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  1. a joke sadly, you'll get everything without trying really Wish there was one for S ranking all missions, getting VIP status or getting to high survival wave or something
  2. i got the game two days early via shipping from EB Games here in Australia so same thing happened to them probably and they just very easy difficulty rushed through it to be first or something :shrug:
  3. You saved my ass with this, i had given up on bothering to go through with the character challenges because i knew at the end of it i'd never be able to copy that twitter video, we even talked about it but seeing this cleared that right up so all it took was to do the challenges which at least has the inputs on screen, just takes a lot of figuring out dash distance and other micro things not shown Finally got this thing done and while not feeling as godly like with trials fusion boy am i glad i can forget about it :^) Literally never would have happened without this so thank you friendo Also 2 other people have got it now too since i last checked, wonder if they also saw this and it helped them too
  4. My mate @PeachXHime is a god and him and i figured out a bunch of stuff together i remember aha he speaks multiple languages so he helped people get the plat and has done some youtube stuff. I haven't played the game for ages since i've been doing other stuff irl and i'm not sure what he's been up to. I would like to get back into it since it does bother me more than it should having this be the only game in my life that i haven't been able to 100%, i feel like with enough time i would be able to eventually do the combo challenges but with such little info on the game and so many micro dashes and positioning and other things not written in the combo's it's super hard even knowing what you are supposed to be doing, its not just do these inputs and bam you're done. Peach did a document on the inputs for the divine combo and it looks brutal and the twitter vid makes it even more threatening, if you got some secret strats i'd love to hear it aha I use the qanba dragon but if i start playing again ill try your setup, i flip flop around too much between button layouts and stick vs pad since sometimes i randomly do better with one than the other then i suck and switch back and i'm better again, can never really find a permanent best feeling. There is a discord too btw, i watch fighters more than i play them so i remember them helping me with some stuff, there's character specific channels too, not the most active thing in the world even on day 1 but still was better than nothing
  5. Hey, what's the anime in your signature from?

    1. ruffedgz


      girl frontline m4 sopmod ii

    2. Alantor32
    3. xMiseryJokers


      yeah he got it aha its a game not an anime but close enough i suppose :^)

  6. This thread turned out much different than i expected it to coming in here aha
  7. Evil within 2 doesn't have infinite ammo with cheats (need to finish classic mode for infinite ammo i think) but you do get infinite health, stamina and one shot everything
  8. Only game that instantly popped in my head was Dead Space, first two games were a fun 100% too. Game still looks and plays fine so imagine that shit today
  9. Same here, i'm bad with words so i couldn't think of a way to say it without seeming salty. They've really been going backwards and Nintendo has actually been doing good and i don't even like Nintendo games. I'm really considering just saving up and switching to PC cause steam sometimes gets the banned/censored games on PS4 completely fine, still use PS4/Vita for exclusives though. There's still so many games i got to play that even if the PS5 came out soon i got so much stuff to play i wouldn't get it for a while.
  10. Fallout 4 Went to eb games and got the pro and a handful of games and i couldn't play cause i had an old school tv and didn't know HDMI was mandatory so i had to wait forever to get a TV that would work aha
  11. Best co-op game i ever played from memory was borderlands
  12. i think it only counts signed in people? I just tried opening an incognito tab and my view didn't change and i changed my vpn server on my phone and used a different completely empty/clean browser and tried but that didn't change it either
  13. same as a normal friend request, its no different really people just call me damon instead of joker
  14. Luckily i don't want to change my name but yeah that's pretty weird when microsoft and steam don't have any issues with name changes