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  1. OK, my guess for march: - Shadow of the Colossus - The Last Guardian
  2. This Guy is Insane. What a Legend, Thank you very much
  3. you have to hold over 200 supplies throughout the course of a single match and you don't even have to finish the match, once you are holding 200 or more the trophy will pop even in the middle of the match
  4. February 2020: The Last Guardian Shadow of the Colossus
  5. Sully?!
  6. January 2020 The Order 1886 Celeste
  7. @BlindMango this means that the name of the plat in my millstones will show as Crash n' Grab and not Trophy Crasher ?
  8. in psnprofiles it's called Crash n' Grab while in and psn it's called Trophy Crasher why is that ? i'm asking because Trophy Crasher sounds a lot better and i wanted to make it my 60th Plat i wonder how many other trophies have different names ?
  9. i just got the plat and i have to say that this game in not worth your time it's a mobile game ported to consoles and unfairly difficult
  11. Any hope for a patch ? The Platinum is currently unobtainable which is a shame this game is really fun
  12. Why we're here ?
  13. all of their games should get a super heavy discount in the next Friday's Flash sale before they're gone forever. Hopefully 😥
  14. disappointing Sale
  15. What BFA means?