War from 2005. I got this from the God of War Saga collection from 2012, which is one of the first PS3 game I got. Probably should have gotten this as a my 75th Milestone but its been a while since I got a GoW Platinum and this one was pretty close to completion. I knew the only two trophies that would give me a hassle was the I'll Take the Physical Challenge for Beating all the Challenge of the Gods, and the Speed of Jason McDonald for beating the game in less than 5 hours. At first I though this was almost impossible as it took me over 9 hours to beat the game the first time, and the Temple of Pandora just seems to go on forever. But by playing it on easy and skipping most of the chests, I beat it with 25 minutes to spare. The challenges of the Gods is also very difficult as you have to do all 10 challenges in one go, and #8 and #10 are just insane, but I finally got it. It funny though, looking back at this and Resident Evil 4, games from 2005 certain are a time capsule from a non-PC age, long before Twitter and Twitch caught on. Also some of the dialogue from them are abit cringy. #67 The Final Frontier Dead Space 2 Just when I though the I'll Take the Physical Challenge was a difficult trophy, up comes Dead Space 2 with the Hard to the Core trophy for beating it on Hard Core difficulty WITH ONLY THREE SAVES. That was the really challenge as the game is quite long as it has 15 chapters. At first I followed AnimeDreama trophy guide and divide each of my saves every 5 chapters, but this clearly didn't work as most of the challenging sections are on the later half of the game. It was very demotivated every time you die, as you would lost 1 or even 2 hours of progress. And sometimes you would die from some BS moment, like those free fall section or the elevator, but it was the Mines and the Government sector that was the most challenging. It wasn't so much that you ran out of ammo, its more of the fact you can get overwhelm so easier with all the enemies heading your way. But I was determine, I restarted the game, made my first save in chapter 7 and used the last two for those challenging parts, and with some help from speed runner TheEpicBoss95 who showed me the best approach for those challenging sections, I was able to beat the game! Screw Altman, all praise the Contact Beam for being the best weapon for beating the final boss easily, and when that platinum trophy pop, I felt huge relief as I completed one of the most challenging platinum I got in a long time. Its been a while since I felt this huge sense of accomplishment, but now I'm all worn out, probably just gonna go easy for abit, but this one is definitely going to the cabinet. If your up for a real challenge, then charge up your plasma cutter and get ready to wreck all of Titan Station.
  10. Currently doing the Hardcore run on Dead Space 2. Man is it stressful! If only there were one more save count.

    1. ihadalifeb4this


      Isaac: "Stick around. I'm full of bad ideas."

  11. Yeah, There are a few games that come to mind. Batman: Arkham Origins: I did manage to get all the online trophies for this game, the requirements for them are absolutely insane that it is impossible to get them legit. Also who thought that having multiplayer in a Batman game was a good idea? DOOM Eternal: While Doom 2016 was fine with its multiplayer matches, Eternal has the infuriated Battle mode where if your the Slayer, your outnumbered and usually outmatch by the opposing demons. So killing 200 players takes alot longer than it should be. Mad Max: Just when I started playing it, I was shocked to learned that this single-player game needed an online connection for some functions to work, such as the 'Up to the Task' Trophy that required an online connection for your scrap crew to work. Dam. Overwatch: Yes I know this is a multiplayer game, but I used to love this game when it first came out. However Blizzard update the game so much that the matchmaking is so annoying that even choosing an offensive character is difficult due to the character limit for each classes. So now the rest of the trophies are harder to get.
  12. Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality. Yeah, its a Bossa Studio game, you know what you're getting in to. Though its still a lot of fun if you got a VR.