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  1. Yeah not that hard to earn 1000 kills on 4 days if u focus on only this game I managed that last season aswell
  2. I submitted a ticket same as 2 of my friends maybe if everyone do , they notice its many ppl who are pissed and fix it 🤷‍♀️
  3. Yeah but evil skymax got over 1000 kills pre patch and still no trophy .
  4. Nope I still dnt have it meanwhile over 1 k kills alone with UMP but I'm waiting for @Evil_Skymax to see if they fixed it then I gonna try more again . I'm at 150 kills after patch now
  5. Well that is demotivating . I got 100 kills yesterday myself and no trophy. :/
  6. I dnt wanna get to 1000 kills again , I really dont think I have the patience for it . Might just write that platinum off
  7. I just played a round, 13 kills no trophy
  8. Luckily the grenade one was only one that didnt bug for me , when I reached 3000 kills and still no trophy i started doing grenade kills hoping that 1000 grenade kills would unlock it I lost my mood after 300 ^^ I will try it out now and hope it pops soon , I cant see that game anymore :/
  9. I play squad and duos have 130 matches in duo and 110 in squads only this season .. have close to 2000 kills and both trophies dont pop .. got the game on release . I am getting really frustrated, it's the last 2 trophies I need :/
  10. I dnt even have platinum yet 🙈 gonna do after my 125th platinum next week 🤗 Oo nice, awesome work
  11. Congrats man , I gotta finish that myself soon finally u gonna do 100 % ?
  12. My one impossible plat in backlog is black ops 2 due to unobtainable league trophy :/
  13. Yeah I talked with a guy who finished it today and he did it on easy mode also when u go on the trophy and see alone 6 ppl earned it today and before It was 6 ppl in a week ..
  14. So It will unlock on it ? You sure about that ? That is so unfair to people who actually spended hours on it and needed deal with ppl who didnt bother gearing up and now those ppl get it served on a silver plate .. to sad most ppl will do discovery difficulty now then .. the feeling when u finally beated razorback was amazing .. was a nice challenge .. shouldn't had putted easy mode in raid isn't that hard on normal even ..
  15. Hey there :) would you like to join the Discord Server I've created for The Division 2 Raid?


    There are even other players from this forum

    1. littleprincessJJ


      No I have my raid group :) we same ppl playing every day :) srry