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  1. So it should auto pop hopefully when the patch is out on the 3rd 🤞
  2. So there gonna fix it to be 100k and 200k and if not where is the best place for that much scrap?
  3. Thanks so much as soon as I un-equiped All my mods and bought last from her it popped. Also can't get sleight of hand to unlock anyone who has done it got any suggestions
  4. And now someone has got the 100k scrap trophy wtf 🙄
  5. I have every mod so should of had the 15 trophy ages ago but have kept 1 back hoping it will pop have already re rolled over 15 times to get the last one and am not wanting to start from scratch no way I only need 1 trait then guess just wait for a patch
  6. I have every mod in the game except the flicker cloak and apparently that's not in the game yet and my 15 mods trophy didn't pop.
  7. This game is abysmal absolutely avoid at all cost glad to finally have plat so can sell this piece of shit 😊
  8. I got the trophy and was playing as soph (blonde hair) also missing 1 or 2 tutorials hope they fix soon for everyone else. Overall I thought the game was a huge let down imo. I played Co op and wasn't the host and my friend my didn't get get it.
  9. Need 1 for 4 player win msg me
  10. Well I finally got 1 win in quads and it didn't pop the win 1 game trophy ffs
  11. It's been done if you check the list it shows 0.1
  12. I like the look of this game but from looking into it it's heavily pay to win you can buy the best guns with real money and destroy people who don't pay kind of put off by it just google warface pay 2 win its quite shocking
  13. Worst dev ever
  14. Standard stuff and provided screen shots