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  2. Quit the game as in close application. No need start a new game or turn off ps just close the application from quick menu
  3. Look back up u called fugl a liar , u said cant upload save data and he shouldnt trust us ? I shouldn't trust fugl ? His way worked for a friend of mine aswell . Maybe ur way works who knows but I try the way that he described and helped ppl . U went against him from start calling him things and saying the way he does don't even exist cuz u cant upload save data which is not truth cuz u can . U been going against his way from the very start for no reason when he only wanted help . So nah I do not trust u , thanks
  4. I know 4 ppl who have done it that way and here u are still saying we lying ? Wow πŸ‘
  5. I keep one location on each map . It doesn't register the map as done until u done it so I keep one location then upload it . Its not the locations that get reset when u close the game its the medal / achievement tracker . So if u done 3 maps with all locations then close the game u will go back to 0 maps done. But if u keep 1 location on each map then upload that savefile u can keep trying to go for the last location on each map in one go . Cuz u never finished a map so the tracker is on zero
  6. For everyone, I deleted my POI savefile 2 days ago which wiped all my progress on the locations then I went and discovered every location except one on all the maps again and uploaded my savefile to cloud. Now I hope for the best that it dnt crash while popping last locations . If so I just redownload that savefile and try again . POI = Point Of Interest . Wish me luck
  7. I know what he says is truth cuz I just deleted my location savefile myself . So I know he is telling the truth and to ur info he just got the 100 % done
  8. Ain't cool behaviour . If u go on his profile u see he unlocked the trophy and he is trying help fellow hunters out telling them his experience and u go and call him a liar without knowing what u talking about . U dnt want other ppl get help or ? He takes his time trying it out and making a mini guide for it to get such a response.. wow πŸ‘
  9. Good luck πŸ€—
  10. U need to be able get it in one session without crashes which is pure luck based . What u can do is explore all locations except one on each map , upload ur save data and then try get them all in one run . If u fail just redownload ur save . I readed that the developers are aware of it and are looking into it tho so might be fixed soon ish
  11. If ur game crashes or something u should have a look on ur medals , mine always resets , even the safe one does i prob opened 15 safes by now but the counter is on zero and no trophy , same with any number related trophy from what I can tell
  12. From what I seen only 3 trophies are offline but u need a online connection for it , it is a pvp focused game so I don't think there is a way around MP
  13. U literally just said u dnt get a game even if it is free if it dnt have a plat ? There is multiple great games out there without a plat . How do u know u wouldn't enjoy this game ? Its a fun game and something different it combines battle royal and division darkzone with upgrading ur shelter and playing something fun with ur friends. It gives u focus and tension because when u die u loose all ur weapons and equipment not just what u looted. Its a different kind of game placed in a beautiful scenery if u ask me . But it dnt have a plat so u wouldn't enjoy it right? So u actually do it for the plat is what u saying
  14. I play a game for enjoyment not for the plat but maybe that's just me . I thought that was what gaming is about. Anyways I enjoy the game so far , played around 10 matches now and seems like a good game , way smoother then dayz back in the days and runs very well for a free to play game anyways
  15. I like @Beatminaz profile he/she is on my country leaderboard and has one of the most impressive profiles I have seen . I can see this person keep challenging themself which is very inspirational Also love the profiles of @Fugl7 , @OJ9999vr and @Voratek cuz they play pretty much anything and finish it off. They have a very completionist mind set which I use to inspire myself to work on my backlog.
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      tbh i'd prefer every title to require a plat, so many i see come out with a 100% kinda puts them to the back of the queue for me.

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      Petitions usually don’t work.

  16. We said multiple times over 4 pages that u need to get pinnacle gear and reach 1300 just to even start the GM nightfall. Ofc reaching the softcap is easy thats not the issue we been telling u the issue is after the softcap. U seem to not know a lot about destiny 2 which isn't bad or such but u shouldn't be then like that we dnt know what we talking about since u levelled up fast when we literally told u in every comment that the hard cap is the issue . I think the ppl who tried to explain it over and over to u have lots experience with destiny we been saying its grindy to level up and why and explained it in detail and yet u dnt understand and say we been wrong cuz u leveled up fast in the first levels . Also u need to be 1300 ATLEAST to enter it . Dnt mean u will manage it or ppl wanna help u with that power level or ur gear . There is NO matchmaking for this nightfall so u need to find ppl and most experienced ppl will put up KWTD or kick which means u need to know what to do . Not to bring ur hopes down but 10 hours a week ? Is not enough
  17. U can do that but u still need to get to level 1300 to start the Gm nightfall not just 1200 and u get resetted every new season again . But I wish u good luck πŸ‘
  18. Level needed for GM nightfall this season is 1300 , cap this season being at 1260 since its no problem and easier good luck for u guys. Im happy I did raid and find it way easier finished off 2 times prestige leviathan only last week and last wish and the normal leviathan . Its not hard its only learning mechanic and u good , I seen multiple ppl carrying and getting carried through raid . Many ppl who got the plat said they got carried through and never even reached power level 1000 which is now impossible to do . I'm happy I did raid and I find raids not that hard . But thats me
  19. I invested 270 hours last season in destiny 2 and was a level 1065 so I didnt reach the level I need to enter grandmaster nightfall . I don't think u understand what we been saying over 2 pages now that u need to grind a insane amount to even be able to enter the activity so thinking its as easy as starting it and getting carried through its not . Like stated many times u will need to invest a lot of time to get to that point in one season meaning 3 months and then u need go finish it in that same season cuz u get resetted and power level increases every season . No rainbow six siege pretty much changed the entire trophy list , destiny changed trophy list before so thats the second time already for them . It can happen that they change it but that's good cuz they mean they care about trophies atleast
  20. I pre ordered it and cant wait to play it . I'm happy I enjoy games with or without trophies
  21. Completely agree with u here , I been playing this game 8 weeks long nonstop have 300 hours and I reached level 1065 , my bf level 1071 meaning we couldn't start grandmaster nightfall , we played it on the second easiest difficulty which was already brutal and keep in mind u dnt have matchmaking on grandmaster difficulty plus the modifiers and as far I know the enemies are scaled way above ur level . Meaning even to start the activity u need to put a insane amount of time into farming pinnacle gear and playing destiny then u need find 2 other insanely good players and manage the nightfall . In comparison I runned 3 raids only last week . The first time levi on prestige was hard cuz u needed figure out mechanics but the second time we managed fine and fast cuz we had the tactics down , u dnt need insanely high power level or gear , we actually carried a player through being new players ourself . Only thing that takes little more time is calus but we actually managed him without dying once and needed two phase him . So I think u confusing a little bit things here πŸ€”
  22. It really doesn't matter its pure luck. I been talking to several ppl about how they played when they got the trophy . They serverjumped , mode jumped , switched between tpp and fpp , played with different weapons . I covered everything. I believe I am on 4000 kills so giving up after 100 kills .. well up to u guys. There is no way to tell if or when u get the trophy , no way to prevent it and I also know new players who dnt get the trophy so thats also not a way . Its only pure luck .
  23. Anyone else can confirm its fixed? Ain't planning wasting more time on this game again for another 1000 kills and no trophy.
  24. Yeah not that hard to earn 1000 kills on 4 days if u focus on only this game I managed that last season aswell