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  1. Got it with 96%, so now I only need to do the score attacks, boss runs, trance assault and hours played. I'm already at the 4th area's high score, so it shouldn't be long until I'm only left with boss runs, assaults and hours played to do. All in all it wasn't hard, I just watched a 100% run of area 5 on YouTube and then I tried remembering where to use the overdrives and where the enemies would come from.
  2. Thank you both for the advice. Most painful enemies so far are the "X"s and huge worms/snakes, real pain in the ass. I'm already quickly tapping instead of holding because I couldn't get 95% by holding in the previous areas. I think I'll be well on my way to get the platinum once I get through this wall currently blocking my progress. Then I'll be able to move on to Horizon, The Witness and Thumper.
  3. I see you recently got the plat. Do you have any advice for Area 5's 95%? I'm on my third try and I only managed an 89% on what I thought was a pretty good run (expected at least 93 or 94%), so I clearly need some extra knowledge
  4. Idk if this is still active, but now I have one more platinum (Sackboy: A Big Adventure), so I need an update
  5. I can confirm those two trophies work for me, so newcomers are probably safe unless they changed their username.
  6. I'mma need an upgrade to Noir, I got the Morales plat
  7. I personally played quite a few online games by Activision and my account is quite old, so maybe I have a good chance. Well, I'll get it and check whether I can get the platinum, if not I will just play it on an alt Thanks for the help
  8. I have yet to buy it, I wanted to know if it's still obtainable so I can buy it. Is the only way to know to test it myself?
  9. I see contrasting reports in that thread. My PSN account is from before 2010 and I have played more than a few Activision online games before this one. It seems like the issue is with PSN accounts that are new and/or haven't played any Activision online games before this one. Can anyone confirm if it works for people who have an older account?
  10. Do the servers for this game still work? I was thinking of picking it up and getting the platinum to mirror what I did with Split/Second long ago and I would like to know if the platinum is still obtainable
  11. I only read this after finally S ranking all of HaH, so I guess I made you waste your time. It's all very useful advice and I in fact did exactly what you said (no damage on M12 and M18, the only difference being that I skipped most of the fights in M12 and just saved my Sin DT for Urizen), so I guess there are only a few logical ways to go about this in the end and they will come naturally to you
  12. I know, I already got all the trophies. I'm doing this as a personal challenge, and considering you seem to have all the Vergil techniques down I was asking for advice on how to cheese these few missions on this difficulty in the most efficient way. Yup, I needed advice for Vergil because I already S ranked everything with the other three guys. This was good advice, but I wanted something specific to the structure of those three missions. I'm now down to only 4 missions I gotta S rank, three of which are exactly those three (the fourth is mission 8, I can deal with that on my own probably). You got anything for those? Even if you don't, thank you for the advice.
  13. I meant with Vergil, my dude.
  14. Then I've had some hellish bad luck, I rerolled a sword 7 times and always got my level (105) at most.
  15. Issue is that I don't think you can reach lv110 through upgrades. GoT's crafting system doesnt work like that, most you can do is reroll the stats which will reach at most the Ki level your character currently has overall