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  1. This thread turned out much different than i expected it to coming in here aha
  2. Evil within 2 doesn't have infinite ammo with cheats (need to finish classic mode for infinite ammo i think) but you do get infinite health, stamina and one shot everything
  3. Only game that instantly popped in my head was Dead Space, first two games were a fun 100% too. Game still looks and plays fine so imagine that shit today
  4. Same here, i'm bad with words so i couldn't think of a way to say it without seeming salty. They've really been going backwards and Nintendo has actually been doing good and i don't even like Nintendo games. I'm really considering just saving up and switching to PC cause steam sometimes gets the banned/censored games on PS4 completely fine, still use PS4/Vita for exclusives though. There's still so many games i got to play that even if the PS5 came out soon i got so much stuff to play i wouldn't get it for a while.
  5. Fallout 4 Went to eb games and got the pro and a handful of games and i couldn't play cause i had an old school tv and didn't know HDMI was mandatory so i had to wait forever to get a TV that would work aha
  6. Best co-op game i ever played from memory was borderlands
  7. i think it only counts signed in people? I just tried opening an incognito tab and my view didn't change and i changed my vpn server on my phone and used a different completely empty/clean browser and tried but that didn't change it either
  8. same as a normal friend request, its no different really people just call me damon instead of joker
  9. Luckily i don't want to change my name but yeah that's pretty weird when microsoft and steam don't have any issues with name changes
  10. If anybody wants to team up for vs AI tribute let me know because its the best for exp/time but completely dead and i want to get this done the fastest way possible
  11. DLC has trophies you can see them now
  12. All the trophies are fixed now btw
  13. Good song by Visceral Disgorge :3
  14. If anybody has any Japanese horror for my weeb ass id appreciate it a lot. Last movie i watched was Jason X because was having a movie marathon with lots of drunk people at a mates house (Friday 13th series was part of it)
  15. I cant wait to play and 100% this when im done with irl stuff and can get back to playing games love games like this