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  1. Edit: No longer need help.
  2. It's working os PS5 just fine!
  3. Depends on server playerbase, check the queue times and decide from there. Overall though, having multiple characters is more beneficial. More daily seeds and/or estate material.
  4. Pretty sure they count the same. But don't worry about it too much. You can literally buy 40+ workers per day if you use all the resets at Estate lvl 4 or 30+ at lvl 3. It'll come somewhat naturally on your way to lvl 5.
  5. Yeah, but you need to be high rank to buy it iirc.
  6. Just Exalted.
  7. It's the same until 40. 10-15% or maybe a bit more if you don't get bored from running around doing regionals every day. Took me 5-6 days for each of the final 4 lvls.
  8. You can chose the difficulty, Begginer is easier obviously. As for the "PRO Codes" you need to activate them just before the major boss fights in each world,you don't need to have them activated the whole game. If you press square in the Merits menu it tells you which boss counts. Max points for the mid bosses are 5000 and 10000 for the major ones, so I'm not sure if you need every code activated at once to get the the maximum amount every time.