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  1. Yeah, if we all do it, I guess they will adress it more likely. If someone gets a response please let us know here. For me I think every trophy that has a counter is glitched..
  2. Oh noooo.. In that case the trophies are bugged and not just reseted. Also, it looks like the PS5 trophies are not affected as people are still unlocking trophies over there. Means it is just a PS4 problem in the moment. Is there a way to contact Mantisco? I am not so sure that they are aware of that trophy issue..
  3. I think you are right. Yeah, lets hope it is just reseted and not buggy… I just checked the latest achievements of all trophies and there are no trophies (that have a counter) achieved after the 2nd / early 3rd of September. And yeah, the latest game update was released on the 3rd so there must be a connection. Please let us know if your friend can unlock his last trophy. Then we at least know that there is no bug
  4. Hey all, unfortunately I did not get the 1500 / 2000 monster kills trophy so far. The ingame „normal monster kill“ count is now at more than 1600 for solo and over 1100 for trio games and neither of the two trophies did pop yet. Counting the bigger monsters I am over 3k now in total. Did I missunderstand this trophies? Thanks a lot for your help.
  5. Hey guys, Im up to farm the Gauntlegrym PvP achievements+boons. Problem is, gauntlgrym que is dead. Is anyody else interested in the achievements and boons? We would need 20 ppl for that. (requirement: lvl 70 char)