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  1. Hi there, LuckySlime, and thank you for replying Yeah, I also saw on some posts online that it expired in December 2020, but some people were lucky to get it in January 2021. Even on a Reddit post I saw that some people could redeem it some months ago. The thing is that it was not actually telling me it expired AFTER I pressed "Accept" to get the game, when I thought that I actually got it. But nope, an error message appeared, and then, when entering the code again, it kept saying it was not available anymore. That is such bad luck
  2. Hello there! I don't know if anybody has experienced this kind of BS that just happened to me, but I would really appreciate if somebody actually knows if there is a solution to this: Basically, today I received my Persona Dancing All Star Triple Pack, and I proceded to check if the code worked (the seller said it had not been used). So, I went to my Japanese account, inserted the code, and I thought I had hit the jackpot. It was weird, though: I could see the typical rectangle with the game written in Japanese inside, but the square next to it had no image of the game. I did not care about it, and then clicked on "Continue". After that, I got a message that said something like "The content could not be found right now, check later". Yep, this is when it went downhill xDD. After that, I tried to enter the code again, but the typical message saying "Sorry, this code has been already used" appeared on my screen. I checked my game library. Nothing. I restored licenses. Nothing. And every time I reentered the code, the same error appears. I think my luck run out, right?