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  1. I'll say it again, I know not all of them are low budget but a large majority are and I really can't be bothered trying to dig the few rough diamonds from the pile. I didn't say they shouldn't exist according to the gaming market, I said that the way I look at the gaming market they might as well not exist because I don't take them into account when looking for my next purchase.
  2. I'm not just talking about old school metroidvanias. What I mean is that few indies look as good as Hellblade (if we wanna keep it in the indie space). I play indies or generally experiences I wouldn't risk adding to my PSN profile on Steam, so i stand by what I said because I know what indies look like most of the time. As for my games, you're half right. Some of those are ows and are empty and barren wastelands with some busywork on the side, but others are linear racing games, platformers and whatnot. Even then, among the ows there are still some very good ones. What I was saying in my first post in this thread is that AAAs should be more varied (and particularly Sony's first party offer), because as I said I don't count indies, as they aren't really able to compete on production values. From my point of view, this generation isn't very varied, because indies might as well not exist, the way I look at the gaming market.
  3. Eh, indies have most of the time absolutely atrocious production values so that stuff I usually don't touch.
  4. Fucking FINALLY, trophy progression. I've been asking for an XBL-like system on that for SO long. Jesus, thank you. Finally grindy plats will be easier to track. Timelog and Stats are also VERY nice, so I can know how much time I've wasted on my games.
  5. I miss the variety of the PS2 (or even of the PS3) era. Don't get me wrong, some of the games that have come out recently have been absolutely mindblowing and there's no doubt about that, but I feel like Sony (and all the other big publishers) just don't care about variety in their lineup anymore. Sony, for example, used to have Arcade Racers, Racing Sims, FPS, JRPG, RPG, MMOFPS, TPS, Platformers, Action/HnS, all that stuff. Now it's down to TPS, RPG, JRPGs and the occasional racing sim (GT). R&C is supposed to get a new entry by the end of this gen according to leaks and rumors, so I guess you could add another platformer to the list. I just feel like Sony doesn't wanna have a wide portfolio encompassing all kinds of tastes anymore. I'm happy with what I have, but I wish there was something more.
  6. Same, but I'm gonna have to buy the DLC. Hopefully a sale comes soon. If not, I'll just drop the 20€ and forget about it.
  7. You're welcome!
  8. I think it's pretty much 100% official now. TWITTER SOURCE
  9. You're both welcome! Another source, this time with the official e-mail's text. SOURCE Official date is August 1st, 2019. Here's a countdown. COUNTDOWN
  10. I know it's RE and it's an ugly community, but it's not so unlikely for the game's servers to be shut down. The game is 11 years old and has a remaster, after all. Besides, in this particular matter RE wouldn't have many reasons to lie.
  11. The servers for the original Burnout Paradise release on PS3 and Xbox 360 are shutting down in August, it seems. Only four or five months left to get the platinum and/or the 100%, then they will both be forever unobtainable. Time to start setting up boosting sessions for both the original game and the DLCs, then. I was hoping the DLCs could go on sale some time soon because I didn't want to drop 20€ on an 11 year old game, but it seems I'll have to do just that. SOURCE SOURCE 2 COUNTDOWN EDIT: OFFICIAL SOURCE
  12. You're correct, I misread. I thought it had to have 5 unique games, not 5 unique PLATINUM games. My bad.
  13. I'd like to know if the inFAMOUS PP thread will start anytime soon. If not, can I start it? I wanna maintain a PP thread and the inFAMOUS one is one that wouldn't take much time away.
  14. I got All4One today, so I'd say that puts me at the max tier (Lombax Praetorian). You can move me upwards.
  15. I got 5 plats: U1-2-3 Remastered and U4-LL, what does that make me?