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  1. I believe there is nothing ppl can change on that since it was same already on ps3 to ps4 with some games sadly . It is always like that in the first period of a new console But I belive if psn profiles manage to implement the rarity leaderboard it might change things around here . Due to autopop ps5 games being nothing but common . Just my oppinion
  2. Quit the game as in close application. No need start a new game or turn off ps just close the application from quick menu
  3. Look back up u called fugl a liar , u said cant upload save data and he shouldnt trust us ? I shouldn't trust fugl ? His way worked for a friend of mine aswell . Maybe ur way works who knows but I try the way that he described and helped ppl . U went against him from start calling him things and saying the way he does don't even exist cuz u cant upload save data which is not truth cuz u can . U been going against his way from the very start for no reason when he only wanted help . So nah I do not trust u , thanks
  4. I know 4 ppl who have done it that way and here u are still saying we lying ? Wow 👏
  5. I keep one location on each map . It doesn't register the map as done until u done it so I keep one location then upload it . Its not the locations that get reset when u close the game its the medal / achievement tracker . So if u done 3 maps with all locations then close the game u will go back to 0 maps done. But if u keep 1 location on each map then upload that savefile u can keep trying to go for the last location on each map in one go . Cuz u never finished a map so the tracker is on zero
  6. For everyone, I deleted my POI savefile 2 days ago which wiped all my progress on the locations then I went and discovered every location except one on all the maps again and uploaded my savefile to cloud. Now I hope for the best that it dnt crash while popping last locations . If so I just redownload that savefile and try again . POI = Point Of Interest . Wish me luck
  7. I know what he says is truth cuz I just deleted my location savefile myself . So I know he is telling the truth and to ur info he just got the 100 % done
  8. Ain't cool behaviour . If u go on his profile u see he unlocked the trophy and he is trying help fellow hunters out telling them his experience and u go and call him a liar without knowing what u talking about . U dnt want other ppl get help or ? He takes his time trying it out and making a mini guide for it to get such a response.. wow 👏
  9. Good luck 🤗
  10. U need to be able get it in one session without crashes which is pure luck based . What u can do is explore all locations except one on each map , upload ur save data and then try get them all in one run . If u fail just redownload ur save . I readed that the developers are aware of it and are looking into it tho so might be fixed soon ish
  11. If ur game crashes or something u should have a look on ur medals , mine always resets , even the safe one does i prob opened 15 safes by now but the counter is on zero and no trophy , same with any number related trophy from what I can tell
  12. From what I seen only 3 trophies are offline but u need a online connection for it , it is a pvp focused game so I don't think there is a way around MP
  13. U literally just said u dnt get a game even if it is free if it dnt have a plat ? There is multiple great games out there without a plat . How do u know u wouldn't enjoy this game ? Its a fun game and something different it combines battle royal and division darkzone with upgrading ur shelter and playing something fun with ur friends. It gives u focus and tension because when u die u loose all ur weapons and equipment not just what u looted. Its a different kind of game placed in a beautiful scenery if u ask me . But it dnt have a plat so u wouldn't enjoy it right? So u actually do it for the plat is what u saying
  14. I play a game for enjoyment not for the plat but maybe that's just me . I thought that was what gaming is about. Anyways I enjoy the game so far , played around 10 matches now and seems like a good game , way smoother then dayz back in the days and runs very well for a free to play game anyways