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  1. Good song by Visceral Disgorge :3
  2. If anybody has any Japanese horror for my weeb ass id appreciate it a lot. Last movie i watched was Jason X because was having a movie marathon with lots of drunk people at a mates house (Friday 13th series was part of it)
  3. I cant wait to play and 100% this when im done with irl stuff and can get back to playing games love games like this
  4. I put in a 2TB HDD the moment I got my ps4 so not much point in getting it for me but still cool to see c:
  5. Well I'm a Completionist because i need to 100% every game DLC included but i regularly play games even after the platinum especially if multiplayer and do things that arent required for trophies but i also buy short easy games just for trophies too because i got lots of stuff to watch so i can do it while auto-piloting the game so not sure where id fit here Never avoided a game because of its trophies, Koihime Enbu and Trials fusion would be gone if that was the case aha
  6. I don't judge profiles, people can play what they want. I was xbox last gen and didn't care about trophies/achievements until the end of its cycle so by the time i got a ps4 i started 100% everything i play from the very beginning so never encountered any unobtainable trophies thankfully. If i'm alerted to an easy trophy game though i grab it and auto-pilot while i watch stuff
  7. This is basically why i bought a vita the other week instead of the switch, after getting that taste of trophies/achievements its hard to go back. Even playing games on my ps4 i have to use my main account or else it feels like their is no progression and the game isnt as fun anymore and with trophies it "forces" me to do everything in the game and i like the incentive. Stupid i know but thats how it is for me these days, some trophies give you an almost high from it "Is there anything you cant do?" is one of the best things I've ever felt aha
  8. https://www.nin-nin-game.com/en/psvita-consoles-systems/16041-psvita-aqua-blue-playstation-vita-wi-fi-pch-2000za23-new-en.html I bought my vita from here because i wanted a blue one but theres plenty of places to get the Japanese ones from online
  9. i only buy digital if it is the only option so i hope not aha already got the digital only problem with the vita next year
  10. Made my name at like 12 or 13 and kept it for everything and everybody naturally calls me Joker which i like
  11. I'm interested in why they wanted to change it, i like to see the creators thoughts behind things they do. I did prefer the old version though and being Australian i'd prefer DD/MM/YYYY
  12. Koihime Enbu is the first platinum i've ever had difficulty with even evil within and xcom was fine but man this shit is tough aha Trials fusion doesnt have a plat but its the hardest trophy ive ever gotten ("Is there anything you can't do?")
  13. I can also vouch for the powerline adapter things, my friend cant have a long ethernet cord through the house because his dog likes to chew through it so he has the things Skateak mentioned and they work great for him
  14. Man those run combos are brutal for my butter fingers, nicely done though! I hope you discover how to get the 75 hit combo with her if she's your main because we can't really ask people for trophy tips because when you check people that have the tough ones they're Japanese
  15. It's definitely the hardest plat i've ever done but not the hardest trophy, that easily goes to the Trials Fusion "Is there anything you can't do?" if i can do that then i can do this and i believe you can too, it just seems shitty cause you're learning stuff you will never use and you'll do the combo once then never see it again I dont know how hard SFV is cause this is my first fighting game i've bought to get actually get into them but from what i've heard execution on that game is harder than this so its probably harder aha