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  1. Yeah, I was lucky I already knew the producer from my time with LocoRoco 2 Remastered and that buggy trophy that prevented me and many others from getting the platinum. Good thing he agreed with me on the debug menu not being an intended feature.
  2. 11.000+ owners HERE. Which means the game grossed somewhere between $55,000 and $165,000 based on price trackers. And I wanna say this again, this is just HERE. I'm sure that amount alone is enough to justify development of a game this simple, and this was confirmed by us getting a remaster for the sequel to that game. And on that 50,000 you're being WAY unrealistic. There are tons of easier games that don't require the minimal effort the debug version of the game does AND give you more trophies. Ain't nobody picking this one for easy trophies. Just accept that this one isn't gonna be a shit platinum awarded to you for being able to input a code and cheat, get it legitimately like everybody else, and move on.
  3. If you think THIS is the kind of game people go to for trophies you're the one who's kidding himself. Not to mention the first game has some 11.000 owners on this place alone WITHOUT easy trophies, so I think this one will do JUST FINE.
  4. You can do that, sure I really, really doubt those sales will make or break this game. It's just a basic remaster of a 10 year old PSP game. People will buy it for nostalgia and not much more than that (like I did).
  5. That's fine. I'm satisfied with them knowing they are indeed cheating because the debug menu wasn't intended to be in the game.
  6. Doubt that will happen, not everybody buys games for trophies.
  7. Just so you know I was behind BOTH fixes. LocoRoco 2 Remastered was fixed thanks to me talking directly to the producer when I got to the buggy LocoRhythm trophy, and this one was fixed because I talked to the producer again (who is the same guy, he's behind all 4 PSP remasters so far), considering it really pissed me off seeing all y'all not putting in the slightest effort to get this week-long platinum. You're welcome lmao
  8. Not really. Put TV on game mode, use headphones. Game has virtually no lag this way.
  9. I actually posted the announcement on the Patapon subreddit within 5 minutes of it being released and tagged him under the post, he replied not much later lmao His mentions were being flooded left and right on every single platform
  10. I don't think we'll ever know 'cause when I talked to Nick (the producer of the game) he was very secretive about the details. All he said was that some stupid issues were holding it up, but he wouldn't elaborate further. I like to think that some of the noise we made on Twitter plus Greg Miller pestering SIE about it made it finally resurface, though.
  11. EA, I hate you. Remakes and remasters aren't enough for me to take that back. However, you can remaster Burnout Takedown, Burnout Revenge, Burnout Dominator, Need for Speed Underground, Need for Speed Underground 2, Need for Speed Most Wanted and Need for Speed Carbon. I will still hate you, but you'll have my money.
  12. Aaaaaayyyyyy, thanks man
  13. Ay yo lemme amend my shit real quick, got the Golden Abyss plat so now I got 6 plats.
  14. Sure, I'll pay, but for Christ's sake get on with it and MAKE IT
  15. Ironically, for two of those genres there are very good indie examples: A hat in time and Lost Soul Aside. Maybe not the best genres to pick? Lol